Frequently Asked Questions - Neon Led Lights

Why should I choose a LED neon light made by Echo Neon?

We take pride not only in being the first LED neon sign brand in the U.S., but also in being hands on and involved in every process and design to guarantee quality.
All Echo Neon LED neon lights are handcrafted and eco-friendly. All our products are responsibly made and made to last:

Unbeatable Price – Echo Neon has been offering the most affordable neon sign without compromising quality as we make them from our own studio instead of reselling from other manufacturers.

Durable & EfficientStainability is sexy! That’s why all Echo Neon signs are made with high quality PVC and energy efficient LED modules. Our LED neon signs have 30,000+ hours lifespan.

Safe & lightweight – Made with the best quality materials you can get on the market, our LED neon signs are child-safe and eco-friendly. Our led neon lights are very lightweight making them perfect for weddings, home decor, events and personalized gift ideas. These are portable and easy to carry.

Easy to Install – All our LED neon signs are pre-assembled, pre-wired and ready to use. Every of them comes with acrylic backboards which are laser cut to the exact shape of its respective letter. This includes pre-drilled eyelets that make hanging/mounting it on a wall or other surface simple.
Our glass neon signs are available in two different backboard types: direct-to-wall (no backing) and pre-mounted(with backing). Direct-to-wall neon signs come in multiple parts and need to be assembled directly on the wall. Pre-mounted neon signs come with a pre-assembled acrylic backboard and ready to use. If you prefer hanging the sign with a cord/chain, then we will leave holes on the top of the acrylic backing.

General Questions

What materials are the signs made with?

All Echo Neon LED neon signs are made of sturdy PVC, and bright, efficient LED lights, which is child-safe and will not shatter like glass. LED lights use 95% less energy than other light sources. These eco-friendly signs do not use toxic gases or heat up to dangerous levels.

Are they heavy?

LED neon is super light! Most Echo Neon signs weigh 6-11lb on average, including the acrylic backboard, which means you can hang them on your wall without concern.

Will the sign buzz or make other noise?

Absolutely not. All of our signs are silent, which makes them perfect additions to any room in the house.

What color can I choose?

We have a total of 18 brilliant colors of neon for choice, including newly launched RGB switchable color and RGB dynamic color. Check more example photos of different colors on our WORKS page and Instagram @echoneonstudio.

Is hanging up the led neon sign easy?

Yes. Every sign we offer comes with a contour cut acrylic backing which includes pre-drilled holes that makes hanging/mounting it on a wall or other surface simple. Please contact us if you would like the backing in a certain shape or color.

What are the cords like?

Our neon signs all come with a 6-7ft silver clear cord plus a 3-4ft black cord from the wall adaptor with a plug and a switch.

(Cords are white when you choose RGB Switchable/ RGB Dynamic color for your neon sign.)

What is the LED neon tube attached to?

Our signs come with a laser-cut acrylic backboard. It is contoured and nearly invisible or it can be cut in a desired shape. The backboard color can be clear, metallic, solid color or UV printed with an image.

How long will the led neon light work?

The LED bulbs we use for custom signs are exceptionally long lasting when compared with traditional bulbs or gas-based neon signs. The average life expectancy is 30,000-50,000 working hours or over six years.

Can I use my new LED neon sign outdoors?

Our standard LED neon signs are designed to be indoor use, but they are perfectly fine to use outdoors at events and parties when they do not get wet.
We can create beautiful outdoor neon signs on request. Please select “Splash-Proof treatment” on the CUSTOMIZE page or contact us with your requirements.

A splash proof treatment allows you to set your sign outdoor on rainy days. However, we do not recommend setting your sign outdoor without an overhang permanently.


How long does custom sign creation take?

• Standard shipping: 9-12 business days from order date (5-6 business days of production + 4-6 business days of shipping)
• Expedited shipping: 5-8 business days from order date (3-4 business days of production + 2-4 business days of shipping)

How do I track my order status?

Yes! Please check your order status here.

Does my sign come with a warranty?

Absolutely! All of our signs come with a 12-month warranty on electrical components. If you have any issues with your lights, please let us know as soon as possible!


Do you ship to my country?

We currently ship all of our LED neon sign products to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, all South American countries, and most countries in Europe. To ensure their proper function, each one is constructed with a suitable plug and a 110-240 V AC adapter.

What type of packaging do you use to ship the signs?

We take the utmost care to make sure your neon sign gets you in great shape. Each one is shipped with sufficient bubble wrap inside a corrugated cardboard box.

What should I do if my sign arrives with damage?

Unfortunately, we cannot control everything that happens once your custom LED neon sign leaves our facility. If you receive a damaged or broken sign, contact us right away via email. Take photos of the breakage to show us what happened, and we always happy to help you satisfy your sign needs as quickly as possible.