Best Handmade LED Neon Signs, Custom LED Neon Signs

LED Neon light is the ultimate solution to glass neon. All Echo Neon LED neon lights are handcrafted, child safe and eco-friendly, with the modern look that works perfectly for your home, wedding, office, restaurant, salon, bar, and special events! We make it easier and more affordable for people who need a neon light glowing in their life.

All Echo Neon LED neon lights shine just as bright, if not more, by mimicking glass neon tubes without hurting our environment. Shop our collections on sale or customize your own!

Clients & Works

As the first LED Neon marker in U.S., Echo Neon has created custom LED neon signs for customers worldwide for almost a decade! Check out some of our previous work. Design your favorite signs right now!


The LED bulbs we use in the Echo Neon lights shine brighter than old-fashioned glass neon with zero risk of broken shards or potentially hazardous gasses. You get the brilliance of an entire rainbow of colors for both the tube and bulb selection. This goes beyond options in traditional neon lighting. Best of all, the colorful glow comes in a family-safe, lightweight, and much more affordable package. Explore our product selection or create your own customized accent for any space or occasion.

Ready-Made Neon Signs

Where do you need more light, color, and style? Do you want to add a splash of cool designed to your own home? Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend or family member? Is it time to introduce something unique to your shop, eatery, or office signage?

Our handmade neon signs are ready for purchase. Add one of our neon signs to liven up any event, use it your place of business so people will have something to remember after they leave, or place them anywhere in your home. Our neon lights are made to last.