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$10 from every Elephant Neon Sign sale is supporting Save the Elephants

$10 from every Elephant Neon Sign sale is supporting Save the Elephants

Nonprofit Organization Name: Save The Elephants

Organization Mission: Save the Elephants works to secure a future for elephants 🐘 in a rapidly changing world

Instagram: @savetheelephants 

Facebook: @savetheelephants

Email: donate@savetheelephants.org

Website: www.savetheelephants.org

Donation Link: https://www.savetheelephants.org/new-donate-page-US/

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May is Postpartum Depression Awareness Month

Do you know 1 out of every 7 new moms and 1 in 10 new dads experience some form of postpartum depression or other perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD)?

Echo Neon is now offering discounts for nursery neon signs. Would like to create a unique neon sign with your newborn’s name? Contact us for the nursery neon sign discount!

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Discount for Healthcare Workers and First Responders

To ease the financial burden on healthcare workers and first responders like you, Echo Neon is offering a BIG discount available to COVID-19 workers. Please contact us or DM with a verified ID for a discount code!

echo neon support healthcare workers

Personalized Neon Signs: Things You Need to Know

Personalized Neon Signs

Personalized Neon signs or Customizable Neon Signs are becoming a wildly popular decoration piece, with people's houses, weddings, at workplaces and stores, as well as many other locations. It is a creative, stylish, and better way of lighting a specific place, and they act as a compelling alternative to traditional signage. We offer an extensive range of high-quality neon signs which can be used for a wide range of useful purposes.

How Neon Signs Works

Neon lights are glass tubes that contain a small quantity of neon gas. By applying an electrical voltage to electrodes situated at either end of the tubes, the light starts to shine from the gas' atoms. The overall voltage mix of positive and negative icons allows the electrical current to flow through, and this creates the light you can see.

How Neon Text Glow Brighter

Why neon text lights manage to emit unique shades of colors. Rather than removing electrons through kinetic collisions, they get "excited" instead, which brings them to an orbital of higher energy since the electrons return to their initial orbital level, this energy transferred to a light particle which creates a glow. The color corresponds to the light particle's wavelength, which is influenced by the energy gap between the orbitals.

How Neon Signs Are Better than LED Lights

The benefits of using text neon signs over traditional types of signage are significant — only a few reasons why you should go for this modernized option. Neon Signs, when properly designed and built, they can last considerably longer than traditional signs. You might rely on regular light bulbs which may only last six months to a year. Neon signs are more glowing and also aesthetically charming glow over LED signs that are really bright. Neon signs also use significantly less energy and have better power consumption levels, which consumes less electricity.

Design Your Neon Signs

EchoNeon provides an easy-to-use neon configurator, which can be used to get custom neon signs online! It's a simple yet powerful letting you visualize what you text neon sign will look like before ordering, and you can mix and match colors and designs until you've got the excellent final product.

  1. Select Your Choice font Style

The First Step is to choose the text, like a name! Then choose from a variety of different fonts, from aligned text into style writing. Select the color for your neon lights, either typical pink or blue or something different.

  1. The shape of Your Sign

Next is the mounting you want behind your neon text sign, either clear cut to shape or transparent rectangular. Both are popular options! Finally, pick the size for your sign.

  1. Choose the Background

Additionally, you can change the background of the configurator from brick walls, to wooden paneling, to a white bedroom and more. It helps to imagine what your sign will look like, wherever you're considering putting it!

Look no further than Beyond Neon Signs with our unique Online neon configurator, and begin now.

Reasons You Need Neon signs for your business

Attract New Customers to Your Business

Neon signs speak for themselves. They create an attractive first impression, with their flashing lights and bright colors. It can be molded into any shape, and it makes it hard for potential customers not to notice. Neon is so appealing that 68 percent of participants in a poll conducted by Ketchum Global Research stated they purchased a product or service just as a signal caught their eyes.

Low Energy Consumption

Neon lights are low energy and can save an estimated 50 to 70 percent energy when compared to conventional lights. It is cost-effective and safe to use indoors and in bedrooms.

Attractive Way of advertisement

As neon signs are cheap to run, you can use them to advertise your business all night long, which builds brand awareness. Now, who Wouldn't want their business to be visible throughout the day and night?

Custom Neon gives freedom of Shapes and colors

Neon signs are strangely flexible and can be molded into any shape and layout readily. The possibilities here are endless, whether you want to recreate your logo, a symbol, or an inspirational quote. Whatever Your inclination, make sure the design is unique and memorable, so it catches peoples' attention.

We've talked about the advantages of neon signs, but to get the rewards of your design, you need to give an impression. When it comes to advertising, there are options like Designing Logo, Drawing on a related symbol, or quotation that you can use to showcase your business. At the beginning of the design process, Remember, Your sign is one of the first impressions people will get of your business, and it create a strong foundation.

Our Neon Sign Products

We're the industry experts when it comes to designing and creating customized neon signs.  We can make signs  about everything, such as:

  • Weddings
  • Bars
  • Fitness centers
  • Businesses
  • Special events
  • Parties
  • Home decor

Customized Tool for Designing Neon Sign

Getting started with us is simple! Simple use our User-friendly Custom Neon signs Tool to create, preview, and submit your neon sign order. We'll take it from there and participate with you instantly to create a neon sign that will exceed your expectations. From this moment forward, we become your partners. While we create your designs, we'll send art proofs to guarantee your satisfaction before we build your customized neon sign.

Whether you have an exact layout in mind or need help coming up with something that will amaze your audience, our team of designers is well equipped to assist you to produce a customized neon sign you are sure to love.


Customize Your Neon Signs

Custom Neon Signs

What are the Neon Signs?

Custom Neon Signs are an incredibly versatile and impressive Sort of Lighting display that's ideal for signposting your business, generating traffic and adding attractiveness to any venue.

How Neon Signs Made

Letters, shapes, and other fully customizable architectural structures which are then filled with inert gas, When a power-efficient, high-voltage electrical current flows through the gas, the tubes glow, emitting a colored light of your choice.

You can put neon signs anywhere you want, such as directly onto a wall, suspended or attached from chain/wire or even left free-standing on a secure frame or stand.

Neon Sign of your choice

We understand that you're looking for a distinct look, and we'll work with you to ensure that your custom neon sign is ideal. EchoNeon specializes in custom signs with beautiful shape cut backings that give the piece the clean, high-end finish you're looking for.

In Echoneon, we have years of experience in crafting custom neon and Neon lights to satisfy our customer's imagination. From basic signs to complete, multi-color large outdoor signs that highlight your brand, we have the experience, tools, and store material to create what you want.


8 Reasons You Need Neon Signs for Your Business

  1. Outstanding Appearance

Neon signs are a bright, eye-catching improvement to any Business that will make a significant difference to your visibility. As our eyes are naturally attracted to color and light in the dark, installing a neon sign will instantly boost your impressions, even on a crowded street filled with strong competitors. Neon signage is particularly helpful for small business owners to advertise their appearance.

  1. Custom Design

One significant benefit of neon signage is its potential for customization. A Neon sign gives you incredible options for your preferred design. Businesses using our Online tool will be able to design neon signs in their ideal shape and color.

Check Customize option For NEON Sign

  1. Affectiveness In nighttime

Neon signs make it possible for companies to work at night. Though it's possible to set up extra lighting to illuminate your existing signage, upgrade it to neon signs.

    4.  Using Less energy

Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element in the world after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon. Given its massive success, it should come as no shock that neon signage is so affordable. Since it won't have any filament, neon electrodes operate cool to the touch, which means they do not waste much electricity at all. This is also the reason why they tend to outlast light bulbs.

  1. Safety

In addition to being very Strong, neon signs enjoy a broad working range, which means you will be safe in any situations where line voltage is subject to brownouts.

  1. Neon Life expectancy

When you believe that the bulbs require very little upkeep and traditional light signs can fail after as little as six weeks, the value of neon signage is apparent.

  1. Easier in Installation

Neon signs can be set up in no time at all, which means you can start to get the benefits straight away.

  1. Recognized by Potential Customers

Neon signs have a long history in advertising; Actually, this brand awareness sign helped many big businesses. From the moment you set up your neon sign, You will catch the eyes of passersby.

Why Custom Neon Signs

However, custom neon signs take everything, even such fundamental message into an entirely new level. They are specially prepared for your company, using custom colors, logos, and recognizable graphics and other fonts and lettering that set you apart from the rest.

Customize Your Sign

When you go with a custom design, it allows you to make a statement. Additionally, it lets you choose the size, the way it is to be displayed and installed, the color scheme in use, the graphic elements, and much more.

In general, it's advisable to decide on custom neon. It sets you apart and gives you a competitive edge. At EchoNeon, you can find a tool where you can design a Custom Neon Sign for your Business.

Common Questions About Neon signs

  1. Do neon lights burn out?

A neon sign works using a mixture of gasses inside a tube, but it is no more dangerous than any other electric appliances. The signs aren't pressurized, and while they do get slightly warm, they are not necessarily a fire danger unless you set them near fabric or any other thing that could burn when exposed to an electrical device. The signs are also not harmful to touch because they don't emit any of the gasses inside the glass tubing.

  1. Life expectancy of Neon Signs?

The gas inside a neon sign does eventually disappear so that you need to have the neon sign fixed, but typically a Custom neon sign or a ready-made neon sign can last for ages. Its lifespan depends on how much you have illuminated every night; the more you use it, the quicker the gas will dissipate.

  1. Can I brush Neon Signs?

Exactly like a standard light bulb or another such device, you can wash a neon sign, but you need to do it properly. First, make sure that the sign is unplugged, and then always use a soft dry cloth to wipe any dust down gently. You never need to use a wet cloth, since the water may come into contact with the electric connection of your neon sign and cause an electrical shock. You also want to be careful about not scratching the surface of a neon sign or using too much pressure, just as you would when cleaning any lamp. If you follow these precautions, you may keep your neon sign clean and dust-free.

A Journet from Bulb Towards The Customizable Neon Light and Signs

fiana all day neon sign



Human being has invented many things that have changed and upgraded the way of living of a human being. Among these inventions, the light was one of the most prominent achievements of mankind. The Light has attracted the human eye ever since. At first, it was considered that the man-made light had been made up of particles and it traveled from one place to another with the help of particles but later on this view was changed and scientists said that light is composed of waves and travel in waves from one place to another. The modernity of a city can easily be depicted by the upper view of the number of lights shining in it at the time of night.



People have used light-emitting devices to attract the human eye towards there office, market, club, pup, in their parties.  But, the appliances we observe which omit light have been traveled through many discoveries and upgrades. At first, Bulb was invented by Thomas Edison consisted of a thin filament as a source of emitting light. People hanged a bulb with a wire at the entrance of their office, pub, restaurant, market and clubs to attract their customers and 'switched-on bulb' was also a sign that the services were operational at the time but he light bulb was not reliable and the thin filament in it was fragile. After that bulb, tube light was invented which had a gas-filled in it and the particles of gas were the reason for producing light in a rod-like device, we usually referred to as a tube light.

Later on, tube light was upgraded to flexible glass rod lights according to the needs of people. People used flexible glass rodes and hanged it on their office, pub, market, restaurant and club's wall to attract their customers but the flexible rods were not reliable. If the gas in the tube ran out, people have to change it with the new one which was quite expensive. Now, the flexible tube rods were replaced by the LED lights but the only drawback of LED lights was that they were very expensive and a business owner couldn't afford too many to decorate the marketing wall of the pub, restaurant, market, club or office to attract the buyers towards it.

Then, it comes to the invention of 'NEON LIGHTS', the invention of such a light-emitting device has changed the total scenario because it was a way economical and reliable. 'NEON LIGHTS' are reliable, and if it gets out of order; you can take it to the electrician and the electrician can easily fix it by refilling the gas in it or you can swiftly change it with the new one because it is very economical. You don't have to be an internet geek to go online and search for a neon sign according to your needs. They are easily available everywhere. You can have it from an online shopping store to the hardware store located in your locality, you can buy them everywhere.



In the 19th and the 20th century, People have used big billboards and advertisement charts to attract the public towards their products and services; This was quite expensive and the small business owners couldn't afford such advertisement tactics to attract their customers. After that hardship, Neon lights have made it way easier for the middle-class people to advertise their products and services to sell. People have used neon lights to attract their customers towards their offices, pubs, clubs, and restaurants by customizing the neon lights signs according to their needs.

The pub owners have made a bottle of the bear with the name of their pub and hanged it on the wall to attract the customers towards the pub. The restaurant owners highlight their restaurant's deal with the customizable neon light signs on the top of their restaurant with alluring colors in the neon light to attract their customers. Same as the service providers like visa consultants and insurance offices use Customizable neon light signs offering their services and the working time to attract the customers. The customized neon light signs have been the economical source of advertising for the products and services. Hence the most attractive marketing tactic to highlight, and attract the customers.



People use different customization of neon light signs to attract buyers of their products and services according to their needs. As we know that nature has made different colors with different frequencies that inherit different qualities in them. Some colors have low frequency and their waves cannot travel far away, different from these; some colors have very high frequency and they can be visible from the very distance. Same as due to different frequency variations, the colors are classified into daylight and night colors. Some businesses, consultants, and offices operate in daylight. They use daylight frequency colors in their Customizable Noen light signs to attract the customers towards them. Apart from these businesses, there is the number of businesses that are functional after daylight, for example, the pubs; the clubs; the casinos and the restaurants. Such owners use night frequency colors in the customized neon lights to sell their products and services.

The rope-like neon light signs are the best example of Customizable neon signs. One can easily make a sign according to need by making it the name of the firm, pub, office, restaurant or club with the neon light sign. People also use to customize the rope-like neon light sign with the services they are providing to attract the customers; " YOUR HONEYMOON IN SINGAPORE " as an example of a neon light sign hanging on the wall of a travel agent with alluring color that can easily catch the eyes of newly-married couples in the market who are planning to go on a honeymoon.

Firstly, the invention of neon light and then the Customizable neon signs have made advertisement tactics a lot easier and economical for small business owners to catch the eye of their customers.

Some amazing buildings

Minimalism and geometric.

When you are alone for days or weeks at a time, you eventually become drawn to people. Talking to randos is the norm. I’ll never forget the conversation with the aquarium fisherman, forest ranger, and women at the Thai market. It’s refreshing to compare notes on life with people from vastly different backgrounds.

When you meet fellow travelers, you’ll find they are also filled with a similar sense of adventure and curiosity about the world. Five days of friendship on the road is like five months of friendship at home. It’s the experiences that bond you together, not the place. A rule I followed that worked well: be the first to initiate conversation. I met some incredible people by simply being the first to talk.

Long term travel is different than a luxury vacation. The point is to see the world, not stay in a 5-star hotel. During the trip, I stayed on a strict budget. The goal was to spend no more than $33 per day on accommodations. After a year, I was able to spend only $26.15 per day by booking through HostelWorld and Airbnb. When I wanted to meet people, I’d stay in a shared room at a hostel. When I wanted to be alone, I’d book a private room with Airbnb.

Take the cost of your rent or mortgage + food per month and divide it by 30. This is how much it costs per day to live at home. You will find that it’s possible to travel the world for roughly the same amount. Or, if you live in an expensive city like San Francisco, far less.

An universal language.

I was surprised how many people spoke English (apparently 1.8 billion people worldwide). Places where English was less prevalent, I made an effort to learn a handful of words and phrases in the local language. Even though it’s passable, I do desire to learn another language fluently. You can only take the conversation so far when all you can say is: “¿Esto contiene gluten?”

It’s possible to communicate a lot without saying a word. For instance, I left my phone at a restaurant in Chile. I pointed at the table where I was sitting, put my hand to my ear like a phone, then shrugged — 2 minutes later, my phone had been retrieved.