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Kids of all ages love lights, graphics, and new tech. What would make a better kid’s room decoration that a custom neon light or illuminated wall art? Not only do these LED neon signs offer an amazing opportunity for amazing style, but they also make the coolest nightlights around for kids who prefer a bit of glow after dark.

Kids Love Unique Wall Art – Different Styles Suit Their Interests

What is your child or teen into? What are their favorite things? No matter what the answer to these questions are, you can find the perfect option for custom neon lights in our shop. Explore some of the best-selling options available now.

Animals – From pets to wildlife, we offer a wide range of amazing animal LED neon. Some choices include a whale, sloth, dog, elephant, cat, deer, and even a magical unicorn.

Sports – Choose a team logo from Ohio State or the LA Chargers or something more iconic like a Converse All-Star sneaker, skateboard, and more.

Anime – Our collection includes designs from Gundam, One Piece, and more. Comic or cartoon designs are always favorites with kids.

Kid-Friendly Symbols and Words – From the American flag to a cowboy boot to the word “Bro” to a paper airplane or party balloon, you can find an amazing collection of images that suit kids with diverse tastes. How about a crown, a globe, or an adorable puppy design?

Try Custom Messages or Words for More Personalization

Kids love items with their name on it, and what could be better than giving them pride of place in their bedroom with a glowing sign that says their name? This is an especially great idea if siblings share of room and they want to identify their side with more personalization. The custom LED wall art options available here go far beyond names, however.

What words or phrases do your children or teens identify with or enjoy using? Select premade options like mood, Friends like the sitcom, chill, breathe, and freedom. Iconic sayings like “less is more,” book titles or quotes like, “Oh the places you’ll go!” and simple words like love, create, family, and fun make great neon signs for kid’s bedrooms.

Parents Love the Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Design

Not only does it help the world to teach your kids about environmentally friendly products, but it also helps to focus on sustainable technology when it comes to keeping your energy bills low. Modern LED bulbs last so much longer than incandescent ones. These unique neon signs also provide bright lighting for a longer period of time than traditional neon. You get all these benefits without much energy usage at all. From a parent’s perspective, this type of efficiency is a win-win for the home. You do not have to worry about increasing utility bills from the electric company even if your kid wants to keep their neon sign on all the time.

Custom LED Neon Lights Offer Safe and Long-lasting Style

There is no way any parent would hang traditional glass and gas neon signs in their kid’s room. The potential hazard of the materials and the ease of breaking glass would make this kind of decoration a real hazard. One of the best things about custom neon signs is how safe they are for children and teens of all ages. While they are not toys to be played with or suitable for roughhousing, they will not shatter if they accidentally fall off the wall or get bumped during an energetic playtime.

Besides safety, these lights make great kid’s room decorations because they will last for a very long time. Any parent knows the headaches of their child having a favorite item and then it breaks and you are not able to replace. You do not have to worry about that with Echo Neon wall art and signs. Breakage is rare, bulbs do not burn out quickly, and the affordable prices make them more easily replaced if something catastrophic happens.

LED Neon Lights Work as Bright Nightlights

Some children prefer to sleep with a nightlight or other source of illumination in their room. While LED neon is quite bright due to the nature of the high-tech bulbs themselves, it is possible to put any of these pieces on a dimmer switch so you can adjust the level of light with ease. That makes these wall hangings a perfect option for kids. Not only will they get a glow that helps them feel safe and secure, but they will also get positive feelings from the stylish image of something they truly love. A glowing skateboard or ballerina on the wall will make them feel so much better than a simple lightbulb.

This level of lighting also helps if a kid is watching a movie or playing a videogame with the rest of the lights off in the room. It can provide just enough glow to not contribute to eyestrain due to the differences in light level. Customization options like dimmer switches and different colored bulbs or tubing also affect how bright the final design is. You can choose your child’s favorite in every premade image or word available from our company.

Kid’s rooms present the perfect option for custom or premade neon lights. These fun and stylish signs or wall art designs come in a huge array of styles that boys and girls of all ages will love. Being able to decorate their space with their own personal sense of style is a big deal for both young children and teenagers. Plus, nothing is cooler than illuminated neon on their walls. It is truly the opportunity to have something they will love and that will impress all their friends when they come over to play or hang out.

Explore the entire collection from Echo Neon with your children to find the perfect option for their bedroom or playroom. You can also peruse the Kids, Anime, Bestseller, and Gift Idea sections on this site to find a great gift for a birthday, holiday, or special event like a graduation or major accomplishment. LED neon lights make a great gift that not a lot of people will think of. Yours may just be a new favorite when they unwrap their unique neon sign specially chosen for them.

Custom Neon Lights Shine in Kid’s Rooms
Custom Neon Lights Shine in Kid’s Rooms

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