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There’s just something about a classic lamp that feels timeless and elegant. They can fit into any room and add a touch of sophistication. But there’s also something undeniably charming about quirky lamps. They make a statement and can really brighten up a room.

So, which is better? Quirky lamps or classic lamps? Or, does it even matter? Let’s find out.

Quirky Lamps

The quirky lamp range is huge from flamingo lamps to volcano lamps! Quirky lamps are great for making a statement in a room. You can really show your personality with a quirky lamp. They’re not just home décor, they’re art pieces that can really add a whole new dimension to a room. Many people are put off by classic lamps because they claim they are plain, boring, and lack any individuality. For these people, quirky lamps are the perfect alternative, showing uniqueness and individuality.

Classic Lamps

The classic lamp range is also huge from arc lamps to Floor lamps. They are usually seen as the more refined option when it comes to lighting. They have a timeless elegance that can’t be beaten. They fit perfectly into any room and can easily be accessorized to match the décor. Classic lamps come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Vintage quirky lamps

The Flamingo Lamp.

The flamingo lamp holds its place in retro Hollywood regency decor. It is a vintage option that can be used as a kitsch luxury statement piece. The flamingo Lamp fits in equally well with a modern setting by adding just the right amount of edgy uniqueness. A real ode to the past, the flaming lamp holds a firm place in lamp history.

The Farmhouse Floor lamp.

The farmhouse floor Lamp is a vintage original. The farmhouse Floor lamp has a certain rustic charm that can tie any room together. Great for adding a bit of country elegance to a living area, the farmhouse floor lamp lets you take advantage of its multi-functional capabilities while still adding you’re own personal touch to the room.

Modern unique lamp options.

The LED FIlament lamp

The Love LED Filament Lamp is a modern-day retro-inspired classic. With its traditional Edison filament bulb design, the LED filaments add a touch of vintage charm to any room with its classic feel. Our LED filament Lamp collection is a perfect example of how classic designs can be transformed into modern-day must-haves.

Iridescent LED Filament lamp

As the name suggests, the iridescent LED Filament Lamp has a magical quality about it. The iridescent effect gives off an ethereal glow when lit. This lamp would be perfect for anyone who wants to add some magic and mystery to their home décor. The iridescent LED filament lamp is part of our LED filament bulb collection.

Classic vintage Lamps

The gold floor lamp.

The gold floor lamp is a statement piece with an air of opulence. The Gold Floor lamp is luxurious and regal delivering just the right amount of drama to any room. It can be used as a stand-alone light fixture or as decoration. A great example of contemporary lighting, this versatile floor Lamp is beautiful yet surprisingly simple in design.

The arc floor lamp.

The arc floor lamp is an elegant addition to any room. The arc Floor lamp goes beyond decoration, it can also be useful by adding extra lighting to the room. It has a streamlined design that is both simple and elegant. With its adjustable arm, the arc floor Lamp allows for flexible usage, so you can control how much light you let through. Does it have a maximum wattage per bulb of?

Modern CLassic Lamps

Lune Led Floor lamp

We favor a LED floor lamp in general because of the versatility it offers, the way it can dramatically change a room, and because it is a great way to add some extra warmth to a space. But when it comes to modern classic lamps the best-LED floor lamp by far is the LUNE LED Floor lamp.

The Lune LED Floor lamp has a truly breathtaking design, inspired by nature and the changing shape of the moon during its different phases.

With a simple slide of the two colored acrylic sheets, you can change it from SUNSET (pink and purple) to MOONRISE (blue and green). Meanwhile the lamp its self is circular with a soft white glow that mimics the reflective surface of the moon.

The sophisticated design of this LED floor lamp will suit any living room. It has a simple and modern design that will fit even the most minimalist space, but it also offers an enchanting effect created by the changing colors of the LED floor lamp. It will be the talking point of any room you place it in.

Kids’ Room Lamp

The Kids’ room LED lamp is a great option for young children. It offers all the flexibility and warmth of a conventional lamp but with added LED lighting capabilities.

A Kids room lamp should offer a bright, glare-free light as well as be fun and colorful. Our LED lamp collection is the perfect fit for a kid’s bedroom lamp. Our range of designs and colors will be the centerpiece for kids bedroom

The led lamp has the ability to transform the room into your child’s fantasy world where they can imagine anything they desire, from pirates to princesses and spaceships. The possibilities are endless! Our Kid’s room lamps are another modern-day classic.

we hope you have enjoyed our review of some vintage favourite lamps, like the flaming lamp and the Farmhouse floor lamp compared to some of our modern-day classics like the Gold floor lamp. But the question still remains.. quirky lamps versus classic lamps?

While both have their own unique benefits, it ultimately comes down to personal preference. what is your favorite?

Well let you decide which one is best for you! and to help you decide take a look at our range which features both modern and vintage-inspired lamps!

Check out our neon signs here.

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