Inspired by the changing shape of the moon during different phases, the LUNE shifts through lunar phases with a simple slide of the two colored acrylic sheets included in each pack. Choose SUNSET (pink & purple) or MOONRISE (blue & green) models to suit your tastes and room themes. The circular LED lamp has a soft white glow that mimics the reflective surface of the moon itself.

Each LUNE is handcrafted with highest quality materials that gives off a soft light, perfect for warming up any space. Have fun with flexible display options when set on the floor or any horizontal surface.

The pink and purple tones of the SUNSET present a warm shine reminiscent of the rising moon in the early part of the night. The blue and green shades of the MOONRISE cast a cooler glow of later hours. Consider the two-color set for even more unique combinations.

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Each set delivered as 3 pieces: 2 x acrylic sheet ; 1 x LED light. Two color Sets: 4x acrylic sheet ; 1 x LED light.

Touch control dimmer switch. Turn on/off at a single touch. Create the perfect brightness by long pressing the switch. Lune lamp can be used with/without the dimmer switch.

Non-Slip Edge Protectors (Removable) + 1 Pack of Additional Edge Protectors

Power cord with a switch

The LUNE LED Floor Lamp is made of high-quality acrylic and LED lights, which are efficient and eco-friendly.

Sunset: Pink sheet — Frosted, Matte acrylic
               Purple sheet — Transparent, Gloss acrylic

Moonrise: Blue sheet — Transparent, Gloss acrylic
                   Green sheet — Transparent, Gloss acrylic

Small Acrylic Sheet: 22.9”x18.9”

Large Acrylic Sheet: 20.2”x28.3”

LED light: 20.2”x2.3”

Setup of a LUNE LED floor lamp is simple. Ensure the non-slip edge protectors are in place on the bottom of each acrylic sheet. This protects the floor or other surface and increase the friction when you lean the lamp on the wall. Use the additional edge protectors ship with the lights for more flexibility in display design. The LUNE lamp works well on the floor or any sturdy horizontal surface.


4.8 (56 Reviews)



1 week ago

Verified Buyer


I have been shopping for a floor lamp for over a year now! I needed to be exactly the right combination of looks, affordability and functionality! And this was it!!

Traci. T

1 week ago

Verified Buyer

Exactly what i expected

This floor lamp is bright. I moved into an apartment with no lighting in the bedroom and was looking for a solution that would be stylish, affordable, and durable enough to move with me in the future. And I found it here!


1 month ago

Verified Buyer

Chic and Easy to install

Just moved in and wanted to get some cool lighting and I saw this....exceeded my expectations. LOVE this light for my living room. It comes with a dimmer that is easy to use.


2 months ago

Verified Buyer

I Recommend this product

true conversation piece

This is amazing and worth every penny! The lamp is perfect and the pink color gives off a beautiful warm glow. Lovingly handcrafted, unique and stunning, the lamp is a true conversation piece.

Lisa Jo.

1 month ago

Verified Buyer


Love the piece. The lamp has two different color sets. Bought this for my living room and it looks fantastic! Adds elegance and creativity to any room without much effort. I spent a long time looking for a floor lamp. It is really striking. Many compliments.