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After a lovely marriage ceremony, the wedding reception is an opportunity for the new married couple to celebrate their love with family and friends. Most opt for a hotel ballroom, reception hall, or other large, decorated room. While standard decorations include flowers and balloons, consider adding something extra to truly illuminate the beauty and wonder of the romance all around. A love neon sign can be used not only to get attention to the new couple and their commitment to each other but also to provide light for the cake table, the DJ stand, or any other important part of the room.

Wedding Day Decor that Makes an Impact

Wedding receptions are getting fancier and more outrageous all the time. Whether you are going for pure romance or something a bit wild and crazy, you can find the perfect option with a customized love neon sign. Even though much of the lighting in a ballroom or reception hall comes from recessed fixtures on the wall, spotlights from the DJ stand, candles in the centerpieces, and similar mood options, you still need to make sure people can see where they are going and where to find the bar, buffet, or dance floor.

Bright LED lighting adds an attractive glow without creating glare. Consider matching the LED light color to the wedding colors chosen by the bride and groom. You can get everything from soft white to pink, purple, aqua, and more from Echo Neon. Many brides and grooms are very particular about their wedding colors and want everything to match beautifully. This gives a better impression to the guests and a great look for all those important candid and posed wedding reception photos.

Top Uses for Love Neon Sign Wall Decorations

Hanging a light-up sign near certain parts of the room can help people navigate the unfamiliar space. This is especially helpful if you intend to keep the lights dimmed at all. You could put a scrolling sign near the DJ or band that says, “Request a Song” or “Rock On.” If you want to draw attention to the bar, consider anything from simply having the word “Bar” hanging over it in an easy to read font or get more creative with your wording. You might consider anything from “Champagne Toasts” to something wilder and more carefree.

Although the couple getting married, their family and friends can contribute to the overall decorating scheme of reception hall in many cases, this job frequently falls to businesses that provide these services. If you operate one of these venues or are involved in party planning of any kind, stocking up on a variety of love neon sign lights and art makes sense. You will give your clients a great variety of options that suit their decorating ideas of the most magical day in their lives. As these customized LED neon options quite affordable and nearly unbreakable, your investment will serve you well for a long time to come.

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