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The modern form of the neon tube light uses sturdy and safer PVC with bright LED lights instead of inert gases and glass. This allows for so many customization options that every single person who wants a unique sign or illuminated decor piece can get the perfect option just for them. If you love the look but are not sure how you would use an LED neon light, consider the following top 10 uses.

1 – Open for Business Signs

Shops, bars, service offices, and other types of businesses that maintain a physical location need to tell consumers and passersby that they are open and ready to serve them. Neon tube light options have long been used as Open signs for a wide variety of companies. Now that there are custom LED lights fashioned from PVC instead of dangerous glass, hanging a sign like this on your door or in a shop window has become so much easier.

2 – Home Decorations and Wall Art

More people are turning to unique lighted wall art to decorate every room in their home. Whether you opt for a ready-made shape like a rainbow, moon, or snowflake or order a customized word or phrase, you can truly represent your personality and your own unique sense of style. From a pink neon light in the bedroom to cool blue in the bath, you can enjoy the perfect illumination and look everywhere you go.

3 – Party and Event Accents

The affordability of the new type of neon tube light products makes them perfect for one-time use. Many people opt to have the newly married couples names displayed prominently at a wedding reception. Other options include wishes for a happy birthday, anniversary, or graduation at a celebratory bash. Special events like club gatherings and even business tradeshows can benefit from these bright and colorful signs.

4 – Lighting the Way to Fun

In the end, a neon tube light is ultimately a source of illumination. The multiple LED bulbs in each design glow quite brightly through the PVC tubing. This allows you to use a custom option for a lighting fixture just as much as a piece of artwork or signage. Use them to brighten up a dark corner in your home or put the spotlight on a special display at a convention or in your shop. You can even adjust the amount of light that a particular piece gives off by customizing the font and length of the word or message you share.

5 – Sharing a Message or Your Personal Style

In the end, in neon tube light offers such a unique option for both art and illumination that it allows you to truly express your personal style or the message you wish to share with the world. Surround yourself things that are truly meaningful to you. This is why people buy artwork to hang on the walls or knickknacks to set on their tables and shelves. This is why you choose a blue shirt over a red one and why you may pick a pink neon light instead of one that glows in bright yellow.

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