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How To Create Custom Neon Signs For Your Business: Step-by-step Guide

@Echo Neon | April 13th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Custom neon, Business sign, Customers

Since Georges Claude introduced them in Paris in 1910, neon signs have been illuminating businesses and attracting customers for over a century. Neon business signs have become a staple in various industries, offering a unique and eye-catching way to showcase a company’s branding and style. In today’s fast-paced world, custom neon business signs serve as a powerful tool to create memorable visual experiences and draw in potential clients. 

This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive guide on creating custom neon signs tailored to your business needs while utilizing the latest technologies and design principles. We’ll delve into the important design elements to consider and the steps to bring your custom neon sign to life. So, here’s how you can illuminate your path to success with a captivating custom neon sign that perfectly represents your brand.

custom neon light for business

Key Elements To Consider When Designing Custom Neon Business Signs

To create a custom neon sign that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand’s identity, several essential elements must be considered during the design process. Here, we outline the critical factors that will help ensure your custom neon business sign has the desired impact on potential customers:

  • Target Audience and Business Identity

Understanding your target audience and business identity is crucial when designing a custom neon sign that effectively communicates your brand’s message. Consider your potential customers’ demographics, preferences, and needs, and ensure your design resonates with them. Reflect on your brand’s core values, mission, and unique selling points, and incorporate these elements into your custom neon sign to create a cohesive and compelling visual experience.

  • Size and Placement of the Sign

The size and placement of your custom neon business sign play a significant role in its visibility and overall impact. To determine the appropriate dimensions, consider the viewing distance, surrounding environment, and potential obstructions. Ensure your sign is large enough to be easily seen and read, yet not overwhelming or distracting. Placement is equally crucial – choose a location that maximizes visibility, complements your storefront’s design, and adheres to local regulations.

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  • Colors and Visual Aesthetics

Colors profoundly influence our emotions and perceptions, making them a critical aspect of your custom neon sign’s design. Choose colors that align with your brand’s identity and evoke the desired emotional response from your target audience. Consider the impact of different color combinations and how they can enhance or detract from your sign’s readability. Additionally, ensure your design is visually balanced and aesthetically appealing, using elements like contrast, symmetry, and negative space to create a harmonious composition.

  • Typography and Messaging

The typography and messaging of your custom neon business sign should be clear, concise, and engaging. Choose legible fonts from a distance and complement your brand’s style. Avoid overly decorative or intricate typefaces that may be difficult to read. Keep your messaging simple and to the point, focusing on your business’s unique selling points or a catchy tagline. Remember, your custom neon light sign has only a few seconds to capture the attention of potential customers, so it’s essential to make every word count.

  • Your Custom Neon Business Sign Budget

Being a business, you must have a budget for everything you do, even if it’s flexible. Therefore, as you search for the best custom neon business signs, ensure you compare prices from different vendors with your budget for the project. At Echo Neon, we can beat or match any competitor prices; so no matter the price you get out there, we plan to beat or match it without jeopardizing the quality of the products we give you. You can contact us on our price beat program. Rest assured that we are the foremost manufacturers of LED neon signs in the United States, not resellers. So, we are able to offer the greatest value at the most excellent prices.

neon light for business

How To Create a Custom Neon Sign For Your Business: Step-by-step Guide

Creating a custom neon sign that accurately represents your brand and captivates potential customers requires careful planning and execution. Follow these steps to ensure a successful outcome for your custom neon business sign project:

Step 1: Develop a Clear Concept

  • Define your brand’s personality

Begin by identifying your brand’s core values, style, and unique attributes. This will guide your design decisions and help you create a custom neon sign that aligns with your brand’s identity.

  • Determine the purpose of the sign

Consider what you want to achieve with your custom neon sign – whether it’s increasing foot traffic, promoting a specific product or service, or simply enhancing your brand’s visibility.

  • Gather inspiration and ideas

Browse existing neon signs, design portfolios, and online platforms like Pinterest to gather ideas and inspiration that resonate with your brand’s personality and objectives.

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Step 2: Choose the Right Materials and Components

  • Neon tubes versus LED neon lights

While traditional neon tubes offer a classic look, LED neon lights provide greater energy efficiency, durability, and design flexibility. Weigh the pros and cons of each option and decide which best suits your needs and budget.

  • Backing materials

Choose a backing material that complements your design and fits your desired aesthetic, such as acrylic, metal, or wood.

  • Power supply and mounting options

Consider factors like power source, voltage requirements, and mounting options to ensure your custom neon sign is safe and easy to install.

Step 3: Design Your Neon Sign

  • Collaborate with a professional designer or use design software

To bring your vision to life, work with a skilled designer or use design software to create a detailed blueprint of your custom neon sign.

  • Consider technical aspects

Keep in mind the limitations of neon tubes or LED lights, such as wiring, tube bends, and fabrication techniques, to ensure a seamless design that can be easily manufactured.

  • Ensure legibility and visibility

Test your design’s legibility from various distances and angles, and adjust your typography, color choices, and layout accordingly.

  • Finalize design and seek feedback

Once you’re satisfied with your design, gather feedback from colleagues, friends, or even potential customers to ensure it effectively communicates your brand’s message and appeals to your target audience.

proper coffee neon sign

Step 4: Partner with a Reputable Neon Sign Manufacturer

  • Research and compare different companies

Browse online reviews, testimonials, and portfolios to identify reputable custom neon sign manufacturers that specialize in the type of sign you’re looking for.

  • Assess the quality, turnaround time, and customer reviews

Look for a manufacturer that offers high-quality materials, craftsmanship, and timely delivery, backed by positive customer reviews.

  • Negotiate pricing and warranty options

Request quotes from multiple manufacturers and negotiate the best price, ensuring your chosen company offers a reasonable warranty and after-sales support.

  • Place your order and await delivery

Once you’ve finalized the design and chosen a reliable manufacturer, place your order and eagerly await the arrival of your custom neon sign.

By following these steps and paying attention to each detail, you’ll create a stunning custom neon business sign that captivates potential customers, elevates your brand, and sets your business apart from the competition. Moreover, Echo Neon offers a smart Custom Neon Sign Design Tool that allows you to customize your business’s neon sign as you like and gives you a price estimate. Do well to explore it. 

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Installation and Maintenance of Custom Neon Sign

Proper installation and maintenance of your custom neon sign are crucial to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Follow these tips and best practices to keep your sign looking its best for years to come:

1. Installation Tips and Best Practices

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before starting the installation process.
  • Choose a secure, visible location that adheres to local regulations and complements your business’s facade.
  • Use appropriate mounting hardware and tools to ensure a safe and secure installation.
  • If you’re unsure about any aspect of the installation, consult a professional to avoid potential damage or injury.

2. Safety Precautions and Guidelines

  • Always turn off the power supply to the sign before performing any maintenance or troubleshooting.
  • Avoid touching the neon tubes or LED lights with bare hands, as they can become hot during operation.
  • Ensure proper grounding and electrical connections to prevent potential electrical hazards.
  • Keep the sign and its components away from flammable materials or excessive moisture.

3. Routine Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Inspect your custom neon sign regularly for signs of wear, damage, or loose connections.
  • Clean the neon tubes or LED lights gently using a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the sign.
  • Check and replace any faulty components, such as transformers, wiring, or mounting hardware, as needed.
  • Schedule periodic professional maintenance to ensure optimal performance and address any potential issues.

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In conclusion, custom neon business signs offer a unique and powerful way to elevate your brand’s presence, attract customers, and create a lasting impression. By investing in a personalized neon sign, you can reap the benefits of increased visibility, enhanced brand identity, and exceptional business advertisement durability. Moreover, the process of designing and creating a custom neon sign, from concept development to installation and maintenance, allows for endless opportunities to showcase your brand’s personality and values. 

On the other hand, you can explore our catalog of ready-made neon signs (which are encapsulating and effective for businesses in all industries) to make immediate purchase. 

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Eye-catching Spots In Your Business Place For A Neon Sign

@Echo Neon | March 29, 2023 | 10 minutes read | LED Neon, Business Sign, Store Decor

Business lighting decoration is very important to boost brand awareness and recall. This is why many businesses purchase and customize LED neon signs for their brands. However, knowing the best spots to put the neon sign in your business place is very important as it determines if you attract customers or not.

At Echo Neon, our team of experts has helped hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs to install their neon signs, so we know the trendy spots in your business place for a neon sign. Let us help you. 

Where To Hang a Business Neon Light?

Here are the best spots to hang a business neon light in your business place:

1. Decorate The Lobby or Reception

proper coffee neon sign

Your lobby is the waiting and welcome area for your guests and potential customers. As such, it is the ideal spot to decorate with a business neon light. Customize a neon sign from your business logo, motto, and tagline and hang it at the reception so it’s one of the first things your guests see as they arrive at your office.

A business neon sign in the lobby can be an advertising strategy. You can customize the business sign to display the list of services rendered by your business. The business neon sign will also light up your lobby with its beautiful LED lights, creating a cool spot to welcome people. 

2. In Front of The Store

custom neon signs for shops clothing store and mall

The front of your store is another great spot to hang a business neon sign. This will catch the attention of drivers and passers-by as they walk past your store. A neon sign at the front of your store will also promote brand awareness and recall since people are not likely to forget where they saw a neon light thanks to its eye-catching features. 

If you run a restaurant, you can hang neon restaurant signs in front of your place to attract hungry customers. The colors and trendy designs of business neon signs also make them a form of visual entertainment at night. The light will decorate your business entrance and thrill your customers as they walk in. 

3. On The Wall Behind The Countertop

business neon signs

Business neon signs are perfect on the wall behind the countertop. The neon sign could display the name of the business on the wall behind the counter to create an official setting. You can also hang a series of small business neon signs on the wall to create a visual representation or wall art. A picture of this set will make a perfect background photo on your website. 

4. Direction Signage For Guests

glow this way saloon neon sign nail shop neon light

The versatility of business neon signs allows them to be used just about anywhere in your business place, so why not use the signs to show your guests around?

You can hang a ‘reception’ neon sign in the lobby and a stairs neon sign by the stairway to indicate where these places are. Large companies use business neon signs to indicate where specific offices are. This is a trendy way to pass information to guests within and outside the building. 

5. Near Sitting and Dining Areas

Steal your customers’ attention by hanging a business neon sign on the wall beside them. It’s best to use cool and funny neon signs for this since these neon lights are not too bright to disturb your customers or cause eye aches. 

If you own a restaurant,  cafe or bar, saloon, or hangout spot, the cool light from a business neon sign will create a relaxing atmosphere in your business place. It will also beautify your space and create a cool backdrop for your customers’ pictures and videos. 

A brilliant marketing strategy is to hang a beautiful neon sign inspired by your brand’s name or logo around the eating or sitting area in your store. When your customers take pictures near the neon sign and post it on social media, it advertises your hangout spot so people can also visit the beautiful location in the picture. 

6. By The Window

coffe neon sign multi color cafe sign

Do you want your customers to know you are open? Then hang a business neon sign by the window. This is a trick common that bookshops, diners, arcades, video rentals, and convenience stores use to attract customers and tell people they are open. 

The open neon sign will attract pedestrians and drivers, especially at night. The glass of the window will improve the glow and beauty of the neon sign too. 

How Do You Know Where To Hang a Neon Light In Your Business Place?

coffee menu neon light cafe menu price neon sign

Here are expert tips to decide the best spots to hang a business neon sign:

1. Can People See It?

The main aim of a business neon sign is to steal people’s attention so can people see the sign where you want to hang it? The best spots should be in clear view of everyone. This is why the rooftop and entrance to the store are perfect spots to hang a business neon sign. 

2. Is It Passing The Right Message?

This is very common with business neon signs that give directions, especially those designed with arrows and names. Check if the arrow is pointing to the right part of the building. If the sign spells “Stairs”, then the best spot to hang it is by the stairway. 

3. Is It Disturbing Anyone?

You should remember that business neon signs are very bright so they shouldn’t be positioned too close to anyone. If you want to hang the neon sign by the sitting or dining area, go for neon signs with cool and relaxing colors like blue, purple, pink, or white. These colors aren’t too bright to disturb anyone. 

The neon sign should also be far from people or high on the wall. You can use the built-in dimmer or remote control of your neon sign to reduce the brightness. 

Are LED Neon Signs Safe In The Business Place?

Clothes before Bros neon signLED neon signs are perfectly safe in the business place. Our business neon signs don’t use any gas (neon, argon, or mercury) to glow. Instead, we use low-energy LED bulbs to produce the light in the neon sign. LED bulbs are safer and eco-friendly. 

Also, business neon signs don’t produce heat or generate noise, so you and your customers have nothing to worry about. After installation, you can sit back and enjoy the many perks of your business neon sign without any hazards. 

Final Words

In summary, business neon signs can take your brand a step closer to where you want it to be. The colors and chic designs of the signs will attract more people and beautify your store. However, the neon sign has to be in the perfect location to enjoy these perks. 

The perfect location for a business neon sign has to be in clear sight, so it is seen by everyone. It should not be obstructed by any object so the colors and light from the sign can transform your space. Now that you know the best spots for a business neon sign, visit Echo Neon to buy or customize your sign. 

Home Sweet Home Sign Flex Neon Led Sign Custom Neon Sign Home Decor Neon Light Sign For Wall House Warming Party Led Sign Gift Neon Lighting

The Best Places To Hang Your Neon Sign Indoors

@Echo Neon | Mar 22, 2023 | 10 minutes read | indoor lighting, hanging light, home decor

Having a LED neon sign is one thing, but knowing where to hang it is another. If you don’t know where to hang your neon sign, you’ll end up placing it in a bad position where it is covered, too far, or too bright.

At Echo Neon, our team of experts has helped thousands of homeowners all over the country to install their neon signs and we know just the perfect places to hang a sign indoors.

So, we have compiled a list of the best places to hang a neon sign in the home to make your decision easier and so you can get the best out of your neon wall light. Let’s check them out. 

The Top 8 Trendy Spots To Hang a Neon Sign In The Home

Here are trendy spots to hang a neon sign in your house:

Above The Sofa (In The Living Room)

Home Sweet Home Sign Flex Neon Led Sign Custom Neon Sign Home Decor Neon Light Sign For Wall House Warming Party Led Sign Gift Neon Lighting

The wall above your sofa is a perfect place to hang a neon sign. This is because it is visible and not obstructed by any object. You can go for a neon wall light that complements the colour of your living room decor or one that matches the colour of the sofa. 

This will also give your living room an alternative light source to spice up your game nights, movie dates, and house parties. A neon wall light above the sofa can quickly turn into a statement piece that will leave your guests in awe. 

By The Entertainment/TV Unit

neon light wall, neon lights for wall, wall neon signs

Your LED neon sign can be installed by the entertainment unit to light up the space and bring it to life. You can go for a football neon sign to show support for your favourite team or player. This will make game days more exciting. You can also go for a neon sign inspired by your best TV show, actor, game, or movie. The design and light display of the neon sign would make your space look and feel more inviting.

In The Bedroom

ice blue neon sign over bed, custom bedroom neon sign

Your bedroom is another great spot for a neon sign especially if you have a custom neon sign. Custom neon signs are designed specially for you based on your preferred design and your bedroom is the perfect place to hang one. The sign could be inspired by a quote or mantra that gets your day started or an image that inspires you.

LED neon lights are safe and they don’t generate noise or heat in the bedroom so you have nothing to worry about. You can hang the sign above your bed or on the wall to illuminate your room. We have tons of neon signs for bedrooms at Echo Neon. 

By The Home Bar

bar neon light orange neon sign

Do you have a home bar? Then decorate it with a home bar neon sign. Having a LED neon sign on the wall can transform your home bar into an inviting pub for your friends and family to kick back and relax with a glass of their favourite drinks.

You can get all the thrill and comfort of a regular bar without leaving your home. The lights from the neon sign will also bounce off of the wine glasses and bottles to create a beautiful light display that will thrill your guests and make your bar the perfect hangout spot.

In Your Study

pink wall neon signs, wall neon lights, neon wall signs

A neon sign would also look perfect in your home library, study, or office. It’s important to have a safe space to channel your energy and keep you focused on work and a neon sign can help with this. You can hang a neon sign with your best quote on the wall to keep you motivated. 

If you are a content creator or vlogger, the lights from a LED neon sign or lune floor lamp can make your office more beautiful for your videos. The design of the neon sign can also inspire some creativity for your next video or project. 

In The Kid’s Room

A beautiful photograph of a baby with a pink text on the wall

Your kids will love a neon sign in their room. There are tons of kid-friendly neon signs that you can use in your kids’ rooms and you can even customise a neon sign to spell out their nicknames or display their favourite cartoon characters, movies, and superheroes. Kids love to have fun and there is nothing more fun than a neon sign. 

In The Kitchen/Dining Area

it's all good neon sign

Add some spice to your kitchen walls with a kitchen neon sign. A neon wall light in your kitchen will decorate your space and provide an alternative light source to give your kitchen a unique glow. 

You can also hang your neon sign by your dining area to give you the vibe of a classy restaurant. Dinner time with the family will be more fun with a neon light in the background. 

In The Hallway

circle wall neon sign

A neon wall light in your hallway will give you an eye-catching design to spice up your pictures and videos. You can arrange a series of colourful neon signs in the hallway to create an amazing light show or hang different text-based neon signs to decorate your home. 

During the holiday season, your hallway can be decked with amazing neon wall lights to set the mood and keep the festivities going. 

Where Shouldn’t You Hang a Neon Sign In The Home?

Behind Objects

Neon signs are beautiful designs that should be seen and admired. You shouldn’t hang a neon sign behind a shelf or door as this will obstruct the glow and colour display of the neon sign. You should always ensure the position of the neon sign can be seen clearly. 

Above The Fireplace

The heat from your fireplace can melt the wires of your neon sign or ignite the backboard if the neon sign is too close. If you must hang a neon sign above the fireplace, ensure to hang it high so it is not affected by the heat from the fireplace. 

In Your Bathroom

Water and electricity aren’t a good match so don’t hang a neon sign in the bathroom. The wiring of the neon sign can be affected by moisture and steam that are produced in the bathroom leading to damages and in some cases, electrocution.

Are LED Neon Signs Safe Inside Your Home?

colorful living room neon light4

LED neon signs are safe in your home. The neon signs are designed from eco-friendly materials like plastic tubes, LED bulbs, wood, and acrylic backboards that pose no risk inside your house. The LED lights are also placed inside LED neon tubes to protect them from the curious hands of kids.

LED neon signs don’t generate heat or cause noise pollution so be rest assured nothing can go wrong. Instead of neon, argon, or mercury gas, we use energy-efficient LED bulbs to light up the neon signs, so there is no risk of exposure to toxins or gas leaks from the neon sign. 

The LED bulbs also consume far less energy than your average light bulbs, so not only are LED neon signs safe inside your home, but they also don’t spike up your electric bills.  

Final Words

In summary, LED neon signs are safe to use inside your home and they are the perfect decor item style and bring life to your home. However, it’s important to know where the sign will go before purchasing it. 

The spots revealed in this post are all amazing locations to hang a neon sign to get the best out of it. So, shop now at Echo neon to get started and give your home that extra touch of decor and class that you crave.

all you need is love pink

Neon Signs For Love In 2023

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

LED neon signs have transcended beyond just business advertising and home decor in 2023. We now have LED love neon signs designed to display sweet words, images, and animated texts when turned on. These neon love signs can be the perfect decor item for your romantic dates and events but how do you get the best out of them and how do you use love neon signs?

In this post, we reveal the top 5 ways to use love neon signs in 2023. So, let’s dive in. 

all you need is love pink

The Top 5 Ways To Use Neon Love Signs In 2023

Here are the top five ways to use love neon signs in 2023:

1. Use Neon Love Sign As Gifts

You can gift out a love neon sign to your loved one or partner on their birthday, valentine’s day, or your anniversary. This is a great way to let them know how much you love them and how much they mean to you. 

To make the gift even more special, you can have it customized specifically for your partner. You can have the neon love sign spell out your partner’s name or have it designed to display an image or text that means a lot to them.

Love neon signs can be used as anniversary presents, birthday gifts, and valentine’s day gifts. Since LED neon signs are ultra-durable, your partner will enjoy their gift for several years and remember you every time they look at it. 

2. Use Love Neon Sign In Your Bedroom

custom neon sign above bed, bedroom neon lights

You can also light up your bedroom with a love neon sign. Love neon signs are often designed with relaxing and romantic colors like pink, red, or purple that are sure to transform your bedroom. 

Love neon signs can be hung on the wall above the bed or by the entertainment set. The beautiful design and color display of the sign will be perfect for movie nights and romantic moments in the bedroom. 

Since LED love neon signs don’t generate heat or make noises, you don’t have to worry about any disturbance. You and your partner can simply kick back and enjoy the beautiful lightning that the sign provides. 

3. Decor Item In Hangout Spots For Couples

The beautiful designs and colors of love neon signs make them a perfect decor item for bars, restaurants, gardens, cinemas, and other hangout spots for couples. 

You can even use love neon signs to decorate your business place or store on special days like Valentine’s day and National lover’s day. The neon sign will set the mood and bring all the love and romance to your space for couples to enjoy. 

The vibrant colors of the love neon signs will also light up the space and create a perfect backdrop for couples to create memories and capture their romantic moments. 

4. Decor Item For Romantic Dates

Pink neon signs and red neon signs are the perfect decor item for your dinner dates and romantic getaways. If you are planning a picnic, movie date, or any other special event for your partner, a love neon sign is a must-have item. 

You can hang the neon love sign on the wall or roof of the venue so it’s the first thing your partner notices as they walk in. This will put a huge smile on their face and set the mood for the rest of the night. 

5. Use Love Neon Signs For Weddings

wedding party neon sign

Love neon signs are the perfect decor item for weddings. Whether you are planning a destination, outdoor, traditional, classic, vintage, or beach wedding, a love neon sign will complement your wedding decor and transform your wedding venue into a fairytale event. 

The sign can be used to direct guests to different parts of the hall and can also be used to decorate your wedding venue including the photo booth, stage, dining area, and wedding reception. 

Love neon signs can also be used for other romantic events before and after the wedding. This includes the wedding proposal and honeymoon. You can have a red love neon sign customized to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” and hang this on the wall before proposing or have the sign spell out “Happily ever after” in beautiful right white lights for your honeymoon. 

The Best Readymade Love Neon Signs For You In 2023

Are you looking for a beautiful and budget-friendly way to appreciate your romantic partner and loved ones in 2023? Readymade love neon signs offer multiple options for you to choose from. 

Our category of readymade love neon signs include some of the most romantic and creative designs that are appropriate for any love-themed event including your anniversary dinners, romantic picnics, engagement parties, wedding ceremonies, and lots more.

Here are some of the best readymade love neon signs for you to surprise your partner in 2023: 

Dispersed Love Neon Sign

love neon sign

The dispersed love neon sign from Echo neon features an overlapping style design using straight lines and curves to display the famous four-letter word “Love” in a unique way that makes it ideal for any love-themed setting. 

The readymade neon love sign can be used to decorate and spice up your anniversary dinner, engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and wedding ceremony. 

You can install this neon sign on the wall above your bed in your bedroom to illuminate your space with its vibrant white light or hang it behind the window of your restaurant to decorate your business place for valentine’s day and other romantic occasions.

Love You XO Neon Sign

Showcase your love in the most audacious way possible, with our readymade Love you XO neon sign. The neon sign features a beautiful purple glow and cursive style design that infuses your space with romance and passion. 

The readymade love neon sign is a perfect fit for your picnics and dinner dates, wedding proposals and it makes a thoughtful anniversary gift to appreciate your loved ones. 

Thanks to its cool purple glow, this neon sign can be suspended from the roof of your bedroom to give you an alternative light source to spice up your bedroom decor. It can be installed outside your business place to decorate and celebrate Valentine’s day and other romantic occasions.

Better Together Love Neon Light

better together wedding neon light

Love neon signs don’t get any better than the Better together love neon light. This readymade love neon sign features a stylish font design and cool purple light that allows it to fit into any romantic setting. 

This neon sign can be used to decorate your wedding and anniversary party or as a decor item in your bedroom to remind you and your partner of the love you have for each other. 

Its purple glow and beautiful font display will blend in just fine along the hallway or around the stage area to illuminate your wedding reception. You can also install the readymade love neon sign by the photo booth to add color to your wedding pictures and videos. 

Just Married Neon Love Sign

just married neon sign

The Just married readymade neon love sign features a vivid white script and playful font design style that injects a fairytale atmosphere in your space.

This readymade neon love sign is a perfect gift item to newlyweds to celebrate the beginning of their wonderful lives together. The neon sign can also be used to decorate the wedding venue, reception area, and honeymoon suite. Its beautiful white light will light up the venue for the new couple and remind them of the wonderful feeling they both share. 

You can install this neon sign in a corner of your living room or bedroom. The vibrant white light will decorate the space and let your guests know of your Just Married status.

Hearts Neon Light

pink led neon sign, custom neon signs with hearts

Our heart neon love light features a rectangular shape design filled with 9 beautiful heart emojis all lit in vibrant red glow. The sweet grid heart design is sure to charm your partner and set the mood for a romantic evening together. 

This readymade neon love sign can be used for your prom night decoration, surprise dates, and other love-themed events. 

The rectangular shape of the neon sign allows it to go by the entertainment set or above the sofa in your living room. You can also hang it outside your restaurant or bar to set a romantic atmosphere for your customers to enjoy.

Why Should You Get A Love Neon Sign?


Here are five reasons to get a love neon sign in 2023:

1. Neon Love Signs Are Beautiful

Neon love signs have the most gorgeous designs and are lit with romantic colors including red, pink, and purple. The mix of these colors combined with the designs of the neon love signs make them a must-have decor item in 2023. You can decorate any room or venue with love neon signs.

2. Love Neon Signs Are Ultra-Durable

LED love neon signs are made from high-grade materials like plastic tubes, LED bulbs, wooden baseboards, and acrylic backboards. These materials are very sturdy, making the neon love sign ultra-durable and long-lasting. 

3. Neon Love Signs Are Affordable

You don’t have to break the bank to buy a love neon sign. There are dozens of love neon signs below $300 at Echo Neon like this “Drunk in Love” LED neon sign available for just $169. You can even customize a unique love neon sign for less than $500. 

4. Love Neon Signs Are Energy-Efficient

LED love neon signs don’t use neon, mercury, or argon gas like traditional neon signs. Instead, these signs use LED bulbs that consume six times less energy than your average light bulb. This makes the love sign energy-efficient so it doesn’t spike your electric bills or cause a power surge. 

5. Love Neon Signs Are Romantic

Love neon signs bring love, passion, and romance to any room they are placed. So, if you want to add some romance to your room for your date with your partner, you should get a love neon sign. 

special heart neon sign

Where To Get or Customize Love Neon Signs?

You can buy your love neon signs at Echo Neon. We have the widest collection of love neon signs, red neon signs, and pink neon signs for you to choose from. 

We can also help you customize unique love neon signs for your partner. All you have to do is upload your preferred text or image-based design and our team of experts will build a beautiful love neon sign for you based on the design. 

Final Words

In summary, love neon signs are the perfect decor item for your romantic dates and bedroom decor in 2023. You can either buy a ready-made sign or upload your preferred design and have one custom-made for you and your partner. 

Regardless of which love neon sign you use, you and your partner are sure to have a romantic decor item to make your date or space even more glamorous and memorable. So, shop now at Echo Neon. 

neon light wall, neon lights for wall, wall neon signs

Neon Signs for Leisure Zone

@Echo Neon | Mar 8, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Leisure zone, party decor, home decor

How do you spend your leisure time? Do you love to read, see movies, or have a fancy spa time? Taking some time away from work to have fun, rest, and enjoy yourself is an essential aspect of self-care which can help you improve productivity and boost your mood. Several recreational spots or locations can help you enjoy your free time alone or with a group of friends.

You can also set up recreational spots in your home or open spaces for some excellent bonding time with friends and family. A mini-cinema in your home is an example of a recreational area you can set up to enjoy your free time.

Relax In Style With Leisure Neon Signs

Recreational spaces have the function of making you feel relaxed and comfortable. Hence, in setting up such a space, you should consider comfort and relaxation. Neon signs for leisure spaces are a great tool to help you enjoy recreational activities. How do neon signs help?

love you to the moon and back neon sign

1. Neon signs set the mood

Using neon signs in your leisure spaces can help you set the mood for the occasion. You can feel energized, happy, or excited based on the choice of signs that are put up in your recreational spaces. For example, inspirational quotes in gyms can help you stay motivated during your workout sessions.

2. Bright lighting color

Neon signs have a variety of colors and displays that can help make relaxation spots attractive. One thing that can be demotivating is having your relaxation area appear dull; using neon signs for your leisure spots will help add color and beauty to your space.

3. Adds a touch of personality

setting up your recreational area with neon signs can help add a touch of your personality to a room. Yoga studios, for example, house a group of like-minded people that find self-expression in stretches and poses. Using neon signs for a space like this would be a way of reflecting such personality.

4. For accessible communication

Neon signs in leisure spaces can also be helpful as great communication tools. With neon signs, you can provide directions or instructions to users in an attractive manner. For example, neon signs in a cinema can help indicate the location of various screens or seat directions.

neon sign for saloon

Leisure neon signs offer a beautiful fusion of style and unique lighting to produce an indoor decor art perfect to illuminate any leisure space in trendy fashion. Asides from illuminating your space, leisure neon signs also help you relax in style because the colors have a soothing effect that relieves stress and anxiety after a long day at work or school.

We all have our solace where we can unwind, relax, host friends, and enjoy some of our favorite hobbies and it’s only fitting that your leisure spot should be lit in the most unique way possible. 

Are you looking for in-trend ways to light up your leisure space? Check out these trending neon sign styles in 2023:

Vintage Neon Leisure Signs

Do you ever just sit back and reminisce about the good old days? Then why not create a vintage vibe in your leisure space for you to kick back and relax in style. A vintage leisure neon sign hanging on the wall of your leisure area can bring back fond memories and remind you of the good times you shared with people at different stages in your life. 

Vintage leisure neon signs bring a feeling of nostalgia to your space that friends and family can relate to especially during the holidays.

Contemporary Leisure Neon Signs

purple game room neon lights, custom color neon signs

Contemporary leisure neon signs are ideal for those that want a modern feel in their space and for home decor enthusiasts that want to complement a trendy decor theme in their leisure or hangout spot. 

Contemporary leisure neon signs are inspired by popular movies, famous catchphrases and celebrities, sports signs and logos, and other lively art. If you want to decorate your man cave, movie room, game area, or any other leisure spot, a contemporary neon sign is what you need. 

A contemporary leisure neon sign will bring a trendy vibe to your leisure and hangout spot that will come to life on game days, movie nights, and hangout sessions. 

Customised Leisure Neon Signs

Unleash your creativity with customized leisure neon signs. A customized leisure neon sign is your ticket to design your own neon sign to be installed in your leisure space. This is a nice way to personalize your space to display what you like or enjoy. 

Whatever idea or design it is you’d like to have in your leisure or hangout space, you can bring it to life in vibrant LED light with a customized leisure neon sign. Imagine sitting in your man cave or patio and looking at a beautiful neon sign that you designed. You’ll be proud of your work and your friends will marvel at your masterpiece. 

Unwind With Motivational leisure Neon Signs

We all experience tough days when it feels like nothing is going our way. On days like this, we could make use of some motivation and that’s what a motivational leisure neon sign brings to your leisure space.

You can sit back and relax next to a leisure neon sign that inspires you. The motivational sign could be drawn from your favorite quote, mantra, or role model. It could even be an image that inspires you to keep going. On good and bad days, a motivational neon sign in your leisure space will literally bring light to your day.

Setting up a leisure space with neon signs

There are several ways to create beautiful scenery, illuminate leisure spaces and add color and excitement to the walls and environment of your recreational centers. Here are a few ideas for achieving this with various leisure activities. Find out the one the best fit for you and try them out!

Neon signs for cinema

russ-martin-cinema neon sign

A significant percentage of people find watching movies or television shows relaxing as it is a pleasurable experience. You can set up a small cinema in your home when planning a relaxing weekend or some fun activities with your family. Neon signs can help you recreate the best cinema feel and set the mood for a movie night.

You can place ready-made cute neon signs or customized signs on the walls to provide illumination and dim lighting to fit the mood for the movie. Use signs like the popcorn neon sign or the anime neon sign in your cinema.

Bars, clubs, and pubs

Clubhouses and bars are other places people go to unwind and relax; drinking, talking and sharing jokes with friends help ease the tension from a stressful week at bars or pubs. Neon signs in these places provide a soft glow for illumination but also allow a soothing atmosphere where people feel at ease. The choice of neon signs in these hangout spots should match the place’s vibe, arrangement, and music—these signs could be a random fun image or a daily mantra that helps people go by, like Hakuna Matata.

Neon signs for Spas/Salons

Another place people love to spend their free time is in spas or saloons—everyone deserves a bit of spoiling every now and then, right? Everyone one can tell that to have a great spa/treatment session, there must be a “right mood.” The good news is that neon signs can help you achieve that mood with little energy consumption.

Neon signs come in a range of colors, meaning that they can easily match spa walls. Depending on their design, you can hang the signs on walls or place them against sturdy objects. You can go for cute neon signs like “my happy place sign” or simple neon sign designs .

Neon signs for Game Rooms/Arcades

The game room is where the majority of relaxation and unwinding happens for men. It is not limited to adults alone, as many children enjoy playing online video games. Because these games depend on visual activities, lighting is an essential factor. Neon signs for game rooms help take your gaming space or the arcade to the next level as they help to put you in a ready mood. Game neon signs can range from simple designs like the basketball neon sign to more complex designs like the Gundam neon sign.

Neon signs for parties

yellow neon lights for party, DJ neon sign

Holding a small house party at the end of the week is one way to relax and spend your free time. Several fun activities like games, music and dance during parties help relieve stress and create great bonds and memories. Neon signs are an essential tool towards planning a great event, as party neon signs have a nice way of adding color to your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Leisure Neon Signs Help You Relax?

Leisure neon signs have a calming effect that helps you relax whenever you feel tense, anxious, or distressed. The neon signs are lit using soothing colors like blue, pink, green, and white. These colors are known to bring a peaceful and bliss atmosphere when you turn on the neon sign.

  • Where Do You Place a Leisure Neon Sign?

The placement ideas for a leisure neon sign are limitless because the neon signs have a multipurpose feature that allows them to fit any corner or wall. Also, leisure neon signs have trendy designs and fun illustrations that naturally blend into any leisure or hangout spot. 

A leisure neon sign can go on the wall, by the entrance, above the entertainment area or Tv stand, and you can even suspend it from the roof to illuminate the whole room. You can also use leisure neon signs to light up and decorate your concerts, holiday parties and special events. 

  • How Can You Customize Leisure Neon Signs For Your Space?

You can customize unique leisure neon signs at Echo Neon. All you have to do is upload your preferred design on the Echo Neon customize page and our experts will design a replica of your design to be lit using vibrant LED lights. 

Thanks to a seamless design process, you can have your custom leisure neon sign made and delivered to you in just 3 weeks. So, what are you waiting for? Customize your leisure neon sign today and light up your leisure spot in style. 

neon sign for home bar


Leisure neon signs provide a unique way to beautify your leisure and hangout spots and decorate your parties. The neon signs offer a brilliant fusion of soothing colors, animative designs, and a stylish design, making them fit to illuminate any corner in your room and accentuate other wall art. 

Whether you want a motivational neon sign to keep you inspired and give you all the motivation needed to get your  started or you want a fun and inviting neon sign to make your space look lively and attractive, you can’t go wrong with a leisure neon sign. 

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Social Media Neon Sign

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

Neon Signs for Business

Noticeability is an essential tool for every successful establishment; since the goal of every business is to attract customers and drive sales—what better way to achieve this than to stand out among competitors and stay noticeable?

Business neon signs are the best bet if you want to increase your visibility as a brand or business owner. Neon signs are light sources that serve other functions like brand advertisements, business space decoration and ambience.  

The great thing about neon signs? They are perfect for all business types—physical or online. So, whatever services your brand offers, neon signs can help you communicate at great lengths with your customers; let this guide tell you how!

Neon signs for outdoor business

One key thing to note about setting up neon signs for your outdoor business is that the function of these signs is to attract customers; hence, you should arrange the colors, designs, shapes and placement in a way that is noticeable to customers.

What is the fundamental principle of your business? What is/are your selling point(s)? What is one thing that you have that other businesses in your niche do not have? The answers to these questions should be the baseline for selecting neon sign designs for your outdoor business. With these neon sign designs, you can easily convert potential customers into long-term customers.

Neon signs for indoor business

The critical feature of your neon sign in a closed space should be functionality and aesthetics. You do not have to neglect the need to attract customers to your services and products; you should be more focused on making your customers comfortable in the space that represents your brand or business.

Neon signs in spaces like restaurants, bars, and saloons should speak of your brand’s personality while also conveying important information about your brand to customers. These indoor neon signs should also fit the model/design of your space.

Neon signs for social media

Social media has provided an opportunity for high visibility, high reach, and increased growth rate for many businesses. The ability to connect with clients and customers with a single click and from several miles away makes the idea of social media businesses appealing.

As creators on various social media platforms, a brand owner that runs an online business, or simply an explorer in the social media space, no matter what you do—an attractive social media profile is rule 101 of social media utilization. Not only does a superb profile tell of your personality, but it also keeps viewers glued to your page.

Neon signs, with unique designs, shapes, and colors, are effective in making your social media space or business as attractive as possible. Here are ways to do this:

Neon signs for creators

Social media is the most significant advantage that entertainers in this age have. Creating and sharing content with millions of people provides many job opportunities for content creators on various social media platforms. How do neon signs help you on this path?

As a content creator, the background where you “create” says a lot about your brand or content; your background/setting should be comfortable, well-organized and well-decorated. A poor background setting would be settling for low-quality content, as it could distract your audience. Using neon signs is one of the ways to have an effective background for your video content.

As a YouTuber, you can set up your video space with a YouTube neon sign behind you every time you film; TikTok content creators can use the same idea by using TikTok neon signs.

Neon signs for Social Media users

Social media is one of the fun parts of our lives, where we share memories and interact with friends and relatives from different parts of the world. You also get to read, watch and interact with engaging content relating to your preference.

One popular trend on various social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook is creating aesthetically-pleasing profiles that attract people to your accounts; this includes using great profile pictures and being selective with the arrangement of posts on your page. You can use social media neon signs like a Facebook neon sign or Instagram neon sign as aesthetic background images on your social media. These background images can include catchphrases from your favorite movie or the lyrics of a great song—you can customize neon signs based on your preferences.

Neon signs for your online business

The growth of online businesses depends on high engagement by your social media audience, who turn into customers/clients. Just like your personal online profiles, the profiles for online businesses must look great—as this helps attract traffic to your page, thereby increasing your visibility, reach, and conversion.

Using social media neon signs for this cause would include using neon signs as your brand logo, which could be posted as social media pictures or used as your business profile picture.

  •  Do neon signs attract customers?

Neon signs are attractive. When placed in strategic positions outside your business location, they can grab your customers’ attention, informing them of the services you offer and letting them know that you are open and available to meet their needs. Using short and easy-to-grab phrases, you can increase the effectiveness of neon signages placed outside your store or physical location. Neon signs saying words like “open” or “welcome” under your business name or signpost are great.

For indoor businesses, neon signs can help provide further guidance or information to your customers, like the goods/services available or their waiting time. 

  • Is getting neon signs expensive?

One reason neon signs are in high demand and famous these days is that they are affordable light and decoration sources compared to other products. They do not cost so much to purchase or set up; they also do not use much electricity and are cheaper to run on long-term usage. For business owners, cost-effectiveness is one of the top things on the list; this makes neon signs an excellent idea for businesses as they are relatively cheap.

  • Are neon signs good for social media?

Neon signs are great for social media use—they are great light sources and attractive. Neon signs are the types of light you cannot scroll past, as they are sure to catch your attention. Hence using neon signs for your logo, social media vector image, social media icons, and other forms of graphics is a great choice.


One of the benefits of neon signs is that they are great for businesses. As stated above, neon signs are a great choice whether you are an online creator, a religious social media user, or you have a physical store. Neon signs are attractive, affordable, great light sources and highly visible—making a sure choice for your social media platforms.

neon wall art for home decor, neon sign design

Neon Signs For Home Décor

@Echo Neon | Feb 19, 2023 | 10 minutes read | home decor, neon sign, interior design

A place to lay one’s head at night is one of the most basic needs of every human being. While this is the primary function of a home, there are several other attachments that a home provides to its owner. As a homeowner, you can be emotionally attached to your home as it provides a sense of security, enough to make you smile each time you walk into your home. 

Making a home not only habitable but also one with a sense of attachment dwells on intelligent home planning and decorations. Home décor, even as little as the tiny frames on your walls, makes you feel relaxed in your space. 

land of the free home of the babes neon sign

Why is Home Décor Important?

It is essential to understand that owning a home goes beyond having a place to call your own but also includes the ability to be creative and expressive with your space. Hence, there are several reasons you should take your home decorations seriously. 

Have you ever walked into a friend’s apartment and could tell it was your friend’s space based on the arrangement or the entire setup of the area? This shows that the way your home is designed has a lot to say about your personality. As a dog lover or a nature lover, you can easily express your love for nature or dogs with the kinds of art you put in your home. A person can walk into your space and quickly tell that you do not joke with nature; that’s one thing that a practical home décor does. 

Aside from expressiveness, functionality is another aspect of home décor. Home décor helps to make your space into what you want it to be. Have you ever wondered why interior designers are always particular about an area’s function before deciding what fits into the space? This is because a place can only be what you want based on what you put in it. For example, a room meant for relaxation would be devoid of objects that make relaxation difficult. No matter how fitting or beautiful a design is, it should not go into the bedroom if it makes it difficult to sleep at night. Hence, home décor is essential for the functionality of a space. 

Also, home decorations allow your space to be more aesthetically pleasing, thereby increasing the capability of your home or space to boost your mood. It is not news that great-looking rooms tend to make occupants happier, more relaxed, and more productive. Hence, you must invest significantly in making your home look good. 

How Neon Signs help with Home Décor

peaches orange neon light for home decor

Neon signs are light sources that can help beautify, brighten, and bring out the best in your space. They are important home décor pieces as they help give your room the extra design touches needed. Whether you are looking for vintage décor designs, retro style, modern, or minimalist designs in your space, neon signs are a perfect match. 

Neon signs for bedroom décor

soft white neon for bedroom, custom neon sign over bed

Bedrooms are spaces for rest and comfort. Hence, you should be surrounded by decorations that help you stay comfortable and serene. Neon light wall décor for bedrooms can come in different shapes, colors, and styles depending on your preferences. Your neon sign room décor can be custom designs showing shapes like the moon, peace sign, or your favorite gaming sign. 

You can also use the neon signs to inscribe your favorite sayings or your daily mantra on your walls; you can place these just above your bed, and they can help illuminate and decorate your bedroom space. Another great use of neon signs in the bedroom for kids is writing children’s names or nicknames in the rooms to illustrate and show ownership of spaces; these designs can also come in the shape of their favorite superhuman or cartoon character. 

Neon signs for living room décor

led house decor custom neon light

Another space in the home that neon signs can help illuminate and beautify is the living room. Based on the function of the Living room, which is for relaxation, accepting visitors, and spending time with friends and families, neon sign designs for this space should be welcoming. 

You can use designs like a welcome sign or inspirational phrases. Another excellent idea for a neon sign living room is to highlight photo frames, artworks, or other wall art by placing the neon sign around the art pieces such that they are more noticeable to visitors. 

Neon signs for Dark spaces

small home neon sign

Home neon signs are not only for spaces where major physical activities are done. Dark areas like hallways or passageways can also be adequately illuminated and beautified with neon lights. To create beautiful scenery, you can use neon signs to make out solid shapes under the stairs or along halls/passages. Your closets and bathroom are not excluded from looking great with neon signs. 

Neon signs for kitchen

bar neon light, pub neon sign, circle neon sign

Who said you could not make your kitchen space look beautiful? A quote from Julia Child says that “the more you know, the more you can create. There is no end to imagination in the kitchen.” And this statement is true. Kitchen spaces are creative spaces in homes, and decorating them in the most authentic forms should not be neglected. 

A neon sign for home décor is also helpful for the kitchen since it is a place of creation. Your creativity in cooking can be further inspired by the type of designs that are available in the kitchen. Putting out great quotes like Julia Child’s and others by great chefs is a great start—you can use neon signs to achieve this. 

Other ideas on where to place your neon signs:

  • If you have creative spaces in your home where you get things done. For example, in a recording studio or a display studio for your artworks, you can use neon signs to add a touch of your personality. You can use inspirational quotes, favorite words of your mentor/role model, or the name of your art brand as custom neon sign designs. 
  • You can use neon signs to brighten the space if you also have home-built bars. Use fun and expressive designs that would make your home bar look great.   
  • Libraries are becoming common in several homes; if your home has a library, it deserves some attention too. You can decorate your library with neon signs around the shelves and wall art in the library. You can also make custom designs like book images, quotes from your favorite books, or other inspirational texts. 

How to choose Neon signs for home

flower custom neon signs, small led neon lights.

Knowing that neon sign home décor is an essential aspect of making your home look great; there are certain points that you should bear in mind to help you pick great designs for some spaces. 

  • Your preferred neon sign design and color should go with the background of your space. For example, a dark space would need a brightly colored neon sign. 
  • When choosing a neon sign design, it should align with the purposes of the space it is to be placed. 
  •  It is crucial that your neon sign choice fits your space, style, and taste. 

Do neon signs cost a lot of electricity?

Neon signs do not need a lot of electricity to work; this makes them a preferred household choice for lights and decoration sources that do not consume much electrical power. Little electricity usage means less money spent. 


Home décor is as important as the choice of a home for similar reasons—home decor speaks of your style, taste, and personality. The idea of a home means comfort, and the types of home décor items chosen help you achieve this function. Neon sign home décor is one of the ways to illuminate your space while also creating beautiful sceneries effectively; your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms are not left out of the wonders of neon signs. 

bread neon sign, custom bagueete neon lights for shop and bakery

How To Make Your Custom Neon Sign

@Echo Neon | Feb 7, 2023 | DYO, custom neon sign, personalize

LED neon signs are the new rave in business advertising and home decor because of their flashy colors and trendy designs. Entrepreneurs and home decor enthusiasts often hang neon signs in and around buildings to attract customers and beautify the space. But even better than having a LED neon sign is having your custom neon sign. 

A custom neon sign is designed specifically for you and is a perfect way to personalize your space and set your business apart from others. 

So, how do you make your custom neon sign? Are custom LED signs expensive to make? And where can you build custom logo neon signs? This post reveals the answers to all these questions. So, let’s dive in. 

outdoor neon sign

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Custom Neon Sign?

Before you start working on a custom neon sign, set your budget as there is a large price range for you to choose from. Whether it’s a lovely small sign for your dorm or a large unique one for your special occasion. The price would start from about $200. The total cost is determined by the size of the personalized neon sign and the features required. For instance, if you want the “Splash-proof” feature so your custom neon sign is water-resistant, you’ll be charged 10% more. A built-in dimmer will also cost you an extra fee of $10. 

How To Make A Custom Neon Sign

custom neon sign tool from echo neon

You can make a custom neon sign for your home, business, or other spaces easily. All you need to do is to upload your preferred custom design on the Echo neon customize page and select the needed features. 

Once submitted, experts will begin working on your neon sign and you’ll have it delivered to your location in less than 3 weeks. There is also a price calculator on the page that will indicate how much your custom neon sign will cost upon completion. It has never been this easy to make your custom logo neon name sign. 

Why Should I Get A Custom LED Neon Sign?

You should get a customized LED neon sign for the following reasons:

1. To Personalize Your Space

A custom LED neon sign is a great way to personalize your space. You can have a custom neon sign that represents your hobby, favorite sports team, or a quote that inspires you. Having a custom neon sign in your space will inspire and give you all the motivation needed to keep going. . 

2. To Set Your Business Apart From Others

You can have a business neon sign custom-built for your business or brand to set it apart from others that may offer similar services as yours. The custom LED sign can be drawn from your business’s logo, tagline, or motto. This is a great way to show your brand is different and a level ahead of the competition. 

Our customized business neon signs are made from high-grade and eco-friendly materials, so the neon light lasts for several years without damage. The sign consumes low energy and is versatile enough to fit into different spaces in your business place. 

3. To Beautify Your Space

Customized home decor neon signs are a great decor item to beautify your space. The impressive blend of colors and trendy designs can help decorate your home and make it more inviting. 

Since you can choose the color, font, size, and design that you want, it’s easier to make your home neon sign match the theme or color of your home decor too. 

After picking your preferred design, our team of experts use laser-cutting technology and eco-friendly materials to create your custom neon sign. The process takes 2-3 weeks but you can always shop from our unique collection of home decor neon signs if you can’t wait that long. We have signs available in different colors, shapes, and sizes for you to choose from. 

4. For Brand Awareness and Recall

Customized neon logo signs help brands and businesses improve their popularity in the market. Customers are more likely to remember your brand because of the eye-catching sign that is displayed outside your store. 

How To Make A Customized Logo Neon Sign At Home

custom neon lights for home

You can make a DIY custom LED sign at home if you have the required tools and materials. Usually, all you need is EL (electroluminescent) wires or LED strip lights, thin metal wires, batteries, scissors, wire cutters, and transparent tape or glue. 

Here is how to make a custom logo neon sign at home:

  1. Draw out your preferred design on a wide sheet of paper. Use a marker for this so the lines can be thicker.
  2. Trace out the design using thin metal wires. It should be bent into the exact shape of the design that you drew so you have an accurate representation. 
  3. Use a glue gun or transparent tape to attach the EL wires or LED strip lights directly to the metal wire. You should start on one end of the wire and gradually work your way to the other end. 
  4. When you have attached the lights to the metal wire, you should place it on a backboard or flat wooden board. Ensure the board has holes at the back so you can easily hang the sign. 
  5. When you are done, plug-in and turn on the neon sign. The LED lights or EL wires should light up the neon sign design that you drew. Voila! You have your own custom neon sign.

You should know that professionally-made neon signs can’t be made at home. This is because these signs are designed by using laser-cutting technology and contour-cutting machines that can’t be operated in your home. 

Also, you need a good level of experience and knowledge about these machines to operate them. So, if you want a professionally-made custom logo neon sign, you’ll need to pay for it.

It’s strongly advised to hire experts to make custom neon signs for your brand. This gives the business a more professional look. Luckily, we have experts at Echo Neon that can build your custom neon sign for you at affordable rates. 

How Long Do Custom Neon Signs Last?

On average, a custom LED sign can last over 6 years. When properly installed and maintained, the neon sign can last up to 10 years without suffering any damage. This is because custom LED neon signs from Echo Neon are made from durable materials like high-grade PVC and acrylic backboards. 

Also, the signs are lit using low-energy LED bulbs that can last over 50,000 hours. This gives you a neon sign that you can use for several years without worrying about repairs or replacements. If you wish, the neon sign can also be water-resistant so it is fit for the outdoors. 

Final Words

In summary, customized logo signs are a great way to improve your home decor and grow your business. The signs are also an opportunity to unleash your creative side and make a sign that will represent your interests and personality.

You can customize your neon sign at Echoneon. Our team of professionals can turn any idea or logo into an attractive neon sign suitable for your home or business. So, get started today and have your dream neon sign made for you. 

warm led neon light for wedding party

Neon signs for events: Match the Vibe with great lighting

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

Social gatherings are one of the few things you can hardly take away from a man. Take away a man’s desire to socialize, and you may be taking away his freedom. Events, where people gather, can exist for many reasons—to celebrate a new career path, the birth of a child, or to celebrate a new relationship.

Events help connect people in many ways, so all of the planning stages for an event must go smoothly to allow connection, joy, and great experiences at the event. If you are planning any event, you want all your guests to be satisfied and have enough great stories to tell when they return home.

One vital aspect of planning for an event is planning for the lighting source at the event, as great lighting equals great optics. And optics is essential for every event; read on to find out more!

Lighting for Events

Lighting is one of the essential aspects of excellent event planning. It is common knowledge amongst interior designers that lighting helps to show your guests what you want them to see; it is an effective communication tool for events. So, if you want to paint a picture for yourself, your guests, or your audience—paint one with your choice of lights.

Event lighting also helps to transform the mood of a place. Have you ever walked into a space and felt better immediately? Cause the mood of that space clearly stated, “no dull moment here.” Intelligent light planning can help you achieve this goal with your guests or audience. You don’t want anyone feeling sleepy during your events because the lights are too dull, nor do you want anyone stepping out because your lights gave them a migraine.

The critical functions of lighting at any event are;

  • Illumination: Except if the theme of the event allows for utter darkness (which would still require some fraction of light for safe navigation), your lights must enable the guests to see one another and also see the main content of the event.
  • Focus: Imagine being at a wedding event and not being able to observe the bride and the groom because the lights direct your focus elsewhere—this would not be a great event. Hence, it is vital that the lighting set up at any event allows you to focus on the main content of the event.
  • Mood/Ambience: as we have clearly stated earlier, your choice of lighting should help you set the mood for your event such that everyone in the space is in tune and there is a balance between the lighting, your audience, and the environment. The kind of mood your lighting triggers significantly creates memories for your audience due to the sensitivity lights hold.

Neon Signs for Events

Neon signs gained popularity in several commercial spaces—on streets, in local restaurants, and in hotels. But neon signs for events have a different vibe due to the greater level of expressiveness it offers to users. Neon signs are versatile; hence they are one of the best choices for your wedding events, birthday parties, and business meetings or events.

Benefits of Neon signs

Neon signs are an excellent choice for all indoor and outdoor events based on the versatility they offer to users. The benefits of neon signs are based on their unique features, making them a suitable choice for all kinds of events.

  1. Colorful lighting source: Neon signs are colorful light sources and can therefore be used in many spaces depending on the color preference for that space. Also, because of their flexibility, you can have your neon signs in any shape, depending on the function needed.
  2. Cheap and low-energy consumption: You would hardly find a lighting source that runs on little energy and is cost-effective. However, due to the abundance of neon (from which neon signs are made), neon signage is affordable, and they need the most minimal amount of energy to run. Using neon signs to light up events would be an excellent alternative and save you some money.
  3. Easy to install light source: Neon signages are also easy to install and manage; you can set up your neon signs quickly, and they are ready to run. You can also use them for an extended period without running down or reducing intensity; hence they are great for long-hour events.
  4. Safe light source: Neon signs are also safe light sources as they are risk-free; for the environment and people’s health.

What to consider before choosing your neon signs

While neon signs may be versatile and suitable for all events, there are a few things you need to consider before setting up your lights to achieve maximal functionality. Some of these include;

  • The space for the event: You must ensure that the space or location where the event is to be held is suitable for this choice of light. The location’s space and arrangement or setup would help you determine the size, color, and design of your neon signage.
  • The suitable material for your style: all neon signages can look the same. However, they are not all made of the same material, so ensure that you choose the suitable material for the required function. PVC, LED, and acrylic are the various designs of neon signs.

Get creative with your neon sign choice

Neon signs allow you to get creative due to the flexibility it provides. For your birthday parties, wedding events, or business meetings, show how creative you are with these ideas:

Wedding Neon Sign

Yes, neon signs are a great source of light. But let’s make our space beautiful too. For wedding neon signs, you can opt for readymade signs like the wedding altar neon sign or a wedding ring sign. You can also decide to create a custom neon sign in the couple’s name or with lines like “Mr. and Mrs.” or “just married” neon sign. You can place all of these signs at strategic places at the event to place all attention on the couple, or these signs can also be an excellent idea for a backdrop.

Birthday Neon Sign

Another great opportunity where you can express your creativity is with birthday event planning. Birthdays are special events where everyone is joyful and in the mood to have fun. Birthday neon signs can add to the fun as you can make personalized neon signs like having a “let’s party” neon sign that lights up immediately the fun is about to begin. You can also use neon signs to mark milestones for birthdays. For example, you can have a custom-made neon sign that reads “hello 30!”

Other Events

Besides wedding and birthday events, neon signages are also great for other events, including business conferences, housewarmings, and baby showers. Just get creative with the signages and ensure that they are well placed.

Is a Neon sign great for my indoor event?

Neon signs can be used for all types of events, outdoor or indoor. They are easy on the eyes but also bright enough to provide illumination to navigate through indoor spaces easily. They are also safe, energy efficient, and cost-effective.

Where do I get neon signs for my holiday event?

Neon signs for your holiday event are a great choice. Christmas is a perfect period to brighten up your space with neon lights. Echo Neon provides several types of neon signages that are easy to use, affordable, and efficient.


Neon signs are common on streets and in commercial spaces, but it is a different kind of vibe when you see neon signs at events. Not only are these signs great for lighting up all sorts of events, but they also help to put your guests/audience in the mood for the event. Whether an outdoor event or just a tiny event in the small space of your home, neon signs get the job done.

pink flower wall neon party sign

Bachelorette Party Decorations

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

Bachelorette parties have grown from small gatherings for a new bride to big events that a bride’s friends plan to celebrate her final days as a single lady. Rather than the regular luncheon or dinners at a famous restaurant, bachelorette parties are now being held as game nights, dance parties, or luxury weekend trips.

Planning the best bachelorette party for your friend is an important task. It is a celebratory event for the bride and also an avenue for friends and family to bond and spend time together. Hence, all activities must go smoothly. To ensure this happens, the party’s theme, decorations, and other activities must be well-planned to the bride’s satisfaction. Hence, if you want the best bachelorette party for your bride, read this guide to find out how!

Bachelorette Party Ideas

It has been established that bachelorette parties have changed from the traditional get together to more fun and adventurous events lately. One key thing to note is that there are no rules when planning a bachelorette party for a bride and her bridesmaids. Hence, anything goes as long as the bride approves. While you can include many fun activities in a bachelorette party, here are a few ideas of what to do with a group of friends.

Bachelorette Dance Party

Nothing screams “energy” than a pumped dancing session with a bride and her friends. A dance party is a great idea, especially when meaning to let off some steam from the stress that planning a wedding brings you. The dance party does not have to be at a club, as any space that is enough to accommodate all guests is good enough. You also do not have to spend so much money or time planning this event.

All Games Party

An all-games party is a great bachelorette party idea for any introverted bride and a game lover. This is easy to set up as you only need a monitor and some gaming pads or consoles, depending on the game choices available.

Other non-digital games like Truth or Dare, Drink or Spill, Card games, 20 questions, or toss games are also fun ways to interact with the bride and all the guests present. Ensure that the space is well-ventilated and that the chosen games are enough to let everyone participate.

Pampering or Spa Dates

There is nothing ladies love more than to be pampered, and you can help fulfill one of the bride’s wishes by booking a spa session for her and her bridesmaids or other close friends. To ensure this is a complete success, check out bachelorette-friendly spas close to where you are lodged for the bachelorette event for the best pampering sessions.

Also, arrange with the spa attendants to have enough space to accommodate all the guests at a time with provision for champagne and small, fun talks.

Movie Night

Sleepovers involving movies and popcorn are a top-tier bachelorette event for your girl who loves great movies. You can set up a mini-cinema in your space at home with a large screen, comfortable sofas or chairs, drinks, and snacks. You could also add tissue papers to the list if it’s that kind of movie. Just be sure that it’s a movie the bride is willing to watch so it can be enjoyable.

Movie night can also be at a cinema close by, and you can gather together at home or at a hotel by the end of the movie to discuss and catch up.


You can come up with a creative idea for your party. Remember? There are no rules. If you have an idea, you can speak to a group of friends to bring your idea to life by helping you with the planning. Don’t forget to consider the bride’s tastes and preferences. What is a party for the bride if the bride does not enjoy it? You can also have a mix of one or more of these events at your party, like a spa date during the day, which then ends with a movie night.

Bachelorette Party Décor Ideas

Bachelorette parties are not just about the activities. Bachelorette party decorations should also back up the plans for eventful activities to fit the celebratory mood. Great party décor will add to the aesthetics and help stick with the event’s theme. You do not expect to have a bright décor for a movie night or a dark-themed party. Hence, check out these décor ideas for your next bachelorette party and find the best option that suits your party theme.

  • Props

Props are commonly used at a bachelorette party to remind the ladies why they are present. It’s fun to stay expressive, and props also look great in pictures. Fun props can be stickers showing terms like “bride to be,” “bride’s friends,” “team bride,” or “Mrs. soon.” You can also write these terms on sashes that the bride and her bridesmaids can wear on their outfits.

  • Glitzy Curtains

Glitzy curtains are for indoor bachelorette parties and help show an exciting atmosphere.

  • Neon Shot Glasses

For games like “truth or dare” or “spill or drink,” there must be items to help hold drinks. Neon shot glasses are not only functional but also decorative.

  • Neon signs: 

Bachelorette party neon signs should be included in your decorations plans as they have great functions; they beautify your space, help pass across helpful information to your guests, and even serve as a light source. Words like “Welcome,” “Mrs. B,” “Let’s Party”, or even an image of a ring can be used as a neon sign at a bachelorette party. 

  •  Balloons:

Balloons are not just for children’s parties. They are a great decorative addition to a bachelorette party as they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. A common one for bachelorette parties is the ring-shaped balloons.

  • Banners: 

 Banners can be decorative and also a helpful piece of information. They can be great for a backdrop prop as the bride’s picture can be on it or details like “bride to be”; it can even read “welcome to Charlotte’s bachelorette party.”

  • Confetti poppers: 

You should not miss this while planning your friend’s bachelorette. It is excellent for the occasion and makes ladies squeal and be excited—which is what we want at a ladies’ party. Pop that confetti for your girl!


Bachelorette parties are usually organized to support a lady getting married soon. For some, it is a “send forth” party as she leaves her lifestyle as a single lady behind. Planning a bachelorette party involves many activities, and it might be challenging to keep track of what things to do. While you must consider the bride’s preferences and schedule, ensure that you plan an event that stays evergreen in every guest’s memory.

As you have read, ensure that the critical aspects of the bachelorette party, including the planning of all activities and decorations, are taken seriously. Also, remember to shorten the guest list, and have a great time planning the best bachelorette party for your girl!