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Promote Your Shop with Custom Light Up Signs

Real-world shops need custom light up signs to attract attention from passersby who may not know if they want to step inside or not. If you operate a commercial location in a mall, shopping center, or as a standalone business, the decision about what signage to use frequently comes down to cost and how well it matches your brand vision.

You want something eye-catching, but flashing incandescent bulbs and bright colors may not suit your company’s style. More and more stores are turning to unique and creative lighted signs that make a big impact in their sales. Consider unique LED neon lights created specifically for your shop.

Top 3 Promotion Methods With Custom LED Neon Signs

Anyone can imagine using custom light up signs on the door, in a window, or on the wall of the shop, club, boutique, or other business location. If you sell physical products in a store, it helps to think outside the box when it comes to your promotion and marketing efforts. Yes, customized LED neon catches attention and adds a certain sense of style to your location. From a marketing perspective, however, the design of light you choose does so much more.

1 – Identify Your Brand

Everything from the color of the glowing neon light to the font chosen for the words in your message or the image fashioned from twisting tubes all works together to give every potential customer the best impression of your brand possible. In a way, getting a custom LED sign is like having your business logo designed. The image or words you choose have to send a message about the type of things you offer and how you treat your customers.

2 – Illuminate Your Offers

Along with the message about these things, your shop itself needs something to direct the gaze of potential buyers. If you have a particularly valuable item you want to sell a lot of, you may put it on a tall shelf in the middle of the room with a light on it. You can use custom neon in the same way. Not only does it specifically illuminate the products nearby, but it attaches meaning and value to the light shining from it. People are naturally drawn to bright and colorful things. If you put a custom light up sign near a new product line, for example, you will increase the chance that they sell out.

3 – Welcome Customers Inside

Good business begins even before a customer enters your shop. One of the classic examples of lighted signs comes from the simple word OPEN hanging on the door or in the window. Go beyond the classic oval with a red or white word if you want to get the type of attention your store deserves. Why not get a customized Welcome sign from Echo Neon and improve your marketing to passersby who may not otherwise stop to check out what is behind your door?

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