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Where to hang your neon sign is just as important as the decision to get the neon sign. If you don’t plan where to hang your neon sign, you won’t get the best out of it. However, deciding where to hang a neon sign can be tricky. What factors do you consider and how do you know the best place to hang a neon sign?

At Echo neon, we have helped thousands of individuals and businesses to install their neon signs so we know the best places to hang a neon sign. Let’s help you. 

Where To Hang Bedroom LED Neon Signs

small custom neon sign for bedroom

Our bedroom neon signs can help you to create your dream room.

Here are the best places to hang a neon sign in your bedroom:

  • Above the bed – You can hang a neon sign on the wall above the bed just like this bedroom neon sign with cursive font and pink glow. This way, the neon sign is one of the first things you see when you enter the room and the glow from the sign will illuminate your room. 
  • By the entertainment unit – If you have a TV console, computer, or entertainment unit in your bedroom, the neon sign can go right next to it. Since our neon signs don’t generate heat or noise, you have nothing to worry about.

Where To Hang Living Room LED Neon Signs

Home Sweet Home Sign Flex Neon Led Sign Custom Neon Sign Home Decor Neon Light Sign For Wall House Warming Party Led Sign Gift Neon Lighting

Our living room neon signs will complement your home decor and illuminate your space. 

Here are the best places to hang a neon sign in your living room:

  • By the entertainment unit – The cursive font and beautiful designs of our neon signs can help you decorate your entertainment unit in the best way possible. Imagine seeing your favorite series with this movie night popcorn neon sign hanging above the TV. 
  • Above the fireplace – Your living room neon sign can also go above the fireplace to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. You can go for red or orange colors to complement and beautify the fireplace. 
  • By your wall decor/art – If you have a wall decor or art collection in your living room, you can hang a neon sign next to it to create an eye-catching effect.
  • Above the sofa – Living room neon signs can be hung on the wall above your sofa. This will give you a beautiful backdrop for pictures and videos. 
  • By the shelf – If you have a bookshelf, trophy cabinet, or photo shelf in your living room, you can decorate it by hanging your neon sign next to it. 

Where To Hang Party LED Neon Signs

custom neon wedding party light

A well-installed party neon sign can make all the difference in your party. Here are the best places to hang a neon sign at your next party:

  • The roof – There is no better way to raise the roof than with a neon sign hanging from it. This will have your party going all night long. 
  • DJ stand – The DJ stand is a perfect place to hang a party neon sign. This Let’s party neon sign will be great around a DJ stand. 
  • Photo booth – You can give your guests cool lighting effects for their photos and videos by hanging your neon sign in the photo booth. 
  • Entrance – Hang a party neon sign by your party entrance. It’s the best spot to get your guests in the party mood before even entering the party.  

Where To Hang Home Bar LED Neon Signs

bar neon sign

A bar is a place to relax and enjoy your favorite drinks and our bar neon signs can create a perfect atmosphere for you to do that: Here are the best places to hang a home bar LED neon sign:

  • Wine rack – Create the perfect lighting for your wine rack with a bar neon sign. When turned on, the glow from the neon sign will reflect on the wine bottles to give you an amazing atmosphere to enjoy a glass of your favorite drinks. 
  • Fridge – Your neon sign can also go on or by the fridge to light up the bar.  
  • On the wall – You can hang your neon sign on the wall of your bar. 
  • Outside the bar – If you own a bar or pub, you can hang a neon sign outside your store to attract customers. 

Where To Hang Restaurant LED Neon Signs

restaurant dinning neon sign, neon light for business

Are you looking to attract more customers to your restaurant or beautify your eatery? Our restaurant neon signs can help you and here are the best places to hang a restaurant neon sign:

  • By the menu: Neon signs are great by the menu board in your restaurant. 
  • Entrance or Outside: You can also hang your restaurant neon sign outside your restaurant to attract customers. This is a great way to improve customer awareness. 
  • By the dining area: You can hang your neon sign on the wall in the dining area to light up the space and give your customers a nice atmosphere to enjoy their meals. 
  • In the kitchen: Restaurant neon signs can also be used in the kitchen. 

Where To Hang Christmas LED Neon Signs

merry christmas neon light for living room

Christmas is a time to kick back and relax with your friends and family and nothing brings the Christmas spirit better than our Christmas neon signs

Here are the best places to hang your Christmas neon sign:

  • By the Xmas tree: Hang our Christmas tree neon sign by your Christmas tree to create the perfect Xmas decoration.
  • By the presents: Have your family open their presents next to a Xmas neon sign. 
  • Outside – You can hang your Xmas neon sign outdoors or by the entrance of your home to spread the holiday cheer. 
  • By the family photo: Xmas neon signs create cool lighting for your family portraits.

Where To Hang Wedding LED Neon Signs

wedding wall decorations

Make your wedding even more special with a wedding neon sign. Here are the best places to hang your wedding neon sign:

  • On the roof: Hang your wedding neon sign on the roof of your wedding venue to create the perfect ambiance for your guests. Imagine having your first dance under this wedding neon sign. 
  • Reception: Elevate your wedding reception with the cool glow of a wedding neon sign. 
  • Photo booth: Add a colorful neon sign to your wedding photo booth to create beautiful memories.
  • Entrance: You can hang neon signs by the entrance of your wedding venue. This “Just Married” wedding neon sign will make an attractive decor item by the entrance of your venue. 
  • Behind the couple: Hang your neon sign behind the couple and draw attention to the newlyweds.

Where To Hang Gaming Neon Sign

gamer neon signs, gamer neon lights, custom neon gameer signs

Bring an exciting and lively atmosphere to your space with our gamer neon signs. Here are the best places to hang gaming neon signs for you:

  • In an arcade: There is no better place to hang a gamer neon sign than in an arcade. The cool lights from this gamer neon sign will make your arcade look and feel exciting.
  • In your kid’s room: You can hang a gamer neon sign inspired by your kid’s favorite games in his/her room.
  • In your gaming room: Show you are a true master of the art with a gamer neon sign in your gaming room. The lights from the sign will transform your room into a world-class arcade.
  • In your store: If you own a video game store, you can hang a gamer neon sign outside your store to advertise your products to potential customers.

Where To Hang Anime Neon Sign

kaws neon signs, kaws neon wall light

Our anime neon signs illuminate your space with vibrant colors that will appeal to anime fans, kids, and adults alike. Here are the best spots to hang anime neon signs in your space:

  • In the cinema: Do you own or run a cinema or movie theater, you can hang our anime neon sign around the hallway or by the concession stand in the cinema to create buzz and excitement among anime fans.
  • In your kid’s bedroom: Are your kids fans of anime and manga? If yes, their bedroom is the perfect space to install this anime neon sign. You can do this while your children are away or at school, so you can surprise them when they get home.
  • In the living room: The cool lightning and animative display of anime neon signs will look great in your living room.

Things To Look For Before Hanging a Neon Sign

Here is a list of factors to look out for before hanging a LED neon sign: 

1. The Background

One of the most important factors to consider before hanging a neon sign is the background. If the background is colorful or flashy, your neon sign will not pop. 

The background should also be strong enough to support the installation and weight of a LED neon sign. You’ll need to drill nail holes in the background to hang the neon sign. If the background is weak, it might give way and cause damage during or after installation. 

The best backgrounds for LED neon signs are often plain, flat, and strong. Consider concrete surfaces, brick walls, and wooden surfaces. 

2. The View

You should ensure that the neon sign can be seen where you want to hang it without any obstruction. If people can’t see your LED neon sign where you want to hang it, then it’s a bad location. The best locations are often high and clear for everyone to see.

3. Power Supply

Where you hang your neon sign should be close to a power source or socket. All our neon signs come with a cord so your neon sign location shouldn’t be more than from the closest power source. You should also consider the power output and adapter of the neon sign. 

4. Away From Water Leaks

Where you decide to hang the LED neon sign should be far away from leaks and water spills. This includes leaky roofs and walls. If your neon sign would be affected by water, then you should request the splash-proof feature. 

Final Words

In summary, the placement and positioning of your neon sign are very important. The best hanging spot should be strong and in plain sight, so the neon sign can beautify your space and attract customers to your business. If you’ll need help or have special requirements to hang your LED neon sign, contact our customer support. We are available 24/7 to attend to all your neon sign needs. 

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