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Echo Neon Support NICU Families and Healthcare Workers

 ‘I Support Healthcare Workers’ T-shirt designed by Echo Neon with 100% of profits to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at The Ohio State University Medical Center.

NICU patients include babies who may face difficulties at birth, including those born prematurely, those whose mothers experienced a complicated pregnancy and delivery, or those with one or more birth defects.

Having a sick baby can be very distressing for families and because of this, NICU families and healthcare workers need more support.

Order this limited edition T-shirt by simply adding the item to the cart at checkout.

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Echo Neon Support Teachers and Families

    You can’t put STUDENT first if you put TEACHERS last!

The nation’s schools need thousands of more teachers, full-time and substitute, to keep classrooms open during coronavirus outbreaks. Few benefits, erratic hours hand low pay have long created staffing issues for many districts. The pandemic only compounded those Issues.

Echo Neon Offers Discount for Teachers and Families. Please contact us or DM for a discount code! Email: 

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A Custom Neon Sign for Fire Suvivor Basset Hound

Echo Neon x @ernest.the.basset

On Monday, November 22 at around 1 am, Daryl, Kelsea, and Ernest(the Basset Hound) lost their place in a fire. Everyone and Ernest managed to get out safely, but only with the clothes on their back.

Ernest and his human were slowly getting set up in a new place and they reached Echo Neon as they were looking to have a custom sign made that either says “Must Love Dogs”.

Echo Neon collaborated with @ ernest.the.basset and created this beautiful custom neon sign “Must Love Dogs” for their new place.

Echo Neon has a collaboration program that offers a discount on neon signs created for NGOs, churches, charities, and families in need. We will provide $50-$300 store credit for people or organizations that participate in this program. The goal of this program is to make it easier and more affordable for people who need a neon light glowing in their life.

Instagram: @ernest.the.basset

Gofundme: Daryl and Kelsea Fire Relief

Whitney Avenue Elementary School- custom neo sign in a schoolol

Custom Neon Sign Donation for Whitney Avenue Elementary School

Custom Neon Sign Donation for Whitney Avenue Elementary School

Emily Baker, a 5th grade teacher at Whitney Avenue Elementary School in Sacramento reached Echo Neon in June. In Whitney Avenue Elementary, 91% of the families are considered to be low income or homeless, many of whom are refugees. These students have overcome so many challenges, especially during the pandemic, and Emily wanted to prepare the classroom to be as fun and welcoming as possible, providing them with something special when they return to school. Emily was hoping to hang a neon sign that says “4 houses, 1 family,”, so Echo Neon donated this neon sign for their classroom. The objective, vision, and heart of our mission is to make it easier and more affordable for people who need a neon light glowing in their life. Check out our MISSION page for more events and NGO collaborations with Echo Neon.

Whitney Avenue Elementary School- custom neo sign in a schoolol
Whitney Avenue Elementary School- custom neo sign in a schoolol

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Support Our Local and Independent Bookstores!

Support Our Local and Independent Bookstores!

Book sales have risen more than 6% during 2020 and much of this boost is because more parents have been tasked with teaching their children at home. However, most of these book purchases didn’t go through local and independent bookstores — rather, through online retailers that have dominated the market in the last decade, according to NPD BookScan.

Your Choices Matter. Don’t Box Out Bookstores! Echo Neon is offering special discounts for bookstore owner and workers nationwide! Please contact Echo Neon via E-mail or Instagram for discount code.

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$10 from every Elephant Neon Sign sale is supporting Save the Elephants

$10 from every Elephant Neon Sign sale is supporting Save the Elephants

Nonprofit Organization Name: Save The Elephants

Organization Mission: Save the Elephants works to secure a future for elephants 🐘 in a rapidly changing world

Instagram: @savetheelephants 

Facebook: @savetheelephants



Donation Link:

mother's hug neon signs

May is Postpartum Depression Awareness Month

Do you know 1 out of every 7 new moms and 1 in 10 new dads experience some form of postpartum depression or other perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD)?

Echo Neon is now offering discounts for nursery neon signs. Would like to create a unique neon sign with your newborn’s name? Contact us for the nursery neon sign discount!

echo neon support healthcare workers

Discount for Healthcare Workers and First Responders

To ease the financial burden on healthcare workers and first responders like you, Echo Neon is offering a BIG discount available to COVID-19 workers. Please contact us or DM with a verified ID for a discount code!

echo neon support healthcare workers

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Echo Neon Support Small Business

Wherever you’re from, chances are there was a small business that played an important role in your life. Independent business community is the backbone of America. While the need to help small business is most immediately obvious, the benefits of shopping small extend beyond times of crisis. By supporting a small business, you’re also supporting the local community. Spending your money there helps to stimulate the local economy and keep business booming within your local region.

Echo Neon Support Small Business by making the store and event decoration more affordable. Small business owner? Contact us for small business owner discount!

They’ve been there for us. Let’s be there for them. Shop for the holidays at your favorite small business.

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Neon Signs for Business

@Echo Neon | April 27th, 2023 | 10 minutes read | Advertising, Business, custom neon sign

Neon Signs

For years, neon signs have been a preferred choice by many stores and businesses, and are considered to be a leader in the advertising signage industry. Echoneon has experience in designing, producing and building neon signs for a wide range of purposes, and customized to the client’s needs.

Why Do You Need Neon Signs?

These are beautiful signs that can be designed as good insight, with a variety of options for choosing colors, letters, and illuminated icons and with light. They also have excellent illumination power that can be seen blooming in dark conditions, and even on bustling streets and foggy weather. That is why they combine the decorative aspect with effective advertising at the same time.

1.Do not Require any Maintenance 

These are durable signs that last for years and do not require much maintenance. In the meantime, they continue to serve as an advertising and directional mechanism that does not lose its radiance and helps its long-term owner.

2.Cheap and energy-efficient 

Neon is the most abundant chemical element in the universe after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon. Given the abundance of masses, it should not be surprising that neon signs are so economical. They don’t use much electricity. its Energy Effecient.

3. Neon is Safe 

In addition to being very durable, neon signs have a wide operating range; this means that they will be safe if the line voltage is exposed to distortions and fluctuations.

4.Long lifespan

When properly constructed and maintained, neon signs can last for 10-12 years and traditional light signs may fail in as little as six months.

How To Choose the Choice letter Fonts and Color of Sign

The main element of neon signs is, of course, the tubes that are made in labs, depending on the colors, letters, symbols, and other details ordered. As mentioned, you can also create an illumination or light effect of the letters and symbols using the Custom Neon Tool

Tips To Create a Beautifull Neon For your Business

We’ve compiled some tips to help you choose the brightest neon sign for your business. To create a very high prominence for your advertising, choose several different colors, also choose a design where the letters are separate and not connected, so that the neon sign will be more apparent. In fact, they are made of transparent glass tubes into which light bulbs are put in different colors so that you can choose any font, any size, and color you want, if your business has a permanent logo, you can design the neon sign according to that logo and brand yourself. Remember, good branding equals high sales. Important tip: hang it over your business that the eyes of the customer on Street are attracted.

Create your Neon From Professional

Choose an Echneon that have many years of reputation and experience in manufacturing and, you can get idea and guidance on your design choices, the company’s experienced professionals offer you the most strategic place for you. Where you can Customize Your Neon that fits your requirements perfectly.

External sign for businesses and companies

An external sign for your business will make you more noticeable; nowadays, signage is considered to be a useful and exciting way to contact your customer. In everyday life, we come across endless signs, everywhere and in every context: whether it’s enormous billboards with graphics-packed and impressive advertisements. But the neon signs emphasize the brand, service, or company name and attract the attention of foot-traveler and passengers throughout the day and night- they can’t be avoided! At EchoNeon, we manufacture neon signs made from the highest quality materials that last for a long time and highlight the business.

Benefits of Neon Signs for your Business

Whether you have cooking, literary, or construction business, you are likely to want an eye-catching sign to welcome your business. Custom-made neon signs are a solution for any business that wants a quality sign, fitted to its needs, budget, and most importantly – the message it wants to convey. Manufacturing neon signs is a unique service offered by EchoNeon. It requires the use of advanced and high-quality equipment as well as a “professional skill” that can provide the right solution to the customer – both designedly and functionally.

First, neon signs can be manufactured for business in a variety of sizes. You can customize them or get ready made neon signs online easilt.The choice of measurement is made with reference to the place where you want to install the sign and also the nature of the space. The measurements are accurate and assembled fully and uncompromisingly. Beyond that, these are too thick, strong, and durable neon signs. Whether installed on the outside of the business, exposed to the various weather conditions or on the inside, the signs remain in place and survive for years.

To attract as many customers as possible

Two-dimensional and three-dimensional neon signs can now be manufactured. Each method has an effect has the ability to attract quite a bit of attention and on condition that you choose to include the right elements in the sign. The colors, the logo, and even the font are all selected by the customer, and together they create the neon sign for the business that will attract new and many customers! All it takes is to provide the technical and graphic specifications of the sign, To produce it according to all the required parameters.

You can summarize and say that the benefits of neon signs are as follows:

  1. Durability for years.
  2. Little maintenance.
  3. Low power consumption.
  4. Quiet signs that do not heat up.
  5. Design in a variety of shapes and styles.
  6. Aesthetic, cozy and romantic light