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In the modern world of LED technology, LED neon signs have become more and more popular. Neon lights have been around for a while, and represent a great deal of our signage today. Why should you consider using a neon sign for your business or advertising needs? What benefit do they offer you as a business owner? We’ll answer all this and more!

A Neon Sign is Long-Lasting

Here at Echoneon, we don’t use glass neon tubes, and instead, make our neon signs with sturdy PVC tubing. This means that your neon sign can stand up to a lot of rough and tumble and still remain intact, allowing it to continue functioning as the durable advertising tool you need.

The Energy Efficiency of LED Neon Lights

Neon lights don’t use a lot of power, even when they’re on for long periods of time. In fact, they only use around 10 watts when operating. This means that you can have your neon sign up in your storefront or advertising campaign without worrying about the energy bill from powering the sign! The longevity of a neon light

Neon lights can last for well over 100,000 hours in some cases. This is 40 times longer than the average incandescent bulb! So not only will your neon sign save you money on power costs, but it’ll also last much longer.

Neon Word Signs Bring in Business

A neon light becomes even more effective when it’s combined with a great advertisement. Neon lights are proven to attract attention, and they remain visible for long periods of time at night out in the open, where they can be seen by everyone that passes by. If your business or advertising needs demand visibility 24 hours per day, this is the perfect lighting solution!

Use Handmade Neon Signs to Brighten Your Business

Our neon signs are handmade and high-quality. Made with sturdy PVC tubing and with the option of custom artwork, they can withstand the test of time. You can choose from a number of neon colours to play up your business brand, or to add colour and warmth to your storefront window!

A Neon Word Sign is Free Advertising

Sitting on your storefront or in your advertising campaign, you can be sure that people are noticing your neon sign. With the bright illumination of a neon light, it becomes difficult to ignore this attention-seeking signage, allowing you to turn even more eyes onto your business!

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any business. The right lighting can set the mood and bring customers in, while the wrong lighting can be unflattering or even intimidating. Make sure that your business is lit up for success by using neon lights to attract attention!

A Custom Neon Sign For The Office

A neon sign doesn’t just have to be about bringing in business. You can also use neon signs to jazz up your office or workspace. Whether you need a small neon sign to sit on your office desk or wall, or if you’re looking for something larger for the lobby, we can help!

Neon lights are unique and eye-catching. They can attract attention to any business as well as brighten up any workspace with its warm light. This lighting option is both stylish and affordable for any business owner.

You can use custom neon signs to advertise events you’ll be hosting, either as a company or as an individual. Whether it’s an upcoming party or seminar, neon signs are the perfect way to get your event into the public consciousness. Even as far as a wedding party or celebration, neon signs can bring you the social media coverage you’re looking for.

LED Neon Signs Are Inviting

People love neon signage. In fact, these signs have been proven to increase sales! This is why you should consider using a custom LED sign from Echoneon to advertise your business or event. These durable and high-quality signs can last for years without losing their luminosity or potential to attract attention.

Use a Custom Neon Sign to Motivate

Use a custom neon sign in a workspace environment to keep everyone happy and motivated. These bright lights can be used to boost your energy levels, as well as those of your employees. They’re a great way to light up your workspace and brighten up the atmosphere!

Neon Signage Attracts The Right Attention

You’ve probably noticed that every now and then you’ll walk down the street or pass by a storefront, only for your eyes to be drawn to a neon light. This is because neon signage naturally attracts attention, and this will make sure that people don’t miss out on your great business!

Custom neon signs are a great way to attract attention and get customers through your door! If you want people to take notice of your business, these bright lights are the perfect solution. They can be used for large storefronts or small retail stores alike.

Make sure you’re noticed with custom neon signs from Echoneon. We have accessories that are perfect for setting the mood, as well as bright lights that are sure to bring in customers!

LED Neon Lights Omit Calming Lighting For The Office

LED neon lights emit a very calming and soothing light, making them perfect for the office. This is because these signs have been shown to increase focus and concentration in comparison with other lighting options. Offices can be stressful environments, and using a soothing light like this can help decrease the stress.

The Benefits of Neon Signage

Neon signs and lights are great additions to any storefront or office, and they’ll increase attention and encourage more customers! With these lighting options, you’ll be able to increase your bottom line without needing to do much extra work.

Why Custom Neon Signs Can Help Your Company

We offer the opportunity to get your LED neon turned into a custom neon sign so you can be specific with your advertising needs. This means that you can have your business name spelt out in lights, as well as any other images or wording you need. Showcase your shop’s vibe, and get your brand name out there with custom neon signs.

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