Custom Neon Lights Shine in Kid’s Rooms

Custom Neon Lights Shine in Kid's Rooms

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Kids of all ages love lights, graphics, and new tech. What would make a better kid’s room decoration that a custom neon light or illuminated wall art? Not only do these LED neon signs offer an amazing opportunity for amazing style, but they also make the coolest nightlights around for kids who prefer a bit of glow after dark.

Kids Love Unique Wall Art – Different Styles Suit Their Interests

What is your child or teen into? What are their favorite things? No matter what the answer to these questions are, you can find the perfect option for custom neon lights in our shop. Explore some of the best-selling options available now.

Animals – From pets to wildlife, we offer a wide range of amazing animal LED neon. Some choices include a whale, sloth, dog, elephant, cat, deer, and even a magical unicorn.

Sports – Choose a team logo from Ohio State or the LA Chargers or something more iconic like a Converse All-Star sneaker, skateboard, and more.

Anime – Our collection includes designs from Gundam, One Piece, and more. Comic or cartoon designs are always favorites with kids.

Kid-Friendly Symbols and Words – From the American flag to a cowboy boot to the word “Bro” to a paper airplane or party balloon, you can find an amazing collection of images that suit kids with diverse tastes. How about a crown, a globe, or an adorable puppy design?

Try Custom Messages or Words for More Personalization

Kids love items with their name on it, and what could be better than giving them pride of place in their bedroom with a glowing sign that says their name? This is an especially great idea if siblings share of room and they want to identify their side with more personalization. The custom LED wall art options available here go far beyond names, however.

What words or phrases do your children or teens identify with or enjoy using? Select premade options like mood, Friends like the sitcom, chill, breathe, and freedom. Iconic sayings like “less is more,” book titles or quotes like, “Oh the places you’ll go!” and simple words like love, create, family, and fun make great neon signs for kid’s bedrooms.

Parents Love the Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Design

Not only does it help the world to teach your kids about environmentally friendly products, but it also helps to focus on sustainable technology when it comes to keeping your energy bills low. Modern LED bulbs last so much longer than incandescent ones. These unique neon signs also provide bright lighting for a longer period of time than traditional neon. You get all these benefits without much energy usage at all. From a parent’s perspective, this type of efficiency is a win-win for the home. You do not have to worry about increasing utility bills from the electric company even if your kid wants to keep their neon sign on all the time.

Custom LED Neon Lights Offer Safe and Long-lasting Style

There is no way any parent would hang traditional glass and gas neon signs in their kid’s room. The potential hazard of the materials and the ease of breaking glass would make this kind of decoration a real hazard. One of the best things about custom neon lights is how safe they are for children and teens of all ages. While they are not toys to be played with or suitable for roughhousing, they will not shatter if they accidentally fall off the wall or get bumped during an energetic playtime.

Besides safety, these lights make great kid’s room decorations because they will last for a very long time. Any parent knows the headaches of their child having a favorite item and then it breaks and you are not able to replace. You do not have to worry about that with Echo Neon wall art and signs. Breakage is rare, bulbs do not burn out quickly, and the affordable prices make them more easily replaced if something catastrophic happens.

LED Neon Lights Work as Bright Nightlights

Some children prefer to sleep with a nightlight or other source of illumination in their room. While LED neon is quite bright due to the nature of the high-tech bulbs themselves, it is possible to put any of these pieces on a dimmer switch so you can adjust the level of light with ease. That makes these wall hangings a perfect option for kids. Not only will they get a glow that helps them feel safe and secure, but they will also get positive feelings from the stylish image of something they truly love. A glowing skateboard or ballerina on the wall will make them feel so much better than a simple lightbulb.

This level of lighting also helps if a kid is watching a movie or playing a videogame with the rest of the lights off in the room. It can provide just enough glow to not contribute to eyestrain due to the differences in light level. Customization options like dimmer switches and different colored bulbs or tubing also affect how bright the final design is. You can choose your child’s favorite in every premade image or word available from our company.

Kid’s rooms present the perfect option for custom or premade neon lights. These fun and stylish signs or wall art designs come in a huge array of styles that boys and girls of all ages will love. Being able to decorate their space with their own personal sense of style is a big deal for both young children and teenagers. Plus, nothing is cooler than illuminated neon on their walls. It is truly the opportunity to have something they will love and that will impress all their friends when they come over to play or hang out.

Explore the entire collection from Echo Neon with your children to find the perfect option for their bedroom or playroom. You can also peruse the Kids, Anime, Bestseller, and Gift Idea sections on this site to find a great gift for a birthday, holiday, or special event like a graduation or major accomplishment. LED neon lights make a great gift that not a lot of people will think of. Yours may just be a new favorite when they unwrap their unique neon sign specially chosen for them.

Design Tips for Custom LED Signs

Design Tips for Custom LED Signs: Color, Font, and Size

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

Custom LED signs offer an amazing range of options when it comes to styling a home, decorating a party or special event, or adding a spark of true interest to your shop, office, or eatery. With so many options available, you may find it difficult to choose the best option for you. When it comes to customization choices for text-based neon signage, the most important considerations include color, font, and size.

Learn how to choose the best design for your application. It is not always wise to go with your first impression or your personal favorite. This is especially true for commercial applications.

Choose What You Want to Say First

What is the message you want to get across to everyone who sees your glowing wall art? The answer to this question is either personal or specifically tailored to your commercial needs. In other words, you may want to spread the love in your bedroom, welcome friends in your front hall at home, or point out a special sale or new product line at a shop you own or manage.

Custom LED signs are not really suitable for long sentences or poetic verses. Due to the large size of the letters themselves, it would need a very large piece of wall space to fit an entire paragraph. Instead, narrow down your message to the basics that create a mood or first impression perfectly.

The Right Color for Your Custom LED Signs

What color either matches the space where you want to display the neon wall art or creates the right impression to anyone who sees it? Most people have a favorite color, and some use it in their home decorating scheme. If you want to hang a neon sign in your living room that has a blue and white color motif, you can either choose those colors to match perfectly or a bright accent like yellow or red. Realize that different colors create a variety of feelings. For example, red can mean passion, love, and excitement while cool blue offers a more relaxing mood.

If you are making custom LED signs for shop, restaurant, or other commercial space, you may want to choose a color that matches your business logo. Since Echo Neon offers a wide array of options, you are sure to find one that suits you perfectly. If you cannot decide, consider these switchable color or dynamic color options.

What Font Choice Says About the Message

From a graphic design perspective, the choice of font used for a display or signage makes a big difference in how people view it. Flowing script is more romantic than a straight serif font. Handwritten options look more casual or childlike than something angular and stylized. Echo Neon offers eighteen different fonts to choose from on the custom LED neon sign page. They represent a wide collection of print, script, casual, and classic for your final design. Some examples include:

• Selfie — Curling script font perfect for declarations of love and beauty• Modern — Neat print that would work well for shop signage and casual messages• Snow — Stylish modern handwritten font for a unique feel• Egyptienne — Classic serif typeface looks highly professional and traditional

Select the Best Size for Customized Neon

Above all else, you need to pick the best size for your custom LED signs to make sure it fits where you want to hang it. Although these types of illuminated wall art cost a lot less than traditional neon, you do not want to waste your money on something that will not suit the wall or window where you need to display the message. Measure twice and then choose from letter heights ranging between ten inches and 14.5 inches. This will help you determine the overall dimensions of the LED sign.

The Echo Neon customization options give you a nearly infinite number of styles to choose from. Create your own special impression with words and short phrases in a variety of colors, fonts, and sizes. This is an excellent option for home decor, commercial signs, and glowing accents for parties and special events of all kinds.

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Which LED Neon Signs Are Best for Your Shop?

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Unless the success of your retail shop relies on vintage or old-fashioned style, the last thing you want is light signs that look outdated, tired, or dull. LED neon signs tackle all of these problems with ease, but you still need to choose options that fit with the overall feel and aesthetic. Neon signs may not seem like the right choice for all types of stores. You might be surprised to discover the amazing range of wall art and customized options available to you.

Consider the following details before you decide to purchase LED neon signs for your shop or other retail establishments. They are all essential parts of getting the best products for each application. After all, the combination of lighting, text, and art goes a long way toward making the best first impression of your shop for everyone who walks by or stops in.

Interior or Exterior Lighting

While custom LED signs of this type are not suitable for outdoor signage, they can make a big impression on people walking by or looking at the front door and windows of your shop. The first decisions you need to make as a retail establishment owner have to do with where the signs will go. It is easy, for example, to have a custom LED sign made with the word “Open” and hang it inside a window. This is a classic reason to use an illuminated sign in a shop.

Interior lighting with neon signs and wall art would be insufficient without other light sources. Most shops have overhead lighting, which leaves these decorative fixtures for accents and style. This is where the extreme brightness of this type of light emitting diode technology really shines. It will be bright enough to catch the eye even with overhead lighting or sunlight streaming into the shop.

Color Options Create Moods and Improve Branding

The colors you choose for custom neon signs should either match your company logo or recognizable decor or create a unique mood that shoppers will respond to best. For example, if your baby boutique has a pink and blue logo, it makes sense to choose pink and blue illuminated signs for the walls inside. If you operate a restful spa, bright red or glaring yellow will not match the ambience you are trying to create. Choose green and white instead. Even though LED bulbs offer super bright illumination, they can still fit into a relaxing space with ease.

One of the best things about ordering from Echo Neon is the amazing customization options you have for every single piece. You can choose from a whole rainbow of colored tube options or standard white PVC tubing that glows with your choice of colored bulbs. Select white, soft white, red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, cyan, pink, or purple. Optional color changing mode and dimmer switches are also available.

Words and Phrases that Promote Your Brand

The customization options available here at Echo Neon give you the chance to create any word or phrase you want in a wide variety of colors and font styles. This can range from a highly professional serif font in bright white for an office supply store to a flowing script in pink for a feminine fashion shop. These options reflect moods and your brand as much as colors do.

What word or phrase should you choose for a custom LED neon in your shop? Open signs are needed everywhere. Your name brand displayed over the checkout counter can keep it in mind to all shoppers. Mottos or meaningful words like organic, 100% guaranteed, or fashionista create unique impressions.

Choose Premade Images and Icons for Shop Accents

Create a glow over your sales rack or draw attention to a new product line with a well-placed neon sign in a unique shape and style. With the huge selection of premade options at Echo Neon, you are sure to find one or more that suits your retail establishment’s mood and purpose. Consider a glowing green palm frond in a florist shop, a bright blue skateboard in a store that sells sporting goods, or stylized ballerina wall art in a little girl’s dress shop.

When you try to decide what LED neon signs are best for your shop, there are many things to take into account. Remember to explore exactly what impression you want to make in your establishment before buying wall art signage. Consider the mood, space available, and the information you want to give to people who stop in to look for the perfect product. Then, explore both the extensive collection of premade wall art and custom LED neon sign options available here.

Cool Neon Signs Power Up Every Room in the House

Cool Neon Signs Power Up Every Room in the House

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

Every room in your home meets light and decoration, and the best way to get both in a super stylish way is by adding cool neon signs to your walls. Bright and efficient LED neon signs for room decor deliver a huge amount of illumination and style no matter where you put them. While some people may consider these pieces more appropriate for commercial signage or special event decoration, premade and custom LED signs make exceptional home decor, too.

Explore all the possibilities as you move through the front door, down the hall, into living spaces, and finally private bedrooms. Learn how cool neon signs can help turn every space into an amazing one. Then, peruse our extensive collection of neon signs for sale to choose one or more that are perfect for your home.

Front Entryway Neon Light Signs

Every front hallway needs bright illumination so people coming home from a hard day’s work or a long day at school can see clearly for maximum safety and comfort. You also want to make a great first impression for guests and visitors the moment they step inside your door. Forget boring overhead fixtures or traditional lamps. Cool neon signs offer something extra for a modern home that you cannot find with other options.

Create a custom text-based sign with a simple word of welcome, hello, greetings, or any other salutation that fits your mood and personality. You may also want to identify the home as your own with a monogram or last name in bold text. Other options for front entrance LED neon signs include graphics that set the mood for the whole house like the outline of your home state, and icon that depicts your favorite pastime, or a meaningful symbol like a globe, flag, or heart.

Neon for Living Rooms and Dens

You can decorate living rooms and other communal spaces with similar neon signs for sale as you do in the entryway. However, these frequently need a bit of extra style that matches with other decor options. LED wall art provide extra illumination for spaces in the room not covered by other lamps or overhead lighting. They can light up a darker corner or bring attention to an attractive display, electronic equipment, or doorway.

The style you choose depends on your personality, interests, and the overall impression you want to give in your living room or den. Do you use the space for meditation or exercise? Consider a yoga pose or bicycle neon sign. Do you have a more elegant aesthetic? A neon mosaic tile or geometric fine art design may work better.

Cool Neon Signs in the Bedroom

Bedrooms offer the opportunity to explore your personal tastes more than anywhere else in the house. A master bedroom for a loving couple will look very different from a child’s room, for example. Echo Neon has neon signs for sale that suit everyone’s tastes. They are not only attractive and stylish but also work well as a soft nightlight for those who prefer some illumination after dark.

What could be more romantic than a stylized “Love” sign hanging on the wall of the master bedroom? Perhaps the heart-adorned wedding arch, triple heart motif, or custom neon sign with words like “honey” works better for you. Can you imagine the excitement on your child’s face when you hang up and turn on a Gundam, skateboard, ballerina, or One Piece neon sign? Explore the full range of dozens of options of cool neon signs to find the perfect one for everyone in the family.

Man Caves, Rec Rooms, and Playrooms, Too

Cool neon signs lend themselves well to rooms dedicated to fun and free time. Children’s playrooms, indoor recreation areas, and man caves look great with an extra glow of color and style. Again, these can be highly customized to the individual who uses the room the most. That makes Echo Neon’s custom LED sign service a great option for anyone who wants one or more words emblazoned across the wall.

Premade PVC tube and LED bulb lights that would work in many fun rooms include “BOOKS,” a deer head neon sign, “chill” in smooth script, a balloon, the LA Chargers lightning bolt icon, or an Ohio State logo for sports fans.

Fun Kitchens and Dining Rooms

Neon signs for room decor work in every room of the house. Add extra light and style to your kitchen, breakfast nook, or dining room with a premade design or custom, text-based LED wall art. Some excellent options include a “Central Perk” motif from the popular Friends TV series near your coffee pot, a glowing avocado near the refrigerator, or a scrolling “bon appétit” above the dining table.

Explore the entire range of cool neon signs for sale here at Echo Neon. You are sure to discover the exact design that suits your tastes perfectly. We offer an extensive collection for men, women, and children who want a brighter, more colorful, and impressive display in every room of the house.

Cool Neon Signs Power Up Every Room in the House
Cool Neon Signs Power Up Every Room in the House

Five Custom LED Light Signs to Decorate Your Wedding

Five Custom LED Light Signs to Decorate Your Wedding

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

For many people in love, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. They plan the ceremony and reception many months in advance and only want the best and brightest decorations to celebrate their love. Custom LED light signs provide an exceptional and impactful way to do this while making everything look bright, upbeat, and meaningful. Also, they provide extra illumination for safety and comfort in the sometimes-dim wedding venues.

These highly aesthetic neon signs last for many years after the wedding celebration, too. They can become beautiful wall art decor for the shared home or decorations for anniversary parties and other special events down the road.

1 – The Couple’s First Names or New Last Name

When two people get married, it is a celebration of them as individuals and how they come together in a romantic relationship for the rest of their lives. Custom neon lights fashioned in the shape of both of their first names look great displayed at the ceremony or above the front table at the reception dinner. This reminds everyone of the most important couple of the day.

Another way to use aesthetic neon signs to celebrate the two individuals’ new bond is to use the new last name that they will share. Choose a single name or a hyphenated option on our custom LED neon page. You can choose from a wide variety of colors including bridal white, romantic red, beautiful blue, bright yellow, royal purple, and more. Multiple sizes and fonts are also available. They include lovely script, casual handwriting styles, modern print, and traditional serif styles.

2 – Classic Love and Wedding Words and Phrases

As an alternative to using names for custom neon lights, consider meaningful words commonly used in wedding ceremonies and celebrations. These may differ based on religion or spiritual beliefs, how traditional or casual the wedding is, and the agent status of the people getting married. For example, you would not use “Bound by Faith” at an atheist wedding, nor would you use “Young Love” at a second marriage of two older people.

Some creative ideas for custom neon lights include:

• Together Forever• Champagne Wishes• Happily Ever After• Our Love Story• The Adventure Begins

3 – Pure Romance and Symbols of Love

Although custom text-based neon signs look beautiful at a wedding ceremony or reception, you may want to decorate with premade options, too. Echo Neon does offer some well-designed words like “spontaneous,” “Better Together,” and a stylized “Love” piece of artwork. Pictures and symbols associated with romance and togetherness also make for exceptional accents for any wedding venue.

Choose one of these aesthetic neon signs:

• Pink triple heart• Colorful wedding altar sign• Picture frame design• Pretty flower icon• Christian cross for religious weddings

4 – Signs Specifically for the Guests

Wedding celebration caters not only to the couple who is joining together in matrimony but also to the friends and families who show up to support them. Large wedding venues and reception halls can have dim lighting and busy spaces that may be difficult for some people to navigate confidently. The configuration and crowds may make it difficult to find the open bar or the DJ stand to request a favorite song, for example.

Custom LED neon signs can help guests find their way around with words, images, and sufficient illumination to grab attention and provide guidance. For example, hang a simple text sign that says, “Open Bar” in the appropriate place. Create a pretty script sign with, “Listen to the Music” above the DJ stand or band. You can use these types of illuminated signs for everything from a gift repository to the cake table to a fun picture booth where guests can record messages for the couple.

5 – Thematic Images or Icons

Many wedding celebrations have distinct themes or color schemes associated with them. While some couples may go out on a limb and choose a medieval times theme or a fun costume party, most are more subtle and nonspecific. LED light signs can still contribute an awful lot to the overall mood of the ceremony or reception afterward. They complement other decorations like flowers, bunting, ribbons and bows, fairy lights, and more.

Consider these options for a themed wedding party:

• Green palm leaf for a garden party• White snowflakes for winter weddings• Glowing cityscape for an elegant evening• Rainbow neon for an LGBTQ wedding• Party balloons and balloon animals for a fun daytime event.

Add premade or customized aesthetic neon signs to your wedding celebration for a unique look that lasts all day and night. From the most fun-filled party to the most elegant celebration, bright LED bulbs and lightweight PVC tubing can create the perfect look for your greatest memories. Explore the full range of options here at Echo Neon or navigate to our custom sign page to create lovely names, loving phrases, or best wishes for the happy couple.