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Customize Your Neon Signs

Do you need a splash of color and light in your home, business, or for a special event? We are here to work with you to create custom neon signs that help you share with your loved ones, celebrate happy times, and strengthen brand impact and awareness.

Make a Glowing Impact With Best LED Custom Neon Signs

Our eco-friendly and low energy efficient Custom LED neon signs are handcrafted by echoneon qualified team of professionals. They have the experience, tools, and knowledge base to ensure you receive a clean, long-lasting, high-quality neon sign. Each custom sign is made from sturdy PVC piping instead of breakable glass. Eco-friendly LED lights inside the luminous glow.

LED Neon Sign Customization Options

Work with a member of our team to help your vision come to life. Create the perfect neon sign for any occasion. These custom-made signs offer you the chance to show off your creativity. We provide exceptional customer support and are here to help you with the design process every step of the way. You get your custom neon sign with an easy-to-hang backing, transparent wire, and internationally compatible plug.

Custom Neon Signs Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have my sign in a different size? How big can my custom neon sign be?

Absolutely! Choose any size you want. Just send us a message by using our contact page. The smallest letters we use are approximately three inches tall, so the final size of your sign depends largely on the number of letters and design. Use our contact page to send a message about your needs. We have no maximum size limit on sign creation.

Do you offer different fonts? Can a sign include a logo or other graphic?

Yes. We can replicate almost any font you like, including the handwriting, business logos and images. Please contact us to share your unique vision and get a custom quote.

What materials are the signs made with?

Our signs use sturdy PVC, and bright, efficient LED lights, which is child-safe and will not shatter like glass. LED lights use 90% less energy than other light sources. These eco-friendly signs do not use toxic gases or heat up to dangerous levels.

Will the sign buzz or make other noise?

Absolutely not. All of our signs are silent, which makes them perfect additions to any room in the house.

Is hanging up the LED neon sign easy?

Yes. Every sign we create comes with a clear acrylic backing which is laser cut to the same shape hiding beneath the sign. This includes pre-drilled holes that make hanging/mounting it on a wall or other surface simple. Please contact us if you would like the backing in a certain shape or color.

How long does custom neon signs creation take?

Please allow us 3 to 4 weeks for creation of your sign and standard shipping. You can also choose expedited shipping to get your sign in as little as two weeks. You can choose shipping details when you check out.

What do I need to hang the sign?

If you want to wall mount your new neon sign/light you’ll need our wall mounting kit that comes with the sign. You can also choose the following items to hang your sign:
• Command strips
• Rope (Securely knotting recommended)
• Fishing wire (Heavy-duty wire recommended with a fisherman knot/s)

What is the LED neon tube attached to?

Our neon signs or custom neon signs come with a laser-cut acrylic backboard. It is nearly invisible and contoured or for any desired shape it can be cut. The colour of the background can be metallic, solid colour, clear or UV printed with an image.


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1 week ago


Definitely a great buy! So cool! It looks really professional.


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1 week ago

Perfect brightness

Super bright!! Could not be happier. Can’t wait for my daughter to open it.


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2 weeks ago

Moon sign looks gorgeous

Love my moon sign! A beautiful gift for my baby girl!


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3 weeks ago

My font came out great

I wasn’t sure of the font, but turned out great! Perfect for my filming set!


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3 weeks ago

Good packaging

My sign arrived very secured and wrapped to prevent damage, thank you!!! We are both so excited to have this sign at our wedding this December!