Wedding Neon Sign for perfect wedding day decor

A neon Sign for Wedding parties is the best way to make your event extraordinary. Each person wants to make their wedding special and unique. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make this day unforgettable and joyful. Many people make their weddings memorable by inviting special guests, having a spectacular ceremony and celebrating with a beautiful party. Each person wants their guest to remember the wedding forever and bring their vision to life.

At Echo Neon, we have helped many couples achieve the lofty goal of making their day the most special day of their lives.

Why should you get a neon wedding sign?

One of the best things you can do to make your wedding party as memorable as possible is to buy a custom neon sign from us. You can choose any message you want, and we will create it as a beautiful neon sign to blend in with all your wedding decorations. We can engrave your special message in the minds of all your guests with your unique neon sign.

Order a custom neon sign

You can choose custom neon signs in different font styles and shapes to make your event special. Many people opt for a just married sign or want their custom neon sign lit. At Echo Neon, we don’t just produce fantastic custom neon for our customers. We all also guide you on the best available choices to give you an idea of what would be the perfect neon sign for your event. You could have a sign saying ’til death do us part’ or a large neon heart sign.

Neon signage for memorable wedding decor

A Neon sign is ideal for a wedding because they’re more memorable than normal lighting. The possibilities of having different colours make a neon sign even better, with its strong, vibrant glow that will highlight your special day and make it impossible not to notice! At Echo Neon Studio, you can find just what style suits both taste levels and budgets.

Neon light sign for ease and peace of mind

A neon sign is a great way to light up your wedding venue because a neon sign is so lightweight and easy to install. Plus, you can attach your custom neon anywhere without worrying about breaking anything.

Keep your guests talking for years to come

We are committed to providing you with the best quality and most unique custom neon for your wedding event. Choosing your neon sign from us ensures that your guests will be talking about your personalized wedding for years to come.

Unique wedding themes

Neon signs are an excellent way of creating a unique and unforgettable experience for everyone at the event. With Echo Neon, you can choose from a range of wedding neon signs. You can select any message or say, and we will make it to the highest standards. Our signs don’t just illuminate; they produce moods and evoke the atmosphere you want for your special day. You can choose anything from a pink neon sign for a bachelorette party or multi-coloured neon signs for the dance floor! You can hang them on a large wall, use them to highlight the cake and illuminate the night away.

Set wedding trends

Neon signs are more than just great lighting – they’re also an excellent photo opportunity! Wedding photos and videos will be the only memories captured on your special day, so you must choose something that can shine bright in people’s minds for years to come. You can use a neon light for so many ideas, be it a sweetheart table, flower walls, a bridal shower, a DJ booth or the perfect backdrop for the reception. You could even have a neon sign to show its cocktail hour or a custom sign for rings ideas. Whatever you choose, make sure it has that wow factor!

Wedding planning

if you are a wedding planner, you should consider using our Neon signs for your business. Our signs are adaptable and can be used in any space, from birthday parties to wedding receptions. Our neon signs are the perfect accessory for your business needs. We have the best-LED Neon signs for an event organizer.


Since Echo Neon signs can be attached anywhere and everywhere, they’re perfect for creating that extra special atmosphere at all parties and receptions. They can be transported easily and stored safely, making them the ideal equipment for your business.

Be different

Using our lights for your event business will keep your customers coming back for more and recommending you to their friends. Your Neon signs will set your event apart from the rest, keeping customers coming back repeatedly!

Shop with Echo Neon

We are committed to providing you with the best quality and most unique neon for your wedding event. Choosing your sign from us ensures that your clients will recommend you to others.

Cost-effective solutions

Our lights are easy to install, cost-effective and eco-friendly. This is the reason why neon lights are fast replacing other decorations for special occasions.

Perfect decoration for budget planning

Our lights help you pull off the best event without overspending. We know a wedding budget is a stress factor for you, and we believe that our neon signs will help you create the desired wedding without going out of budget.

Our prices are affordable compared to the market price of traditional decorations and lights.


Please rest assured that your special occasion is in safe hands with us. So we’ll help you create a romantic and fun display with a wedding neon sign. We are here to ensure you have the wonderful day you’ve always dreamed of without any hassles or worries!

Our service is efficient and fast; whether your order is small or large, we do our best to serve it with the same level of excellence.


Remember, our wedding neon signs are also energy-efficient, ensuring your event is eco-friendly and within budget!

After the wedding

Our signs are not just one trick wonders. You may be unsure whether to buy lights for just a one-off event. However, a neon sign from us can be used for the happy couple and many other occasions.

Neon sign inspiration

Ensure your room, garden, office space and retail shops are perfectly decorated with our neon signs. They can be used as a backdrop to several items and make a lovely décor for an alternative ceremony or as neon bar signs.


A neon sign can also be used after the wedding party to create a unique gift for someone as a fantastic reminder of the day. Having that special light that reflects such a wonderful occasion is sure to be the perfect present for your friends and family.

Why should you purchase Echo Neon’s Wedding Neon Signs?

A neon sign is a perfect way to add some extra flair and colour during your big day. Our signs are also affordable so that you can find something right for any budget! Wedding planners recommend looking at places like eBay or Craigslist when searching out neon signs; however, these cheap signs are unreliable for such an important day.

Reliable wedding neon sign

Not only are they unreliable because of the cheaper materials they use, they often don’t come with guarantees, unlike all our signs at Echo Neon. No one wants their wedding sign to fizzle out in the middle of their wedding party, leaving everyone in darkness.

Best neon wedding sign

When you buy from us, we will bring the brightest sign designs to your wedding day so that all your guests can see them! You will not have to worry about lights not working on your wedding day. We use the best materials to make them durable and ready to last.

Our signs are sturdy and can withstand all kinds of pressure yet at the same time are lightweight. You can easily transport them from one place to another without any hassle.

Design process

Why not find out more about our wedding neon signs by visiting our site online today? You can also read through some of our collections and see the wide range of available styles.

Contact us for an LED neon wedding sign

It’s easy to create an account with us and start the design process. Our team of customer services representatives will be happy to help you open an account and complete the design of your dreams!

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