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Neon Signs Are a Must Have for Your Engagement Party

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Nowadays, you can only ever need an excuse to host a party. It can commemorate a significant event or invite friends for a well-earned get-together. In either case, the festive, joyful vibe that most parties try to achieve could be made or broken by your party decor. Consider using an eye-catching neon sign to give your party a distinctive twist.

No matter the theme of your engagement party, you can find LED neon signs in various sizes and colors, which are ideal for establishing the mood and allowing you to celebrate in style. In this article, we’ll look at the many groups that an LED sign might help and what you should think about before buying a new sign. Use our “engaged” neon as the centerpiece of your engagement party to declare your engagement! This incredibly adaptable sign would look great on the dance floor or by framing the dessert! You could tuck it inside a wall of flowers or greenery for a photo booth backdrop.

Ideas for Original Engagement Celebrations

till death do us part neon sign

After one spouse has proposed to the other and the other spouse has accepted the proposal, engagement parties are held to commemorate the love of the couple who are about to get married. Traditionally, the bride’s parents would host the party, but in modern times, both the bride’s and the groom’s families and friends are invited. Planning an engagement party properly is essential because it marks the start of a couple’s life together and should be made special and unforgettable. There are numerous methods to organize a party to be memorable, and everyone has a good time. Consider a few factors to have the party of your dreams, which will make your engagement party stand out. You should pay close attention to the following, among other details:

Invitations to the Big News Celebration for the Happy Couple

wedding led neon

Your party invitations should have a good layout that guarantees they are straightforward but attractive and effectively convey your message. Make sure you specify the party’s date, location, and start and end times precisely. People who don’t know the location should also be given directions so they can get there easily. Additionally, think about the kind of party you’re planning to throw and ensure the invitation fits in well with the party’s theme. Be careful to specify in the invitation card whether a closed party is desired so guests can bring their invitations.

Additionally, you can specify whether you wish the invited party would invite a guest. The guests should be given a chance to indicate whether they would attend. This makes it easier for the party planner to manipulate numbers and design a great party. For others to recognize the couple celebrating their engagement, you should also mention their names. Send out the invitations as soon as you make them, so folks have time to plan. Invitations can be issued via regular mail or email, which is more suitable, practical, and affordable.

Choosing Décor That Will Give Your Gathering a Playful Flair.

An engagement party is only complete with party decorations to make the space dynamic, appealing, and conducive to a party atmosphere. Using banners is one of the ways you use decorations to make the space more lively. To make the attendees feel comfortable, you might hang neon welcome banners with congratulations or other words of welcome at the party entrance. Additionally, you can hang banners inside the party with catchy phrases about engagements; this will help to break the ice and keep everyone in a good mood. Ensure the color choices for the decorations are consistent with the party’s theme. Additionally, you can use balloons, flowers, ribbons, and stuffed animals to add beauty and life to the space.

The Role That Neon Signs Play in Enhancing a Celebration

Til death, custom neon sign for anniversary decors

LED engagement neon signs provide more than just illumination and atmosphere at a get-together. They are a rare find and a great addition to your big day. They might be the focal point of the celebration and a great photo op for your guests to take home as souvenirs. Having a unique neon sign made for your engagement party is a surefire way to make it stand out in people’s minds.

Additionally, LED signs are a fantastic option because they are low-maintenance and last much longer than conventional neon signs. They have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and consume less power, making them the preferred choice for safety reasons. Your new neon sign is yours to keep and use again once the party is done.

With a bespoke neon sign for an engagement party, you may make a one-of-a-kind design that nobody else will have. While ready-made banners are convenient, a personalized sign can better reflect your personality and interests and be instantly recognizable to your fellow partygoers.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Led Neon Sign For Your Upcoming Engagement Party

neon sign for wedding

There are a few factors to think about when purchasing your engagement neon sign, such as:


deciding on a color palette in advance might ease work later. You can install fixed-color lighting, color-changing effects, chasers, dimmers, or any combination of the three. You can choose any color, from classic black and white to bright neon.

It is crucial to know how much money you have to spend on a neon sign before beginning any work. Put a cap on your spending, and don’t go over it.


The size of your neon light sign is important since guests may need to pay attention to it or become annoyed if it’s too big for your party. Determine the maximum wall size you can manage by inspecting the party location in advance. Custom and stock signs can both be modified to meet your requirements.


Serif and script typefaces are ideal for a more formal event, such as a party. However, casual situations benefit more from novelty and sans-serif fonts.


pink wedding neon sign

The reception area of your Engagement party would look fantastic with neon lighting. They give your event a special atmosphere and make everyone feel at home.

Neon not only looks fantastic when suspended from the ceiling, but it will also set the ideal tone for your engagement party. Promotional events and trade exhibits are ideal settings for LED neon signage. You can also use them to draw attention to a special feature at a conference or trade exhibition.

To make her engagement party stand out, a modern woman may want to decorate with neon. Hanging sculptures, LED neon signs, floating lanterns, and other creative touches can all be integrated into your engagement party decor.

Add some LED neon signs as decorations when you want your engagement celebration to be remembered for all the right reasons. You may have noticed LED neon signs on the exteriors of local establishments like bars and nightclubs. However, what if you wanted to use them at your wedding reception?

An LED neon sign is ideal for brightening your engagement party. Consider these if you’re looking for an alternative to expensive taffeta draping or paper garlands that can be blown away.

LED neon signs, which can be mounted on the wall, are another option for a dramatic yet uncomplicated accent that will leave an impression. They are a tasteful and engaging replacement for more conventional decorations like flowers and candles, which can get in the way of dancing and eating if placed too close to the food table.

christmas hat neon sign for holiday

Neon Signs For Christmas Décor: Fa la la la la

@Echo Neon | Dec 12, 2022 | 10 minutes read | Christmas decor, holiday season, gift ideas

The Christmas season is a time to spend with family and make new memories. Personalized neon signs are a trendy addition to any holiday display. They are ideal for serving on the eve of Christmas when loved ones come together to celebrate. Little ones will be enchanted by the bright decorations in the windows and all over the house.

You can select a style that speaks to you from the many available options. Party decorations that use neon signs are a terrific idea. They make for a more enjoyable and celebratory environment for all. It’s important to spend Christmas with loved ones.

Neon lights could be a great addition to your holiday decorations this year. They are cheap and simple to employ. It is guaranteed to brighten up your celebration. People will surely notice the addition of neon to your holiday decorations this year. These days, neon lights are a common decorative element, and it’s easy to see why. Adding a splash of fun and vivacity, neon lights are a great way to brighten up any space. There is a wide range of sizes for Christmas neon signs, from miniature window displays to enormous billboards. The vibrant colors and cheery patterns on these signs are a big part of their appeal.

merry christmas neon light for living room

Neon Christmas Lights

Yay! In other words, now is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. There are less than forty days until we get together with our loved ones to celebrate, so what better way to get into the spirit than to decorate the house with bright, flashing, neon Christmas ornaments?

If you’re a business owner, you know that Christmas is typically your busiest time of the year. During this Christmas season, the Echoneon team is here to assist you in making memories that your consumers will want to share on social media. Leap ahead of the pack with the help of our eye-catching designs for Christmas neon lights and signs.

We are aware of our prejudice, but we have long cherished LED neon signs and never pass up the chance to add to our collection. And we have some electrifying neon designs planned for this season’s neons.

Put up Some Neon Christmas Lights for the Holidays.

red merry christmas neon light, holiday red neon light

Christmas neon lights are cooler than traditional incandescent bulbs. There will be less of a chance of flames starting due to this. This improves the chances of survival for your tree. In addition, touching a Christmas neon light is soothing and refreshing. It’s convenient for families with young children to have this option. Your child should be fine with getting burned if they accidentally contact one of these lights.

Using a Christmas neon sign makes you feel secure in your home and your family’s safety throughout the holiday season.

Put up a Neon Christmas Sign to Light up the Neighborhood.

merry christmas letter led neon sign

There is a wide selection of Christmas neon signs to choose from. There’s a good chance you can find a sign that complements the image you’re going for.

These Christmas neon lights come in the standard shapes and sizes of incandescent bulbs, plus various other customizable alternatives.

Use Neon Christmas Decorations to Liven up Your Home’s Decor.

Holiday Santa Claus neon light decor

It’s that time of year again when individuals start stringing up neon Christmas trees outside their windows. Envision the bragging rights that come from having neon Christmas decorations glowing brightly in your home.

Putting up neon holiday decorations around your home also helps reduce the risk of fire due to things like blown bulbs and other electrical malfunctions. Unlike regular light bulbs, Christmas neon lights pose no fire risk when left on for long periods.

A Neon Sign Reading “Merry Christmas” Is Sure to Impress.

red and green neon letter christmas neon sign

Everyone is looking to cut costs over the holiday season, and a Merry Christmas neon sign is a great way to do it.

Some Christmas neon lights may be nearly twice as expensive to purchase as regular incandescent lights, but they will save you a great deal of money in the long run because they use much less energy.

Put up a Merry Christmas Neon Sign for a Striking Holiday Show.

santa's hat led neon sign, custom neon sign for Christmas

Since neon lights do not use fragile filaments, you can display a Merry Christmas sign year after year. As a result, you won’t have to worry about replacing or maintaining your Christmas neon lights every year.

A Merry Christmas neon sign also benefits from being in many different designs. Christmas neon lights are available in various festive shapes, including snowflakes, candy canes, Santa Claus, Santa hat, and reindeer.

You may also create a one-of-a-kind, holiday-spirited display by combining different types and colors of neon Christmas ornaments.

What’s the Best Place to Display My Christmas Neon Sign?

candy cane merry christmas light up sign

You’re free to display your neon sign wherever you like! It’s the perfect piece for achieving a casual vibe in a bedroom or den. You can also use it in the kitchen or dining room to evoke the atmosphere of a classic restaurant. You may have a good time whether you hang it in the living room or the restroom. Displaying it in a window will amplify its already-impressive visual impact.

It’s important to remember that most indoor neon signs aren’t designed to withstand the elements. Be sure it can withstand the weather before using it outside.

Thankful letter neon sign on lighting Christmas tree

On Show

To make a display, you can use various miniature neon figures. You can use neon Santas, elves, reindeer, and other holiday figures to brighten up any room.

Swap and Change

Items that aren’t neon can be incorporated as well. Possibilities include placing a modern neon elf next to a traditional antique snowman. The contrast between the modern lighting and the antique object’s understated style will be striking.

At the Branch

LED lights look fantastic strung up on your Christmas tree. Your tree can be the focal point of the room when glowing neon decorations are hung from its branches.

Alternatively, you might paint your entire tree a bright neon color. An easy and low-maintenance alternative to the traditional Christmas tree is to purchase a giant neon light in the style of a tree and set it up in the same spot.

In honor of Christmas, it’s time to shine bright. Using neon signs in your holiday attire will provide just the right sentimentality. How do you plan on blending them into the current year’s style?

Brighten Up Your Christmas With the Advantages of a Neon Sign

warmth led neon christmas signs

The magic of the holiday season is amplified with neon light displays that spell out “Merry Christmas” in bright letters. Family and business owners alike have used Christmas neon signs for years to help bring a little bit of the holiday spirit into their homes and places of business.

Look for something new and long-lasting if you want to avoid packing up your holiday decorations come January. During the holiday season, nothing beats a neon sign. Our Christmas neon lights are bright and happy and may be used anytime. The joy you felt over the holiday season will be returned to you when you use these decorations at your party.

We offer all the lovely signs that will work nicely with your aesthetic, whether you’re looking for something simple or elaborate. Have a tiny Christmas nook in your house or space with our festive neon signs for some great photo ops. You can even have custom neon signs made to suit your specifications. To make your personalized Christmas neon sign, go to our page and follow the instructions!


Holiday string lights provide a risk of entanglement for humans and animals alike, with hundreds of people and thousands of animals becoming entangled each year. Instead of using inherently dangerous and environmentally damaging string lights, try using safe and eco-friendly Christmas neon signs this year.

multi color neon light window neon sign

Where To Hang Your LED Neon Sign

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Where to hang your neon sign is just as important as the decision to get the neon sign. If you don’t plan where to hang your neon sign, you won’t get the best out of it. However, deciding where to hang a neon sign can be tricky. What factors do you consider and how do you know the best place to hang a neon sign?

At Echo neon, we have helped thousands of individuals and businesses to install their neon signs so we know the best places to hang a neon sign. Let’s help you. 

Where To Hang Bedroom LED Neon Signs

small custom neon sign for bedroom

Our bedroom neon signs can help you to create your dream room.

Here are the best places to hang a neon sign in your bedroom:

  • Above the bed – You can hang a neon sign on the wall above the bed just like this bedroom neon sign with cursive font and pink glow. This way, the neon sign is one of the first things you see when you enter the room and the glow from the sign will illuminate your room. 
  • By the entertainment unit – If you have a TV console, computer, or entertainment unit in your bedroom, the neon sign can go right next to it. Since our neon signs don’t generate heat or noise, you have nothing to worry about.

Where To Hang Living Room LED Neon Signs

Home Sweet Home Sign Flex Neon Led Sign Custom Neon Sign Home Decor Neon Light Sign For Wall House Warming Party Led Sign Gift Neon Lighting

Our living room neon signs will complement your home decor and illuminate your space. 

Here are the best places to hang a neon sign in your living room:

  • By the entertainment unit – The cursive font and beautiful designs of our neon signs can help you decorate your entertainment unit in the best way possible. Imagine seeing your favorite series with this movie night popcorn neon sign hanging above the TV. 
  • Above the fireplace – Your living room neon sign can also go above the fireplace to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere. You can go for red or orange colors to complement and beautify the fireplace. 
  • By your wall decor/art – If you have a wall decor or art collection in your living room, you can hang a neon sign next to it to create an eye-catching effect.
  • Above the sofa – Living room neon signs can be hung on the wall above your sofa. This will give you a beautiful backdrop for pictures and videos. 
  • By the shelf – If you have a bookshelf, trophy cabinet, or photo shelf in your living room, you can decorate it by hanging your neon sign next to it. 

Where To Hang Party LED Neon Signs

custom neon wedding party light

A well-installed party neon sign can make all the difference in your party. Here are the best places to hang a neon sign at your next party:

  • The roof – There is no better way to raise the roof than with a neon sign hanging from it. This will have your party going all night long. 
  • DJ stand – The DJ stand is a perfect place to hang a party neon sign. This Let’s party neon sign will be great around a DJ stand. 
  • Photo booth – You can give your guests cool lighting effects for their photos and videos by hanging your neon sign in the photo booth. 
  • Entrance – Hang a party neon sign by your party entrance. It’s the best spot to get your guests in the party mood before even entering the party.  

Where To Hang Home Bar LED Neon Signs

bar neon sign

A bar is a place to relax and enjoy your favorite drinks and our bar neon signs can create a perfect atmosphere for you to do that: Here are the best places to hang a home bar LED neon sign:

  • Wine rack – Create the perfect lighting for your wine rack with a bar neon sign. When turned on, the glow from the neon sign will reflect on the wine bottles to give you an amazing atmosphere to enjoy a glass of your favorite drinks. 
  • Fridge – Your neon sign can also go on or by the fridge to light up the bar.  
  • On the wall – You can hang your neon sign on the wall of your bar. 
  • Outside the bar – If you own a bar or pub, you can hang a neon sign outside your store to attract customers. 

Where To Hang Restaurant LED Neon Signs

restaurant dinning neon sign, neon light for business

Are you looking to attract more customers to your restaurant or beautify your eatery? Our restaurant neon signs can help you and here are the best places to hang a restaurant neon sign:

  • By the menu: Neon signs are great by the menu board in your restaurant. 
  • Entrance or Outside: You can also hang your restaurant neon sign outside your restaurant to attract customers. This is a great way to improve customer awareness. 
  • By the dining area: You can hang your neon sign on the wall in the dining area to light up the space and give your customers a nice atmosphere to enjoy their meals. 
  • In the kitchen: Restaurant neon signs can also be used in the kitchen. 

Where To Hang Christmas LED Neon Signs

merry christmas neon light for living room

Christmas is a time to kick back and relax with your friends and family and nothing brings the Christmas spirit better than our Christmas neon signs

Here are the best places to hang your Christmas neon sign:

  • By the Xmas tree: Hang our Christmas tree neon sign by your Christmas tree to create the perfect Xmas decoration.
  • By the presents: Have your family open their presents next to a Xmas neon sign. 
  • Outside – You can hang your Xmas neon sign outdoors or by the entrance of your home to spread the holiday cheer. 
  • By the family photo: Xmas neon signs create cool lighting for your family portraits.

Where To Hang Wedding LED Neon Signs

wedding wall decorations

Make your wedding even more special with a wedding neon sign. Here are the best places to hang your wedding neon sign:

  • On the roof: Hang your wedding neon sign on the roof of your wedding venue to create the perfect ambiance for your guests. Imagine having your first dance under this wedding neon sign. 
  • Reception: Elevate your wedding reception with the cool glow of a wedding neon sign. 
  • Photo booth: Add a colorful neon sign to your wedding photo booth to create beautiful memories.
  • Entrance: You can hang neon signs by the entrance of your wedding venue. This “Just Married” wedding neon sign will make an attractive decor item by the entrance of your venue. 
  • Behind the couple: Hang your neon sign behind the couple and draw attention to the newlyweds.

Where To Hang Gaming Neon Sign

gamer neon signs, gamer neon lights, custom neon gameer signs

Bring an exciting and lively atmosphere to your space with our gamer neon signs. Here are the best places to hang gaming neon signs for you:

  • In an arcade: There is no better place to hang a gamer neon sign than in an arcade. The cool lights from this gamer neon sign will make your arcade look and feel exciting.
  • In your kid’s room: You can hang a gamer neon sign inspired by your kid’s favorite games in his/her room.
  • In your gaming room: Show you are a true master of the art with a gamer neon sign in your gaming room. The lights from the sign will transform your room into a world-class arcade.
  • In your store: If you own a video game store, you can hang a gamer neon sign outside your store to advertise your products to potential customers.

Where To Hang Anime Neon Sign

kaws neon signs, kaws neon wall light

Our anime neon signs illuminate your space with vibrant colors that will appeal to anime fans, kids, and adults alike. Here are the best spots to hang anime neon signs in your space:

  • In the cinema: Do you own or run a cinema or movie theater, you can hang our anime neon sign around the hallway or by the concession stand in the cinema to create buzz and excitement among anime fans.
  • In your kid’s bedroom: Are your kids fans of anime and manga? If yes, their bedroom is the perfect space to install this anime neon sign. You can do this while your children are away or at school, so you can surprise them when they get home.
  • In the living room: The cool lightning and animative display of anime neon signs will look great in your living room.

Things To Look For Before Hanging a Neon Sign

Here is a list of factors to look out for before hanging a LED neon sign: 

1. The Background

One of the most important factors to consider before hanging a neon sign is the background. If the background is colorful or flashy, your neon sign will not pop. 

The background should also be strong enough to support the installation and weight of a LED neon sign. You’ll need to drill nail holes in the background to hang the neon sign. If the background is weak, it might give way and cause damage during or after installation. 

The best backgrounds for LED neon signs are often plain, flat, and strong. Consider concrete surfaces, brick walls, and wooden surfaces. 

2. The View

You should ensure that the neon sign can be seen where you want to hang it without any obstruction. If people can’t see your LED neon sign where you want to hang it, then it’s a bad location. The best locations are often high and clear for everyone to see.

3. Power Supply

Where you hang your neon sign should be close to a power source or socket. All our neon signs come with a cord so your neon sign location shouldn’t be more than from the closest power source. You should also consider the power output and adapter of the neon sign. 

4. Away From Water Leaks

Where you decide to hang the LED neon sign should be far away from leaks and water spills. This includes leaky roofs and walls. If your neon sign would be affected by water, then you should request the splash-proof feature. 

Final Words

In summary, the placement and positioning of your neon sign are very important. The best hanging spot should be strong and in plain sight, so the neon sign can beautify your space and attract customers to your business. If you’ll need help or have special requirements to hang your LED neon sign, contact our customer support. We are available 24/7 to attend to all your neon sign needs. 

game room neon sign, custom game room neon lights

Night Lights for Your Indoor Use

@Echo Neon | Nov 9, 202 | 10 minutes read | Night light, Home decor, Child safe

Can you imagine a world without lights? Light sources have many benefits; they help illuminate your dark spaces, aid visibility, and the special kinds, like night lights, aid relaxation before bed at night time. 

It is common to see people put out their lights once it is nighttime. But a light source is usually needed to perform minor activities like moving from one room to another. Hence, the use of night lights. 

Also, night lights are not as bright as other regular light sources. But they help provide enough illumination for easy navigation through dark spaces. Night lights are also known to help kids and adults with sleeping conditions as these lights can help reduce the fear of the dark. Night lights have several other benefits. Read on to find out more!

Restaurant and cafe business neon sign

What do people use Night Lights for?

Aside from being a light source, there are several other reasons why people choose to use night lights. See some of these reasons below

1. Night lights have decorative functions:

Night lights are manufactured in different shapes, patterns, forms, and colors. They can come as lamps, led neon lights, or bulbs. Hence, you can get creative with the light source and add it as an extra touch of aesthetics to your room. A great idea would be to pick the right color or design that best suits your room’s space, look, or feel. 

2. Support for kids:

pink balloon neon sign for nursery

It is common to find kids with nyctophobia—fear of dark spaces. Rather than leave the lights on to prevent them from getting anxious by being in the dark, you can use night lights instead. The traditional lighting sources might make it difficult for your kids to fall asleep and cause them to strain their eyes. But night lights are soft on the eyes and would also help ease them to sleep. 

3. Night time reading:

If you want to read yourself to sleep or have some catching up to do before the day breaks, a night light can be the perfect help you need. Night lights are dimmer, and since it’s nighttime, your eyes do not have to work extra hard to enable you to read your texts. 

4. Night lights help illuminate pathways.

People with large homes can testify to how difficult it may be to move around their homes once it is dark. However, having neon signs or lamps in strategic places along the pathways can help make navigation easier. They also help you find important objects and tools quicker, like light switches or slippers.

5. They help set a mood.

Night lights can also help you create the perfect aura for your home, as they have a soothing effect. If you want a cool and inviting feel for your bedrooms, with the right colors for your night lights, and some soft music, you can easily achieve that. 

The Best Night Lights for Your Home

Remember that your night lights can come in different forms and shapes. Now, let’s explore some types of lights and how well they fit your home functions.

Led neon signs

Led neon lights are great for nighttime use as they are a gentle light source. Led neon signs are one of the best options for neon lights for rooms. This is because you can easily customize them to fit the function needed in your spaces. 

You can write your kids’ names with these signs to show bed spaces; it can also be a welcome sign outside your home or your favorite quote placed on strategic wall spaces. With their awesome decorative features, you can get creative with these led neon signs. 

Neon Tube Lamps

neon lamp

Another great night light source is the neon tube lamp. This long led tube is an effective light source; it is lightweight and child-friendly. It comes in various colors, and you can place it at different angles to give the perfect contrast in your bedroom. It is also a great choice to light up the passageways or hallways in your home, so no one stumbles on their way to get a glass of water at night. Neon tube lamps are versatile in their functions. 

Vintage Light Bulbs

The vintage light bulbs are created to give a balance between high quality and functionality. These light bulbs come in various shapes and can properly function in any space—on your bedside stool, in the living room, or your office space. Also, the timeless feel it adds to the room makes these vintage light bulbs the best choice for many. It adds a touch of authenticity.

Rechargeable LED Night Light

The rechargeable LED lights are a great choice in places where power outages are common. It is especially great for the kids’ rooms because they can stay on for a long period; they are also child-safe and eco-friendly. 

table with vintage lamp book typewriter

What to Consider Before Choosing a Night Light?

It is hardly debatable that night lights offer several advantages to those who do not love the dark. However, consider these factors first before buying a night light for your room.


The purpose

 Is the night light for decorations or only for illumination? These questions are important before you choose a night light.

The design

It’s also essential to consider whether the design of the light matches the interior aesthetic of the space. The design of a night light plays a crucial role in ensuring it seamlessly integrates with the overall decor theme, creating a harmonious and cohesive ambiance. By carefully choosing a night light that matches the room’s interior, you can enhance the overall atmosphere and create a visually cohesive and inviting space for a peaceful night’s sleep.

The color

Night lights can come in different colors. And based on the function, ensure that you choose the most fitting color. For example, studies have linked blue lights to an inability to sleep. Hence, there are better choices than using a blue night light for a bedroom. 

blue nen sign wall art

Frequently Asked Questions

Are night lights safe to use?

Night lights are safe as long as the manufacturers’ instructions and guidelines are properly adhered to. LED Neon lights are majorly eco-friendly and are made with non-toxic materials; hence they are safe and not harmful to one’s health. 

Do LED Neon Lights use a lot of electricity?

Night lights (mainly LED Neon lights) do not need a lot of electricity to stay on. They are, therefore, energy-conservative and consequently cost-effective. 

Do neon lights hurt users’ eyes?

Neon lights, when used properly, do not typically hurt users’ eyes. The soft, warm glow emitted by neon lights creates a soothing ambiance less likely to strain your eyes.

What is the best night light?

The best night lights are known to be soft on the eyes, consume little energy, and relaxing. Several types of night lights include vintage light bulbs, neon tube lamps, and neon signs. To decide on the best night light for your space, you should also consider the size and shape of your space and the type of light. 

catering neon sign


Lighting during nighttime can get quite tricky. The regular lights strain the eyes, and you may have to squint your way into the bathroom once you get up from bed for a nighttime visit to the toilet. Unfortunately, finding your way in the dark is not a great option either. 

Luckily, night lights are available to make your trips easier and less clumsy during the night. They can also help deal with the fear of the dark. Some other people who would love to read before bed might also find night lights useful. Neon Tube lamps and Light bulbs are common types of night lights. 

Night lights could be the solution you have been waiting on for a long time. However, consider your preferences and purpose before purchasing the next night light.

led lamp for shop

Vintage Lights: Experience the feel of a Unique Ambiance

@Echo Neon | Oct 18, 2022 | 10 minutes read | Vintage sign, Vintage Neon, Vintage decor

We can only declare a light fixture or other item vintage if it is at least 20 years old. However, vintage-style lighting is still manufactured today, despite being influenced by styles and materials that were more common twenty or more years ago. Due to its long history, antique lighting comes in various styles, materials, and coatings. A visit to Echo Neon will reveal over 500 retro-style lights ideal for imbuing any space with an air of nostalgia.

Vintage neon sign mirror on glass wall

Vintage Lighting Characteristics

Metal shades with pastel-colored finishes, glass shades with tinted, milky, or prismatic possibilities, basic shapes, and vintage-style bulbs are all signs of vintage-style lighting. Especially with the rise in popularity of Edison-style, or filament, light bulbs are frequently the focal point of historical lighting fixtures.

  • Colored Metal
  • Tinted Glass
  • Milky Finish
  • Prismatic Glass
  • Edison Bulb

Even though it might seem like antiques would be the finest design elements for a retro motif, this is only partially true. A few antiques that have been well preserved or restored may undoubtedly enhance the vintage ambiance of your space, but too many can give off a “relic” vibe. It would be best to look for vintage home accents and furniture reminiscent of a bygone era but still, feel fresh and relevant today.

Various Types of Vintage Lighting

Vintage lighting provides an endless list of lighting and decorating options. From the antique feel of a vintage Edison bulb to the beautiful allure of vintage street lights, there are tons of vintage lighting options, each dating back to a period in the past.
If you’d like to infuse your space with a bit of decorative history, here are trendy vintage lighting choices to choose from:

Vintage Neon Signs

red and purple vintage neon light signage

Historical Significance Of Vintage Neon Signs

Vintage neon signs came on the scene in business advertising and marketing. In the 1920s and 1930s, neon gas was used by businesses to make their advertising signs stand out from the crowd. This signage made a bold statement in their day, and we still admire them for it. 

Sign firms were producing neon signs throughout the country for various uses. There were neon signs on the buildings and in windows of every business imaginable, from auto dealerships to florists and beyond. 

Why Are Vintage Neon Signs Back?

The reemergence of vintage neon signs is due to a combination of nostalgia and the demand for retro aesthetics and authenticity. 

Vintage neon signs represent a different era in history and they provide a pathway for us to enjoy some of the beautiful neon designs, art, and shapes that dominated back then. 

Vintage neon signs also offer authenticity and historical relevance as they show how far we have come from conventional neon sign designs to contemporary styles. This is why you see vintage neon signs used in fashion, movies, businesses, homes, and other spots that require a unique blend of authenticity, style, and nostalgia.

Vintage Neon Lights For Your Space

Vintage neon signs offer an exclusive way to preserve the value and history of your space. They look amazing in and around old buildings, offices and factories, cottages, cabins, and old houses. You can also use vintage neon lights in public spaces like popular parks, cinemas, and other hangout spots. For businesses, bars and shops, vintage neon signs offer on-the-wall advertising and evoke a unique sense of nostalgia and fun. 

Why not spice up your walls with some charming vintage-lit signs to give them that extra air of authenticity and sparkle? Please browse our selection of vintage LED signs and neon lights to see what we have to offer at a price that won’t break the bank.

Vintage Edison Light Bulb

holiday gift home filament lamp

The filament light bulbs in the style of Thomas Edison really set the mood for the past. Genuine carbon filaments, energy-efficient LEDs, and traditional incandescent bulbs are all at your disposal. These vintage-style bulbs, painstakingly recreated from past designs, look great in exposed-socket lighting fixtures like chandeliers, sconces, and pendants.

The first light bulbs were reproductions of the original Edison designs. Even though the new, more energy-efficient LED Edison light bulbs are gradually replacing incandescent ones, the retro aesthetic of the original Edison bulbs is hard to beat.

Different filaments include a squirrel cage, a spiral, a hairpin, and a quad loop.

Educate yourself on vintage Edison bulbs with this information. (Remember, those bulbs are modeled after the first generation of Edison light bulbs from the early 1900s.)

  • You may expect them to be noticeably dimmer than regular incandescent lights. At best, their luminosity is equivalent to a dim regular incandescent bulb.
  • The color temperature (color of the light) is higher than that of regular incandescent bulbs.
  • In most cases, the color of a bulb’s output is unaffected by whether the bulb’s glass is amber or clear.
  • They all work equally well in the great outdoors as they do inside.
  • They have the same expected lifespan as a regular incandescent bulb, 3,000 hours.
  • Edison bulbs, vintage bulbs, antique bulbs, old-fashioned bulbs, retro bulbs, and Edison-style bulbs are all common names for the same thing.

Why Should You Switch to LED Filament Bulbs?

filament led gem

Edison bulbs or LED filament lights are great options if you want to replace your current lighting system with something more energy efficient without sacrificing aesthetics. In recent years, a wide variety of “antique” or “vintage-style” light bulbs have become available. Here are some of the many advantages of using these bulbs in your next lighting installation:

  1. Edison bulbs offer the same vintage elegance as traditional incandescent lights without the hefty price tag and maintenance needs of incandescent bulbs. All you require are a few of these bulbs to give any room a touch of vintage charm.
  2. Edison bulbs can be in various sizes and forms, making them suitable for various lamps and light fixtures. Floor lamps, table lamps, and pendant lights benefit from their tiny E12 or medium E26 bulb socket type.
  3. Edison bulbs are more cost-effective than traditional incandescent lights while offering many of the same benefits, such as a wide variety of designs, lumen outputs, and comfortable color temperatures.
  4. Provides the option to reduce the intensity of the light and hence the amount of energy used by installing a dimmer on the light switch.
  5. LED filament bulbs are not as bright as incandescent lights, but they can last up to 15 times as long before they need to be replaced.
  6. Edison bulbs have a 360-degree beam angle, effectively illuminating an area from any direction.

Retro wall sconces and lamps

Retro wall sconces and lamps provide a simple yet beautiful lighting option for your living room, office, bedroom, and business place. This vintage lighting option is ideal for those that want a retro vibe in their space without creating much attention.

The retro wall lamps have cool singular colors that would illuminate your walls and draw attention to wall art and custom wall frames. You can also install wall sconces across from each other to create a cross lighting display in your space. This lighting idea would bring a stylish vibe that would enhance your interior decor. 

Using Retro Wall Sconces and Lamps In Your Space

Retro wall sconces and wall lamps are an ideal source of secondary or alternative lighting in your space. These lights are often used to illuminate dark corners in a room or accentuate a wall art or photo frame. 

While the cool lighting from a retro wall sconce would not light up the entire room, it can amplify your choice of indoor lighting to make it more lively and interesting. Retro wall lamps can go above the fireplace, by the TV stand, in the dining room, or in your bedroom to create a blissful and soothing atmosphere for you to enjoy. 

Vintage Street Lights

vintage street light

Vintage street lights are a perfect blend of style and class. These street lights are designed using high-end materials and they have some of the most unique designs that you can’t find anywhere else. 

Historical Relevance of Vintage Street Lighting

Vintage street lights offer historical relevance because they show you how far we have come to get to modern street lights and contemporary lighting. 

These lights reveal a different era of architecture and street light design. You’ll often see vintage street lights on poles and walls and the glass bulbs have some of the most intricate shapes that are way different from what we have now on our streets.

Illuminate Your Space With Vintage Street Lights 

Vintage street lights are perfect for your outdoor decor. The tall lamp posts will light up your front yard and create a beautiful lighting effect that illuminates your driveway and street at night. 

Use the vintage signs to illuminate your home and building exterior for holidays and birthday parties or light up your office for special events, anniversaries, and programs. 

Vintage street lights have a glamorous appeal that would put your exterior decor a class above others and bring a touch of luxury to your events. Whether you are planning a destination wedding or small picnic, you can always count on vintage neon lights to light the way in grand fashion. 

Pros of Vintage Street Lighting

  • Vintage street lights are beautiful and stylish.
  • Vintage street lights are durable because they are designed using high-end materials. 
  • Vintage street lights are ideal for outdoor decor. 
  • Retro street lights  are weather-friendly.
  • Vintage street lights give off a red-carpet appeal. 

Placement Ideas For Vintage Lighting

Vintage lights are not just beautiful, but they bring a nostalgic atmosphere to your space that would put a wide smile on your face as you reminisce on the good old days. Thinking of where to use vintage lighting in your space? Here are in-trend placement ideas for vintage lighting and vintage neon signs:

Residential Spaces

table with vintage lamp book typewriter

Having a vintage neon light in your space is a stylish way to decorate your home and show off your admiration for the classic times. 

You can install a vintage neon sign that displays the name of your favorite 80s rock n roll band on the wall of your living room or install a neon sign inspired by a famous catchphrase from the 70s by your home bar. A vintage neon light would wow your guests and spark a fun conversation about the past.

Commercial Settings

If you run a restaurant, cafe, or boutique, a vintage neon light can transform your brand’s success story overnight. You can install the neon sign behind a glass door or by your window to attract potential customers to your space.

You can also tap into their traditional value and use vintage lighting to decorate your space for special holidays and events. If you own a light store or neon sign shop, a vintage neon sign can inform your customers that you have a wide collection of neon signs dating back to the old days for them to choose from. 

Outdoor Spaces and Landscape Lighting

You can also incorporate vintage lighting outside your home, in your leisure and hangout spots,  and other outdoor spaces to create beautiful landscape lighting. A vintage light outside your home will make all the difference as they can easily transform a plain boring exterior into a classy space fit to host your special programs and dinner dates, or for a relaxing evening stroll. 

Vintage Lights as a Statement Pieces and Focal Points

vintage coffee neon sign business light

Vintage lights can help you make a statement in your space or attract people’s attention to an object. You can install vintage lights around a wall art or signature piece to make it a focal point. 

Galleries, light shops, and businesses often use vintage lights to captivate their customers’ interests in specific items, antiques, and other vintage art pieces. The vintage lights also add historical relevance to the object to show people of its value.


In summary, vintage lighting offers a unique way to beautify your space and make a statement. Whether you are a fan of vintage neon signs, vintage street lights, or vintage Edison bulbs, you can create historical significance in modern fashion with these lighting ideas. You’ll also create a nostalgic vibe in your space that would remind your guests of the good old days.

The best part about vintage lighting is they are as long-lasting as the age and period they represent. So, browse from an extensive collection of vintage lights today and find the perfect one to illuminate your space.  

living room neon light1

Multicolor Neon Sign: Comfort at it's peak

@Echo Neon | Oct 7, 2022 | 10 minutes read | Multicolor, Wall light, In-trend design

There is something quite special about LED neon colors that makes you feel calm and relaxed when they come on. Multicolored neon signs bring to life a soothing ambiance that make you feel comfortable and at ease either in your private space or a general setting.

You can go for a naturalistic blend of green, yellow, and orange neon colors to give off a laid back vibe in your space or pick a contemporary mix of red and blue neon signs to make your space look trendy.

Customize a Colorful Experience

Thanks to an improved RGB display and RGB remote control, you can enjoy a nice colorful experience in your space from the comfort of your seat or transform the ambiance in your bedroom without leaving the bed. There are dozens of color display modes you can choose from to complement the theme of your space and make you feel at home.

You can also build a unique multicolored neon sign to make your space stand out using the neon colors that you want. A multicolored neon sign designed by yourself would not just beautify your walls but it would infuse your space with a confident and creative outlook.

Blue Neon Sign

A blue neon sign will look amazing in any setting and would especially complement a blue-themed event. In many parts of the world, blue represents royalty, hope, peace, and serenity, so a blue neon sign will create a blissful and positive atmosphere in your space.

Our blue LED neon signs are drawn from humorous or motivational language, as well as images of sausage dogs, hot mugs of coffee, and floating astronauts among others. Each sign is specially designed to beautify your space and give you a cool in-trend vibe wherever you place it.

blue custom neon wall light

Applications of Blue Neon Sign

In The Bar For Your Party

There is no better place to install a cool blue neon sign than a bar, cafe, or pub. The cool lighting from a blue sign will electrify the room and make your space look chic for night hangouts and parties. You can use a blue neon sign by the Photo Booth, DJ section, or dance floor to keep the party going. You can even customise a blue neon sign as a wedding, birthday, holiday, or anniversary party decoration.

In Your Home

Blue neon signs are also a perfect fit for your home. These signs bring an alternative light source to your space that reflects on other decor items, room furniture, and wall art.  Blue neon signs can be used in the kid’s room, movie room, or games area to build excitement and make the space lively.

You can also tap into the inspirational power of motivational blue neon signs. These signs display famous quotes and mantras in different shades of blue to keep you inspired and elevated even on tough days.

For Sporting Events

There are tons of sports inspired blue neon signs that would fit in perfectly for games night, match days, and other sporting events. Many of these blue neon signs display the colors and logos of famous sports teams that wear the color blue, making them ideal for sport programs and as a fantastic decor piece for a true fan of the sport.

Create a warm environment in your business space with blue neon signs

The cool and relaxing tone of blue neon signs makes them a cool way of welcoming guests to your business place. A blue neon sign that says “Welcome!” or “Come in” will make your customers feel relaxed, not to mention the aesthetic appeal it adds to your space too. Whether you run a restaurant, drink store, gift shop, light store, or signage shop, a blue neon sign will beautify your space and make it feel more inviting to potential customers.

In-Trend Blue Neon Signs For You

Looking for a blue neon sign to light up your space? Check out some of the best blue neon signs for homes and offices:

Dallas Cowboys Blue Neon Sign

NFL fans everywhere will appreciate this Dallas Cowboys blue neon sign, except you are a bird from the Philadelphia Eagles. The blue sport neon sign is a proud representation of the Texas football team and a cool sign to illuminate any corner in your home as a fan.

Blue Wall Neon Quote

This blue neon sign displays a quote; “you are free to be different” on the wall of your space to remind you that our differences make us who we are. The sign infuses your space with confidence to soar higher and remain true to yourself.

Blue Cartoon Neon Sign

Create a fun atmosphere in your kid’s bedroom, game area, cinema, arcade, and toy store with this blue cartoon neon sign. The sign displays a blue mini robot on the wall of your space that is perfect for party decor and lighting.

Pink Neon Signs

There are different color options to pick from when choosing a neon sign but none radiates a joyful and exciting ambiance as well as pink neon signs. Pink neon signs offer a beautiful way to celebrate joyous occasions at home, in business, or public.

Pink is also a fun color, so using it in your space guarantees a fun and lively atmosphere for everyone. Our collection of pink signs span across cartoon pink neon signs to sweet and passionate neon lights, so you can always find the best fit for your space.

pink neon letters sign for home

Placement Ideas and Spots For Pink Neon Signs

Pink Neon Signs For Fashion

Pink is a very fashionable and stylish color so it’s bound to blend in naturally in a fashion setting. For shows and big reveals, you can light up the walkway and stage area with a pink neon sign that displays the name of the collection.

Pink Neon Signs For Business Advertising

There is something about the color pink that always grabs people’s attention even in the midst of other colors. A custom pink neon sign designed for your business will promote brand awareness and advertising. The neon sign can be installed by the window, hung around the door, or suspended from the roof to advertise your services to potential customers.

Pink Neon Lights For Aesthetics and Beauty

Pink is no doubt one of the most beautiful colors out there and its scarcity makes it even more admirable. A pink neon sign on the wall of your space can transform a boring looking environment into an attractive setting for hangouts and some alone time.

Pink Neon Lights For Bars and Nightclubs

Do you own a nightclub or run a bar? If yes, your customers will love the electrifying radiance of a pink neon sign especially at night. A dim pink sign by the DJ booth or entrance of your bar will bring a fun, social, and exciting vibe all night long.

Pink Neon Signs For You

Check out some of the best pink neon signs to decorate your space:

Aloha Pink Neon Sign

Welcome guests, friends, and family to your home with a friendly Hawaiian pink signage. Aloha says Hello and it creates a warm welcoming vibe that will put a smile on people’s face as they walk into your space.

There is No Place Like Home Pink Neon Sign

The “There is no place like home” pink sign is designed for not just your house but anywhere you genuinely feel at home. It radiates a homely and calming tone that makes you feel relaxed and at peace whenever you are at home.

Sleeping Angel Pink Neon sign

The sleeping angel pink neon sign is perfect for your bedroom and living room walls. The neon sign adds beauty and sweetness to your space, of course with a touch of pink glow.

Red Neon Sign

Red neon lights are the most well-known and frequently purchased of the several neon light hues available. You can go for a neon sign that glows a bright crimson, ruby, or burgundy red and if you wish, you can create a customized red neon sign. Red neon signs offer an impressive form of business advertising but their usefulness extends beyond the realm of marketing. Red neon lights are also a great addition to any party or home decor.

this must be the place neon light sign

Cool Ways and Spots To Install a Red Neon Sign

Create a Romantic Atmosphere with a Red Neon Sign

Bring on the romance in grand fashion with a red neon sign. Red signifies love, sweetness, romance, and passion and there are dozens of romantic red neon signs for you. You can complement your picnic with a heart-shaped red neon sign or sweep your partner off of their feet with a “Love you” neon sign on your anniversary dinner.

Red Neon Signs For Bar and Nightclub Lighting

For many people, red signifies fun and excitement, so a red neon sign would look great in your nightclub or bar especially for ladies night, open-mic night, valentine’s day party, and other cool events. The vibrant glow of a red neon sign will complement the music in your space and light up people’s pictures and quirky videos in trendy fashion.

Red Neon Signs at Store Front

If you run a business or store, use the eye-catching effect of a red neon sign to attract people to your business. A red neon sign outside your store will put rest to the competition and create an enticing mood in your store, especially at night.

Red Neon sign as Gift

One of the most creative ways to use a red neon sign is to customize a unique one and present it as a gift. This is sure to blow the mind of the recipient and it is a gift you are sure no one else would think of. A custom red neon sign will make a sweet anniversary, birthday, and holiday gift.

Red Neon Sign Options For You

Find the best red neon signs for you:

Hearts Neon Sign

Check out this romantic red neon sign for your anniversary party, proposal, engagement and wedding ceremony. The neon sign displays nine different heart-shaped signs that would fit any romantic setting.

Cherry Red Neon Sign

Bring on a fun mood and illuminate your space with bright red cherries. This red cherry neon sign is perfect for your bar, nightclub, fruit store, man cave, and hangout cool spots that need a boost of fun and excitement.

Ho HO HO Xmas Neon Sign

This red neon sign is a celebration of the christmas spirit and a great decor item to light up your home and office for the festive season. Its hazy display of red lights and a cursive font design is sure to spread the Christmas cheer during the holidays.

Green Neon Signs

Green neon signs represent nature, wealth, well-being, and they have a soothing effect that can improve your mental, social, and physical well-being as well as alleviate stress and promote healing. This is why we have provided a wide collection of naturalistic and lovely green neon signs for you to choose from. These neon signs are inspired by kid-friendly designs, wall art, hand symbols, flora and fauna, and sports logos among others.

green custom neon sign on wall paper, custom neon wall light

Where To Use Green Neon Signs

Green Neon Signs in Parks and Gardens

One of the best ways to use green neon signs in your space is to light up your garden. The cool glow of the green sign will blend in a natural environment and give your garden a modern outlook. A neon sign in your garden will also light up your environment, creating the perfect space to enjoy a nice picnic or relaxing evening stroll.

Green Neon Signs in Cinemas, Arcades, and Parties

We offer a host of green neon signs drawn from video games, fictional heroes, and famous movie characters like the Hulk and Green lantern. These neon signs would fit perfectly in a game room, arcade, or cinema. You can also use these neon signs in your kid’s rooms or for their birthday party decor to build excitement and create a lively mood.

Green Neon Signs For Business

If you own a gift shop, flower or toy store, restaurant, grocery store, comic book shop, or run a video game rental, a cool green neon sign will fit nicely in any corner of your business place. The neon light will decorate your store and create a receptive mood for customers.

However, it’s the animated display of our green neon signs that is sure to catch people’s attention and bring them to your store.

Green Neon Signs For Your Home Lighting and Decor

Of course, a green neon sign will blend in your home nicely. Your bedroom, dining room, and kitchen are nice spots for a green neon sign inside your home. At night when you want to enjoy some me time or relax with the family, you can turn off all the lights in the room and leave the green sign on. The cool green effect will elevate the mood and match a game and movie night vibe.

Green Neon Signs For You

Discover an exclusive collection of green neon signs for your space:

Farmer’s Market Green Neon Sign

This green neon sign is designed for grocery store owners, chefs, bakers, and other culinary experts. The neon sign can be used on your kitchen walls, outside your grocery store, or in your bakery to make the space stylish.

Avocado Neon Sign

Here is another neon sign perfect for your garden, kitchen, and restaurant decor. The avocado green neon sign displays a sliced avocado fruit on the wall of your space and is a cool sign to light up your food store and supermarket.

Palm Leaf Green Neon Sign

A palm leaf signifies tranquillity, victory, and peace and this green neon sign symbolizes all three. The neon sign displays a green palm leaf on your wall and brings a blissful and naturalistic vibe to your space.

White Neon Sign

White neon signs offer a simple yet elegant lighting that beautifies your space and provides a warm atmosphere to welcome guests and unwind. White’s soft tone makes it one of the few natural neon sign colors, meaning it blends in any environment, decor theme, or occasion.

You can also go for an exclusive list of minimalist white signs and give your space an intriguing vibe. Each sign has a hidden meaning you can use to make a statement or personalise your space. Whether as a homely way of saying welcome, an advert item for your store, or a romantic signage for your dream wedding, white neon signs will get the job done.

white neon sign for office

Using White Neon Signs To Light Up Your Space

White Neon Signs For Home Lighting

White neon signs offer an energy-efficient way to illuminate your home and are perfect for any room in your house that needs a warm tone and soft lighting. The ambient lighting of a white neon sign will blend in perfectly in your home’s interior decor and make a statement piece in your home regardless of where you place it.

Customized White Neon Sign For Wedding Decor

Customized white neon signs make a beautiful and stylish decor piece fit to use for any type of wedding. You can customize the names of the couple, the year of the ceremony, or theme of the wedding to be lit using vibrant white lights. A custom wedding sign by the aisle or walkway will make the bride shine bright as she walks down to the altar and create the perfect wedding ambiance for you and your guests to enjoy all through the event.

Use White Neon Signs For a Minimalist Effect

Minimalist white neon signs are smaller, cute and have more detail, making them ideal to create an interesting vibe in your space. You’ll find line art, hand gestures, vintage signs, face outlines, and other simple designs that would quiz your guests for a few seconds and put a smile on their faces when they figure out what the sign means. Minimalist white neon signs are also good conversation starters for your events.

White Neon Signs For Nightlife

White neon signs are best for nightlife enthusiasts and entrepreneurs looking to attract people and advertise their business. You’ll find white neon signs in and around nightclubs, bars, diners, restaurants, motels, and other businesses that operate at night. The right white neon sign can even make your space a landmark location, making it easy to recommend and describe to others looking for a lively night experience.

White Neon Signs For You

Discover vibrant white neon signs for your space:

Moon Neon White Sign

Suspend this crescent moon white neon sign from the roof of your bedroom, living room, dining area, or study and enjoy the illuminative effect it adds to your space.

Just Married White Wedding Neon Light

This white wedding neon sign is designed for newly-weds looking for a unique way to express their love and wonderful union. The neon sign is a perfect fit for your wedding ceremony, honeymoon decor, and bedroom lighting.

Face Outline White Neon Sign

Try out this minimalist white neon sign for an interesting vibe in your space. Its dreamy color is perfect for dinner parties, engagements, and other special events. It also adds interesting detailing to your home decor.

Yellow Neon signs

The versatility of yellow neon signs sees them used in virtually all areas and fields including arts and entertainment for movies and music, sports, business advertisement, and so much more.

The color yellow symbolizes optimism, happiness, and hope. It’s a happy color that is sure to stand out wherever you place it and can instantly brighten any room with its warm friendly tone. Whether you are looking to create a tranquil environment in your home or an energetic vibe in your party, you can’t go wrong with a yellow neon sign.

Banana Shaped Neon Sign

Applications of Yellow Neon Signs

Light Up Your Party and Event With Yellow Neon Signs

The energetic vibe of a yellow neon sign offers a trendy way to bring life to your party and special events. You can install a yellow neon sign by the entrance or hallway to welcome people to your party and set the mood for a fun evening. You can also hang a custom yellow neon sign by the photo booth so its vibrant yellow glow will light up people’s pictures and videos.

Welcome Guests With Yellow Neon Signs

The warm tone and soothing vibe associated with a yellow neon sign makes it a nice way to welcome people to your space, especially during the holidays. For entrepreneurs and business owners, yellow neon signs add a captivating visual element inside and outside your store that will attract potential customers and make your space look inviting.

Decorate Your Kid’s Bedroom With Yellow Signs

There are tons of kid-friendly yellow neon signs inspired by comic book characters, fictional heroes, and cartoons. These neon signs offer a beautiful and creative way of lighting up your kid’s bedroom. Your child, niece, or nephew will love a custom yellow neon sign drawn from their favorite cartoon character, movie, or video game icon.

Find The Best Yellow Neon Sign For You

Check out vibrant yellow neon signs to light up and decorate your space:

My Happy Place Yellow Neon Sign

This yellow neon sign brings a peaceful and homely vibe to your space. It’s a perfect fit for your living room aesthetics, bedroom walls, man cave lighting, and anywhere else that makes you happy. Its warm tone will lift your mood and make you feel at peace.

Yellow Crown Neon Sign

Give your home decor a taste of royalty with the yellow crown neon sign. This neon sign can light up your home, office, or bedroom and it fits perfectly as a party decor.

Summer Yellow Neon Sign

Summer is a period to have fun, explore new hobbies, and go on adventures with friends and family. You can now create the perfect ambiance to enjoy your favorite things with some of your favorite people using this yellow summer neon sign.

Purple Neon Sign

There is something quite special about the color purple that creates a sense of admiration and excitement whenever it comes on. Purple neon signs create a mystical atmosphere in your space because it’s one of those unique colors you just don’t see anywhere.

Regardless of if you want a party decor to light up your event, a colorful aesthetic to beautify your store, or a dreamy display to amplify your home decor, you’ll find a purple neon sign for you.

this is where the magic happens ,purple neon light

Applications of Purple Neon Signs

Purple Neon Signs For Nightlife and Entertainment

Bars, cinemas, restaurants, diners, game houses, motels, and tons of other nightlife businesses use purple neon signs to amplify their environment and make it more appealing to guests. Purple neon signs create an unusual visual element that stays visible even in the midst of other lights and signs and having a custom purple neon sign in your bar or nightclub will transform your space into the ultimate party room.

Purple Neon Signs For Holiday Events

Purple neon signs are perfect for creating a unique holiday atmosphere for your family and friends. The purple color is a nice choice for your Christmas and Thanksgiving lighting, Halloween and New Year decoration, among other holidays.

Purple Neon Sign For Aesthetics

Purple signifies charm, royalty, and luxury, making purple neon signs a creative way to add beauty and aesthetics to your indoor and exterior decor. You can also use purple signs to elevate the beauty of your home. Whether as wall art, roof lighting, or exterior decor, a purple neon sign will light up and beautify your space in lovely fashion.

Purple Neon Signs For You

Discover trendy purple neon signs for your space:

Halloween Purple neon sign

The chilly tone of this purple halloween neon sign can create a petrifying ambiance for your halloween parties, scavenger hunts, sleepovers and movie nights. The neon sign displays a witch’s hat next to a halloween pumpkin that will bring a spooky feel to your space.

Like Crazy Purple Neon Sign

Party and event neon signs don’t get any better than this trendy purple neon sign. The sign radiates an energetic and lively mood that will keep your party going all night. This neon sign is a perfect fit for nightclubs, man caves, bars, and other leisure spots.

Better Together Purple Neon Sign

This romantic purple neon sign is designed for dating partners, couples, and newly-weds. It displays the words “Better Together” in a cursive style font, making for a unique wall art to decorate your space for romantic dates, food picnics, proposal dinners, and wedding ceremonies.

Gold Neon Sign

Gold neon signs offer a unique blend of luxury, style, and comfort that can help you set an insightful and sophisticated vibe in your home, office, or business place. It’s rare to see a gold-colored neon sign, so people are more likely to appreciate one in your space.

yellow neon sign wall hanging

Application of Gold Neon Signs

Gold Neon Signs For Your Event Decor

Give your event an extra touch of glamour, class, and style using custom gold neon signs. The aura that comes with a gold sign is one that will elevate your event decor and set it a class above all others. A customized gold neon sign can also serve as a creative backdrop at your next event to illuminate your photos and create a memorable experience.

Transform Your Business Space With Gold Neon Signs

Gold neon signs can turn a boring business space into an exciting one in no time. The luxurious feel associated with the color gold would make your brand look special and  trusted. This makes gold neon signs ideal to advertise your business and turn passers-by into customers.

Set Gold Standards With Gold Neon Signs

Gold neon signs can help you incorporate classy designs in your space that will radiate high standards and insightful meaning to anyone that sees it. Gold emanates luxury, success, and perfection and a gold neon sign in your space will pass that message accordingly.

Gold Neon Signs To Try Out

Check out trendy gold neon signs for your space:

Gold Pretzel Neon Sign

The gold pretzel neon sign is designed for clubs, bars, bakeries, and hangout spots. It’s curvy design will draw attention to your business and beautify your space.

Gold Bro Code Neon Sign

The gold bro code neon sign is a perfect fit for your bedroom, man cave, and living room decor. It’s also a perfect decor piece for businesses that cater to men.

David Neon Sign

This gold neon sign combines the glamour of gold signage with the glorious style of one of the most recognized statues in history, Michelangelo’s David. It’s a perfect fit for indoor lighting and event decoration.


Colorful neon signs offer a simple yet powerful element that you can incorporate in your space to make it stand out. With the right choice of color and design, you can complement any decor theme in your house and elevate your brand identity in ultra-modern fashion. You can also use multicolored neon signs for an entertaining vibe at your next event or to decorate your home for the holidays.

The wide range of colors available means you can always find a good fit to express yourself and beautify your space any way you see fit. Whether you want to create a colorful spectrum in your apartment or you’d like to infuse your space with an interesting choice of colors to captivate passers-by, you’ll find the perfect neon sign colors for your needs.

led floor lamp

Modern Floor Lamps For Living Room

@Echo Neon | Sep 28 | 10 minutes read | Living Room Lighting, Floor Lamps, Interior Design

Lamps are an often-overlooked aspect of interior design. While valued for their utility, we don’t spend much time considering where we should put our floor lamps or what kind of statement they can make.

A well-chosen floor lamp, however, can add intrigue and elegance to any interior design plans. With so many modern lamps on the market today, however, lamp-shopping can quickly become overwhelming. To help alleviate the stress of choosing your next floor lamp, we’ve compiled a list of various floor lamp designs in this convenient list. 

Cylindrical Lamp Shades

Cylindrical Lamp Shades living room lighting

Whether you’re looking for mid-century modern or just plain modern, cylindrical lamp shades are a great option for your floor lamp. Whether you’re looking for something brand-new or want a budget option for modernizing your space, getting a lamp with a cylindrical shade will do wonders.

Mushroom-Shade Floor Lamps

Mushroom-Shade Floor Lamps for living room

For an interesting look, try a mushroom-shade floor lamp. This unique design will complement any rounded edges in your interior design. Since this style is less common, it’ll also add an intriguing flair to your living room.

Lamps as Art Pieces

orange lamp as art pieces living room decor

If you’re looking for other lamps that can function as an art piece, there are numerous lamp designs out there. Whether you’re looking for leaves, an avant-garde art piece, or any other look, there’s numerous artistic choices on the market. The only downsides are that these lamp styles are often cost-prohibitive. 

Lune LED Floor Lamp

led floor lamp

If you’re looking for an affordable artistic lamp, however, this option might be for you. The Lune LED Floor Lamp brings a unique and mellow feeling to any room. This one-of-a-kind design can turn your lamp into a bright statement piece. With several different color options and the ability to change the colored panes, there’s numerous ways to add variety to your decor with this one floor lamp.

This wonderful lamp is perfect if you want your lighting fixture to work as a statement piece. Whether you want to build your design around this wonderfully stylish lamp or incorporate it into your existing design, it’s sure to strike up conversation in anyone who sees it. This lamp is a customizable art piece that will add interest while illuminating your living room.

Minimalist Floor Lamps

minimalist living room floor lamp - blog

Few things are more modern than minimalism, and paring your floor lamp down will help obtain the modern style you’re looking for. Whether you’re getting a plain shade or no shade, one leg or no legs, paring back the frills will make the space feel more modern.

Arc Floor Lamps

arc floor lamp for living room

Featuring a long, arching arm, arc floor lamps are perfect for placing over tables or reading nooks. This way, you can position the lights directly over your books for optimal lighting. Arc lights come in a wide variety of colors and designs, so it’s nearly impossible to find one that doesn’t suit your interior design. 

Tree Floor Lamps


With so many styles of tree floor lamps, there’s also numerous options of multi-bulb floor lamps to feature in your living room. These are a great option for those who need more light, or—if you need an adjustable amount of light—you can choose a design with individual light switches for each bulb.

Exposed Bulb Lamps

exposed light bulb floor lamp

If your modern stylings lean more towards the industrial side, try some exposed-bulb lamps. This modern look will make a classy and refined addition to your living room. Pair your exposed-bulb floor lamp with matching desk- and table-lamps to bring a cohesive feeling to your interior design. 

Rice Paper Floor Lamp

apartment living room old sofa Cylindrical lamp

For a soft, dispersed glow, consider a rice paper floor lamp. These lamps make use of long shades made of thin paper to disperse the light in an even glow. Be sure to handle the shade carefully, since rice paper tends to be very fragile.

Globe Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for another lamp to help disperse light, consider getting a globe lamp. These spherical designs will give a modern, glamorous feel to the room. They also come in a wide variety of designs so you can find one to perfectly fit your interior decor. 

Lights with Shelving

Modern design is all about combining function and form. What better way to combine form and function than a light that doubles as a shelf? Combining storage and lighting is not only stylish, but it will save floor space. 

End Table Floor Lamp

If you like the idea of combining light fixtures with other practical ends, consider an end table floor lamp. Just like with the shelving, getting a combined floor lamp and end table is a wonderful way to save space while brightening up your room. 

Tube Floor Lamp

blue neon tube lamp

If you’re looking for something that can easily fit into any room, consider this neon tube floor lamp. From minimalist to maximalist and more, this lamp works with an astounding number of styles. Depending on the furniture surrounding the piece, this lamp can be classy and elegant, or cool and industrial.

You can place this lamp in a corner, against a desk or shelf, or in a windowsill. These spots will add a stylish and eclectic air to your interior design. If you ever decide to mix things up, this lamp also comes with the equipment needed to mount it on a wall. So if you get tired of using it as a floor lamp, there’s also the option to hang it on the wall. 

These neon LED tube lights come in numerous colors, so you can incorporate it into nearly any color scheme. So no matter which modern style you go for, you can use this neon tube floor lamp. 


Once you know what floor lamp you want for your living room, it’s just a matter of finding it. Of course, it’s important that you choose the best lamp provider before you purchase your perfect floor lamp. Even better if you can find a lamp-maker known for producing high-quality lighting fixtures. If you’re considering the Lune LED Floor Lamp or a neon tube floor lamp, check out Echo Neon’s selection. 

neon sign kitchen

Neon Kitchen Signs: Let Your Cooking Area Pop

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

It’s been said that the Kitchen is the hub of the home. The place where people congregate multiple times a day to dine, socialize, and plan their days. Numerous studies have proven the Kitchen’s significance in determining a home’s resale price, attracting potential buyers, and making a good impression on those who visit.

Most people agree that having a nice-looking kitchen is crucial for various reasons. We hope these suggestions will benefit you as you plan a kitchen remodel that won’t break the bank. A gorgeous neon kitchen sign may be a great conversation starter. Put up some motivational kitchen neon signs and see how your cooking space transforms. We’ll also share some of our favorite neon signs for kitchen ideas for bringing some cheery light and color into the Kitchen.

Lighting the Room with Neon Bulbs

Neon lights are the newest trend in interior design. The most effective method of sprucing up your Kitchen is with lighting alone. Please pay attention to any nook or cranny, whether a kitchen shelf, a window sill, a table, or a vase of fake flowers. Neon lights can be used to spruce up the area in question if the lights are strategically placed and artistically arranged. To maximize the impact of the neon lights, focus on decorating just one corner with the little lights. If you want to call attention to a specific kitchen area, you shouldn’t store or exhibit it in a few different spots.

Grabbing Attention

Why not install some neon lights if you want to make your kitchen and vintage bar stand out? Spruce up your kitchen and bar area by adding a bar table or countertops. How about enjoying your meal under a neon sky? Add some vibrancy to the room with some flashy neon signs. Throw in some humorous food terms or quips about the daily fare to spice things up. When decorating a table with a pinkish or brown color scheme, pink neon lights are a great addition. That sort of stuff would make your Kitchen stand out from the crowd.

Distinct Pop of Color

Fill your Kitchen area with color, color, and more color. A splash of color complements a neutral space and the surrounding theme effectively. Some large neon-colored sign is appropriate for the impression you are attempting to make and convey. Neon lights give a texture that enhances any space while creating a strikingly original appearance. Pair the kitchen space with various lighting devices to make it brighter.

Neutral colors like white, gray, and cream form the backdrop of the modern Kitchen. 

This is an understandable and quick option because it lets the user quickly and easily change the highlighting color or design. But a room packed with neutrals does need a bit of pizazz sometimes, and neon lights are fantastic in this aspect. Any color you like will look excellent in a modern, transitional, or contemporary Kitchen, so feel free to use whatever you prefer for the neon sign. Pick a wall that will attract the most eyes—ideally, the one opposite the breakfast bar or the wall that can be seen from the Kitchen and dining room. The tone in the Kitchen is instantly lifted and more relaxed.

Choose numerous neon lights in vibrant colors to enhance and add texture to your home, which is a simple solution for adding extra color to any space.

Some Unexpected Beauty in Art

Why not employ neon signs and lighting to add a creative flair to your kitchen space? Who says your Kitchen has to be basic when it can be fabulous? Neon lights make for stunning wall art that is both eye-catching and unique. Something so novel and out-of-the-ordinary can only add a touch of fun to your establishment. You can use neon wall signs to create any symbol or visually appealing design. If you’re having trouble thinking of any, you may always look to echo neon for ideas. You can also use custom neon signs to make other shapes, such as a cloud, trees, or a sign. If you have kids at home, you can brighten their day by sending them a smile like a comical or cartoon character, such as Pokémon. It’s exciting to see a piece of art in the home that draws a stranger’s eye.

Talk About Your Food Philosophy

What makes neon signs so much fun if you have just one thing to pick? What sets it apart is the leeway it affords us to say exactly what we mean in a way that stands out. Avoid using generic neon signs, and choose one that expresses your personality. It could be an expression of your philosophy, a message to your loved ones, a recipe, or simply a kind welcome. Let the t neon arts signs make a bold statement.

Bakeware with Neon Signs

Many people took up baking as a hobby because of lockdown; gifting a friend with a colorful neon “baking” sign is a great way to recognize their skills in the Kitchen. Words like “Hello Cupcake,” “Let Them Eat Cake,” “Always Room for Dessert,” and “Chocolate Is Always the Answer” come to mind.

Lighted Kitchen Signs to Set the Mood

Neon signs for the Kitchen can be anything you want, but highlighting the mood you want to create is a good idea. There is a wide range of messages that can be displayed on neon signs, from “Chill” and “Good vibes only” to “No bitchin’ in my Kitchen” and “This is a self-cleaning kitchen; clean up after yourself.”

Neon Lights that Add a Sense of Humor to Any Room

Perhaps you’d enjoy some more provocative artwork for the walls of your Kitchen. Signs like “Don’t worry dishes, nobody’s doing me either” and “I like my coffee hot, just like my hubby” are two examples of the humorous neon wall art offered here.

Kitchen Neon Drinking Signs for Coffee, Wine, and Gin

The Kitchen isn’t just for eating; it’s also where the drinks are made, so maybe a cool neon LED sign would be in order. Images of coffee cups, the phrase “Rise and Shine, It’s Coffee Time,” and the more concise “But first – Coffee!” are just a few examples of the many types of Coffee neon sign in the Kitchen.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have seen that gin is all the rage these days; therefore, it should be no surprise that gin signs are trendy kitchen decor. There’s a wide variety to pick from, such as miniature neon signs that read “Gin Corner,” standard-sized ones that read “Tick, tock, it’s gin o’clock,” and giant ones that read “When life hands you lemons, it’s time to open the gin.”

The prevalence of wine indicators in kitchens reflects the widespread appreciation for alcoholic beverages. Popular sayings like “Life Happens, Wine Helps,” “When in doubt, Add more wine,” “Uncork & Unwind,” “Save water, Drink wine,” and “More Wine, Less Whine” are all available as stylish neon wall signs.

You can go with “Alcohol you later” or pictures of beer or cocktail glasses if you prefer not to be too explicit about your drink. To integrate two beverages into one, “A pleasant day starts with Coffee and concludes with Wine” may be illuminated on a long wall sign in the Kitchen.

Personalized Kitchen Signs

A personalized neon sign is always a nice gift, and a custom neon sign for a kitchen is a terrific idea. You can keep it minimal with something like ‘Welcome to Abby’s Kitchen. Welcome to the Gift’s Kitchen, established in 1989 or Mum’s Kitchen, serving the Jones family since 2001, would make great signs for a family’s Kitchen. You may construct a neon sign that says anything like “Welcome to Jo’s Domain,” “Head Chef, John,” “Charlie is Star Baker,” or “Chris, chief chef & bottle washer” if there is a major cook.

Another option is to make a sign for your Kitchen highlighting your selection of beverages rather than food. For example, you may have a personalized kitchen sign saying ‘Kim’s Coffee Bar,’ ‘Peggy’s Gin Palace,’ or ‘Fran’s Wine Cellar.’

name neon sign

How to Decorate a Room With Neon Lights

@Echo Neon | Sep 12, 2022 | 10 minutes read | interior design, home lighting, bedroom light

Neon might be the way to go if you want to liven up a boring space. Neon accents are a fun and easy way to inject the trend into your interior design. Adding a vintage neon sign or a neon wall hanger might be a cool way to decorate your wall. Neon lights need some work, but they can make your house shine.

There is no better way to make your bedroom feel like a one-of-a-kind haven than with the help of neon signs. If you’re looking for a neon-led décor sign to display on your bedroom wall, go no further than the LED Neon Wall Light.

The use of LED strip lights and neon signage in private spaces has increased in popularity recently. Light boxes, ceiling signage, and even plain old solid neon lights have joined the trend of being displayed close to your bed. This post will show you how to decorate your room with economical and high-quality neon signs that will add greatly to your bedroom’s decor ideas.

Add some neon signs for bedrooms to your interior design scheme for a splash of glitz and glamor.

How to Evaluate a Neon Sign

Putting up neon signs is a one-of-a-kind technique to brighten up a dull space. Adding neon signage to your home will instantly elevate the look of any space, but you should exercise caution. When selecting a neon sign for a bedroom, there are some details to look at. It’s important to always keep the sign on, even if the power goes out. Also, check to ensure it’s sturdy and not going to break quickly or give electrical burns if it does.

Neon Signs/Lights Room Decor Idea

Neon signs are always entertaining. Neon signs are an efficient way to add a splash of color to your space, create a functional night light, or find inspirational quotes to live by. The orange paint on the walls contrasts beautifully with the blue carpeting you put in for comfort. Because the windows in this space are unobscured, it makes good use of daylight. There’s a sense of airiness because of the lack of partitions.

You’re free to put the lights/signs wherever you’d like. Take a peek at these beautifully lit neon ideas for your room if you’re at a loss on where to start.

Bedrooms with Neon Lights

small custom neon sign for bedroom

Many people replace traditional sconces in their bedrooms with neon lights for a more festive and comfortable atmosphere. If you don’t want to splash money on a headboard, you can easily construct your own by attaching neon lights to the wall or ceiling over your bed and writing encouraging words or sentiments. It’s a bedroom, so anything that adds a romantic touch would be appropriate, including hearts or something similar.

Make Your Space Feel Like the Future

The game room is a more complex proposal. You can give a room a more futuristic feel by using vertical neon lighting. The image can depict an ideal environment for a gaming session. However, it might also be a great addition to creative dorm rooms, living spaces, or even man caves.

To implement this concept, you’ll need the thick neon lights you can only get in bars. To get the lights correctly wired in, you may also need to employ a professional electrician or renovator.

Plus, keep in mind that neon lights that have been expertly put and built should never get too hot to the touch. If you come across one, you might wish to upgrade to a better light if it is.

Neon Lights as Decorative Accents

Neon lights are not only wonderful for creating new designs but also for highlighting existing decor. A red neon light on the wall hanging is an example of how you can use this lighting around the wall art. It adds a lot of visual aid to the colorful artwork.

You can’t go wrong with neon lights as accent decor to draw attention to whatever you want. If you want people to focus on a specific thing, placing a bedroom neon sign behind it is a good strategy. Put some neon lights around an expensive painting you have hanging in your room so everyone can see it. Neon lights can make any object look 10 times cooler, so they’re a great way to give your picture a contemporary feel.

Neon lights can be placed under the furniture in your room to provide a glow and draw attention to the carefully curated pieces you’ve placed there. You can also use neon lights to draw attention to images displayed around your home since they make the pictures seem to float away from the wall. You can turn out the lights in the room but keep the neon lights around your pictures to emphasize the most significant moments in your life.

You could use neon lights to illuminate the floor beneath large pieces of furniture. One such source of illumination is the area beneath the island stovetop. Neon would be a cool twist on the common practice of installing colored lighting under cabinets for ambiance.

home office neon light

Create a Mood with Your Words

Neon lights, or  Edison bulbs, are often used to spell words that set a particular ambiance in the house. A good example is using a sign that spells the word “home” to evoke a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Other words that would look wonderful in neon signs and hang in bedrooms or living rooms are:

  • Welcome 
  • Family 
  • Dream
  • Positive sayings like “follow your bliss” can be quite motivating.
  • Hello
  • Good night, have a good mood, and a good day
  • Words to your favorite songs

In a similar vein, you may use alternative imagery, such as outlines of the moon.

Add Color to Your Living Room

The current worldwide trend is the use of neon lights in residential areas. Many people prefer choosing white or gray tones when decorating their living room. Multi color neon signs are usually a nice accent if you think the entire scene is too plain for your taste.

You can hang wall decals on an empty wall to add brightness to the space. However, you may also add lights underneath the cabinets to highlight the furniture in the area by illuminating it from below. Neon lights are the epitome of modernity, and they have the power to change the look of your space completely.

Neon Signs for the Bedroom of Your Children

pink ballon neon sign for nursery, pink neon sign for kids

In their bedrooms, your children study, unwind and play. The family’s youngest members use it as a do-it-all room, so it makes sense that these areas need special accents. Kids have extremely distinct ideas for their bedroom design, mostly influenced by famous cartoon characters and major movie themes. And our energy-efficient Luffy neon sign is the ideal approach to adorn their rooms.

Neon Superhero Lights

Your kids may have a favorite superhero because there are many intriguing and distinctive ones to choose from. They’ll love any excellent bedroom neon lights if they’re a lover of superheroes.

Neon Cartoon Sign Themes

Each Child wants their room to be adorned with different themes or styles. And what better way to display their favorite cartoon characters than neon lights?

One of the well-known cartoon characters in the world is the head of the House of Mouse and the whole Disney Company. This well-recognized mouse was the first cartoon character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Like in your own life, Mickey Mouse is probably a significant part of your children’s existence. Purchase him in neon for your children. Your Child’s favorite cartoon might not be Mickey Mouse, but you’d know which one it is. Choose the one they love best and make neon signage from Echoneon.

Neon Signs for Your Man Cave

man cave custom neon sign, neon sign wall art, smile face neon lights

Transform your man cave into a space that truly reflects your energy by incorporating neon signs. These vibrant and iconic light fixtures have become a staple in modern interior design, adding a personalized flair to your living space. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a movie buff, or a music lover, neon signs offer endless possibilities for showcasing your passions and creating a dynamic atmosphere that is sure to impress.
Showcase Your Interests with Personalized Neon Signs
Your man cave is a reflection of your personality and interests, so why not personalize it with a custom-made neon sign? Consider incorporating your favorite sports team’s logo, your initials, or a catchphrase that embodies your unique style. The neon sign can serve as a focal point in the room, drawing attention and setting the tone for the entire space. Whether you opt for a bold and vibrant design or a subtle and elegant one, a personalized neon sign will add a touch of individuality to your man cave.

Embrace Your Passion with Themed Neon Signs

Take your man cave’s theme to the next level by incorporating a themed neon sign. If you’re a movie buff, consider a neon sign featuring your favorite film quote or iconic movie symbol. Music enthusiasts might opt for a neon sign depicting a guitar or musical notes. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to embrace your passion and create a visually striking environment that reflects your interests. Choose a neon sign that complements the overall aesthetic of your man cave and amplifies the theme you’ve chosen.

Set the Mood with Creative Neon Lighting

Beyond the traditional neon sign, you can explore creative ways to use neon lighting to set the mood in your man cave. Install neon strip lights along shelves or behind your entertainment center to create a subtle and mesmerizing glow. You can also experiment with different colors to match the ambiance you desire. Dimmer switches can be added to control the intensity of the neon lighting, allowing you to create a relaxed atmosphere for movie nights or a lively setting for game-day gatherings. The combination of creative neon lighting techniques will enhance the overall aesthetic of your man cave and provide a captivating experience for both you and your guests.

Gaming Room Neon Signs

purple game room neon lights, custom color neon signs

Decorating your gaming room with neon signs is a fantastic way to add a vibrant and electrifying touch to your gaming haven. Whether you’re a fan of retro gaming or contemporary titles, incorporating neon signs into your gaming room décor adds a stylish and nostalgic flair. Not only do these luminous artworks serve as eye-catching focal points, but they also provide soft, colorful lighting that sets the mood for intense gaming sessions. With their distinct glow and customizable designs, neon signs offer a unique opportunity to personalize your gaming sanctuary and make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Enhancing the Gaming Atmosphere with Neon Signs:

Neon signs can easily elevate the gaming atmosphere in your gaming room. By strategically placing neon signs in key areas, you can create an immersive environment that enhances your gaming experience. Consider placing neon signs behind your gaming setup to add a vibrant backdrop or around the room to provide subtle, colorful lighting. The soft glow emitted by the neon signs not only creates a visually appealing ambiance but also helps to reduce eye strain during those long gaming sessions. Additionally, you can experiment with different colors and designs to match the mood of your favorite games or to create a specific gaming theme.

DIY Customization and Personalization of Neon Signs:

One of the exciting aspects of decorating your gaming room with neon signs is the opportunity to DIY designs that you want. While there is a vast array of pre-designed neon signs available in the market, you can also explore the option of creating your own unique designs. Many companies offer custom neon sign services, allowing you to bring your imagination to life. You can incorporate your favorite gaming quotes, memorable gaming moments, or even your own gaming tag into the design. By infusing your own creativity into the neon sign selection and design process, you can make your gaming room truly reflective of your individual style and gaming passion.

Incorporating Neon Signs into Gaming Room Themes:

Neon signs provide a wonderful opportunity to incorporate them into specific gaming room themes. Whether you’re aiming for a retro arcade vibe or a modern esports-inspired setup, neon signs can play a significant role in bringing your theme to life. For a retro gaming theme, consider classic arcade game logos, pixelated fonts, or neon signs featuring popular arcade game characters. To create a futuristic or cyberpunk ambiance, opt for neon signs with sleek designs, geometric shapes, and vibrant neon colors. If you’re a fan of a particular game franchise, explore neon signs that showcase the logo, key characters, or iconic symbols from that game. By aligning your neon sign choices with your chosen gaming room theme, you can achieve a cohesive and visually striking aesthetic that immerses you further into the gaming world.

Why Are Neon Signs Perfect for Home Decor?

led flex neon light for home decor

Why Are Neon Signs Perfect for Home Decor?

Neon signs have emerged as a perfect choice for home decor, bringing an irresistible charm and character to any living space. They have the ability to create a captivating visual experience that effortlessly enhances the ambiance of a room. Whether you’re aiming for a cozy and intimate atmosphere or a vibrant and energetic space, neon signs offer a versatile solution that can adapt to various home decor styles.

Unique Focal Point

Neon signs are perfect for home decor due to their ability to serve as unique and eye-catching focal points. These luminous artworks effortlessly draw attention and become conversation starters, making a bold statement about your personal taste and style. Whether you opt for a sign displaying a favorite quote, an inspiring word, or a symbol that resonates with you, neon signs reflect your individuality and establish a personal connection within your living space.

Distinctive Lighting Option

Moreover, neon signs offer a distinct lighting option that surpasses traditional fixtures. The soft, warm glow emitted by neon tubes creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere, instantly transforming the mood of a room. Achieving a delicate balance between ample illumination and a relaxed ambiance is crucial. Neon signs effortlessly accomplish this by casting a gentle and enchanting light that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. This makes them ideal for various areas of the home, including living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, and entertainment spaces.

Versatility in Placement

Another aspect that makes neon signs ideal for home decor is their versatility in terms of placement. They can be mounted on walls, placed on shelves, or even hung from ceilings, adapting to the layout and dimensions of any room. Whether you want to make a bold statement with a large neon sign or add a subtle touch with smaller pieces scattered throughout the space, neon signs effortlessly integrate into existing decor, adding an extra spark of visual interest.


Decorating a room with neon lights offers a captivating and electrifying way to infuse your space with personality, style, and a touch of nostalgia. The allure of neon lights lies in their ability to serve as unique focal points, drawing attention and sparking conversations. They provide a distinctive lighting option, casting a soft and inviting glow that adds warmth and ambiance to your surroundings.

By carefully choosing the right neon sign, strategically placing and arranging it, and properly maintaining it, you can create a living room, gaming room or even a man cave that reflects your individuality.

Ultimately, decorating a room with neon lights allows you to transform your space into a captivating haven that reflects your style and passion. So, let your creativity shine and embark on a journey to create a space that truly stands out with the mesmerizing allure of neon lights.

echo neon filament led

Decorative Light Buying Guide

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

It’s fun and thrilling to do some decorating around the house or apartment, but it can also be a bit of a chore. Furniture, rugs, accent pieces, and lighting are just a few examples where you must consider style, color, and cost.

Picking a lamp is crucial to making your house a home. How, then, can you know which lights best serve your needs? There are a plethora of alternatives to consider. 

Modern settings may benefit from the illumination provided by table lamps. Light from a table lamp can have both a functional and aesthetic purpose. The correct LED table lamp can do wonders for a room if chosen carefully. This article was written to serve as a resource for making informed decisions among available lighting options.

What is a Table Lamp, And Why is it Necessary?

A table lamp is a light source that rests on a table or other furniture piece. Table lamps are the simplest type of lamp in the family of lamps. Modern contemporary table lamps can provide direct or diffused light to improve the atmosphere setting with the right bulb type, shade, form, and color.

All table lamps share the capacity to be moved around easily; they provide convenience and may be moved from a location to another with little effort. Your table lamp does not require an electrician because it already has a convenient cord and plug. The need for cables, cords, and plugs has been further reduced thanks to the development of wireless table lamps.

Table Lamp Varieties:

There may be several lamps from which to choose, but you should select one that harmonizes with your home’s decor. You can create modern table lamps from various materials, which you can find in various sizes and forms. Numerous materials are used to make table lamps, including:

  • Metals
  • Polycarbonates
  • Fabric

Common assumptions about table lamps include a base, a stem, a shade, and an edison bulb, but this isn’t always how they’re constructed in the present day. Lanterns, wireless lamps, sculptural reflectors, and captivating orbs are just a few possible interpretations.

Lamp Selection Based on Form and Function

One option is limiting your options by deciding on the lamp’s intended use and design. In what ways do you wish to illuminate your space? Will it be wall mounted, placed on a table or on the floor? Will it be used solely indoors, or do you also need to consider outdoor lamps that can withstand the elements? Finding the right light fixture will become less of a challenge once you’ve answered these questions.

Five Primary Categories of Lighting

  1. What we mean by “natural lighting” is the light in a room because it is daytime. Its mental and emotional benefits include a more upbeat disposition and less anxiety. It also brings out the truest colors.
  2. The goal of ambient lighting, sometimes known as “generic lighting,” is to illuminate a whole space uniformly and subtly. Most of the time, this is what we have in mind when we think about turning on the lights in a room. It is common to see ceiling fixtures or sconces used as ambient lighting, but table lamps and wall sconces can also serve this purpose.
  3. The term “task lighting” refers to any lighting designed to aid in completing a certain task. Reading in the living room, doing documents in the home office, and chopping vegetables at the kitchen counter are just a few examples of activities that would benefit from task lighting.
  4. Subtle yet effective illumination used to draw attention to a certain area or object – This type of illumination is utilized to set the mood or highlight a specific feature of the home’s interior or exterior design. Perhaps you wish to draw attention to a specific sculpture or work of art. When used indoors or out, accent lighting allows you to highlight specific features or objects. Depending on the ambiance you’re going for, warm or cool tones from other accent lights are the way to go.
  5. For strictly aesthetic reasons, there is decorative lighting. Ornamental lighting is like jewelry for the building, drawing in the observer and conveying something about the occupants’ taste or socioeconomic status. Light from these sources is often not particularly bright; therefore, they only serve to increase the total amount of light somewhat.

Styling Tips for Table Lamp Design:

Lampshades: Swap out your old ones for a unique look. One way to breathe new life into an otherwise dull lamp is to replace its shade with one with bold patterns and designs. Choose from coolie, drum, oval, eye-shaped, cylinder, conical, square, tapered, or rectangular to find the perfect fit for your space’s aesthetic needs and preferred lighting effects.

Lighting Fixtures: You should choose lamp bases that complement the room’s design. There are no rules when choosing a lamp base; you can experiment with metal, wood, ceramic, depending on the material and shape of the lampshade you currently have.

The bulb of a table lamp is the determining factor in how well it performs, so pay close attention to things like color temperature, lumen output, and wattage. Reading and studying are best done in a room with a daylight color temperature, warm white is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, and bright white is ideal for workplaces and other professional spaces.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Lamp

Consider the intended usage of the lamp first when shopping for a new LED table lamp. While some table lamps are merely decorative, others are designed to provide actual lighting.

You may need multiple table lamps that all work together to illuminate the space.


First, decide where in the room you’d like to place the table lamp, and then measure the distance from the bed, couch, or comfortable chair that it will be next to. It’s not a great idea to start by purchasing the table lamp and then figuring out where to put it in the bedroom or living area. Even if it does work, the bulb will be too big, small, dim, or brilliant for the space. Another consideration is that a bright bulb on your nightstand isn’t necessary. You should know exactly what you’ll use the light for before shopping.

Lampshade and Casting

The lamp shade size is another crucial factor to consider when selecting a table lamp. Don’t be fooled by the shade’s pattern and design alone; instead, think about how the shade will fit on the lamp’s body and how it will affect the user’s posture. The drum shade is the most failsafe option, with a diameter that is at least two inches less than the lamp’s whole height. The area that will be lit decreases with the shade’s base width, so keep this in mind when shopping.

The Table Light Needs a New Home, But Where?

LED Table lamps can be utilized anywhere that needs both task and ambient illumination. Even when turned off, they elevate the look of a space. Modern Led table lamps are versatile and easy to rearrange, making them the ideal choice for any home.

There are many great spots around the house for a table lamp, such as: 

  • End tables, 
  • consoles, 
  •  coffee tables
  • A Pair of Bedside Tables
  • A tabletop
  • Bedrooms
  • Seating Areas
  • Offices/Lobbies
  • Eating Spaces

LED Table Lamp, Small, Knockoff

Keep the Following Suggestions in Mind to Extend the Life of Your Table Lamps.

  • Do not attempt to clean an operating incandescent light bulb.
  • Always choose an LED lamp for a table.
  • It would be best to clean the dust every six to twelve months.
  • It would be best never to clean a hot bulb with cold water because it will break.
  • You should change your light bulbs frequently to keep the lights high quality and stable.


As you progress in interior design, you will see that the smallest changes can have the greatest impact. While the room’s design and color scheme are what make it unique, it’s the lighting that makes an impression. Changing the lighting in a room may dramatically affect its ambiance, turning it from dreary to lively in a single sweep. The wonderful Edison decorative light is one of the few that successfully combines classic good looks, contemporary attraction, and practical design.

Compared to eye-catching chandeliers, novel pendant lights, and eye-catching floor lamps, the humble neon table lamp may look underwhelming. But a well-made and stylish table lamp should not be overlooked. The neon table lamp, when used properly, may add balance, harmony, color, contrast, texture, and light to any space. Visit Echoneon today to check out the varieties of Led lamp that will suit your taste and space.