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Everyone has seen a standard open for business sign. They say the word “Open” in white or red and may have an oval shape surrounding. Other designs exist, but most of them are rather standard. It does not have to be this way. If you operate a brick-and-mortar business and want to get the right type of attention, consider neon light signs custom made specifically for your brand. You will still get the message across to every potential customer who walks by your window. However, it will also let them know something about the products you sell and the quality style your company stands for.

Why Eye-catching Open for Business Sign Styles Matter

You may think that an Open sign is only fair to tell people walking by that your door is open and they can come in. While this is its primary function, the benefits of an eye-catching open for business sign go well beyond simple information. Of course, you want people to know that they can come inside and look at all of the products you offer. However, you also want them to know kinds of things they may find when they get there.

Neon light signs custom made to suit your brand make all the difference. They go beyond a simple welcome to demonstrate the type of quality and unique items that you sell. People frequently look for the Open sign from the parking lot, so it makes sense to have something recognizable. However, with the brightness of the LED bulb technology, any word, phrase, or image will still grab their attention. Then, you can keep it with a more unique appearance and meaning that will convince them to park, get out, and come over to check out your store.

Neon Light Signs: Custom Options Get More Attention

In the end, and Open for Business sign only needs to say the word open to get its message across. You do not want to make a long phrase or whole sentence explaining that a customer can come inside and look around. This is when the customization options get so important. You have to balance the expectations of people who may want to shop in your store and the marketing power of unique and surprising appearances.

People are attracted to things that arouse curiosity. Although it may seem base, people are very much like other animals in that they are attracted to bright things, color, and movement. You may not want to swing your LED neon sign around, but you can cover the other two options. If you did want to create a moving sign, however, the safe PVC tubing that resists breakage allows you to do so much more than old-fashioned glass.

If your storefront is in a mall or shopping center, you can expect that other businesses have a standard white or red Open sign in their window. Custom options get more attention. If yours glows purple in a fun handwritten font, it will naturally draw the eye more than the expected.

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