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Neon light signs for commercial spaces - a bright choice
Neon light signs for commercial spaces - a bright choice

When it comes to getting attention for a diverse range of businesses and commercial spaces, you cannot go wrong with neon light signs. Illuminated signage has been used for everything from a fashion boutique to a lawyer’s office to a corner café for centuries. Today’s new availability of ultra-bright, colorful, safe, and affordable LED neon signs make these the best choice for all commercial purposes.

No matter what type of physical business you operate, dress up your brick-and-mortar location with both premade and custom LEDs. They bring a wide variety of benefits that can increase your success without adding ongoing expenses for overhead.

Let Everyone Know You’re Open

Nothing helps your business attract nearby customers more than a bright and eye-catching Open sign. These are frequently made from neon tubing because they show up well on the front door or in the window. LED neon signs offer the same message with super bright lights, a highly affordable cost, and with amazing efficiency and ease of use. Custom neon signs look great in traditional red and white or you can match the bold color to the aesthetic of your shop, restaurant, or other venue.

Also consider adding extra LED signage to the Open sign. This could include short pieces of information like “24 Hours,” “By Appointment,” or a friendly greeting like “Welcome All.”

Grab Attention Quickly And Keep It

Besides letting shoppers know you are open for business, neon light signs grab attention anywhere inside the building. The low-cost and lightweight of these wall hangings make it easier than ever before to customize the layout of your shop or other commercial business for maximum effect. You can hang neon signs on the wall or on the shelving units and racks themselves as long as there is an outlet nearby.

For a clothing store, for example, a premade graphic piece on the wall can draw focus to different product collection. In a coffee shop, use custom-made words on the wall to identify the muffin display case, cream and sugar station, and more. People are naturally drawn to bright lights and colors. Add interesting words and iconic images to make these decorations even more effective.

Create The Right Mood For Sales

Most people go to a shop because they want to buy something or walk into a restaurant when they are hungry. Even if consumers already have a desire or need for whatever you sell, they may not find the atmosphere conducive to shopping. Spending money depends a lot on mood, and neon light signs can help you create the best one possible.

A simple white neon sign with the word “Vogue” in an attractive font gives a very different impression than an image of a rainbow-colored unicorn. A stylish Chanel style purse design creates a different mood than a bright blue skateboard. The huge collection of premade wall art and flexible custom options helps you create the precise feeling you need to make your shoppers or diners feel welcome and eager to spend.

Illuminate Special Displays And Offers

Two of the greatest things about lightweight LED neon signs are at their affordability and how easy they are to move and set up. All you need is a nail or peg on the wall, and you can install these signs with the included acrylic backing and hanging loops. How does this help your commercial business? When you can afford more than one sign and you can move them around easily, it creates unending possibilities for lighting up various displays around your shop.

For example, if your pet supply store has a special offer on cat toys, you can easily hang up a stylish cat-shaped neon sign directly over the display. Are you offering a discount on hats, gloves, and scarves in your women’s accessory boutique? Draw extra attention to the special offer with multiple glowing white snowflake neon signs.

Promote Eco-Friendly And Greener Ways of Doing Business

Did you know that LED neon signs are up to 70% more efficient than traditional ones with glass tubes and inert gases? The long-lasting style and low electricity usage help you promote your commercial space as an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious one. These pieces of illuminated wall art can become part of your overall brand mission and focus.

The extensive range of neon signs available at Echo Neon allows you to create the perfect look and feel for any commercial space. It does not matter if you operate a discount warehouse, a specialty boutique, a cozy coffee shop, or an elegant restaurant. Custom neon signs provide multiple benefits that attract attention, illuminate buying possibilities, and set the mood for increased sales and success.

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