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Echo LED Lamp - Dramatic and Eye Catching

We are going to the classic era where things are going to be designed or created as per classic or older days. Yes, the days when things were simpler yet impressive and the same applies to lighting fixtures such as lamps. Can you imagine a lamp hanging in the corner or any place of your choice but laden with all the modern-day features such as colourful and cosy lights shedding in the entire room?

Well, we are talking about LED Neon lamps. If you want to light up your homes, offices and events with eye-catching and colourful lights, you must consider the Echo LED lamp. The following are certain features that make Echo Neon lamps your pick. 

Flexible While Installing

If you are going to decorate your living place with lighting and you need a lighting device that can provide you maximum options to install it according to the need, you should consider Echo neon LED lamps. The LED neon lamps that are made up of simple neon colourful rods can be found in as many shapes as you desire.

You can easily craft them or lean, angle or hand them as per your taste or as per the interior’s requirements. The installation versatility of the LED lamps is a great feature when it comes to stunning interior designing. You can install them anywhere and everywhere to light up your world to match your taste or occasion. 


Bruce Lee once said that simplicity is the last step of the art and you can see the simplicity in the manufacturing features of Echo Neon LED lights. It comes in the simplest structure that is, just a simple rod. The rod is basically composed of neon colour. Your choices colour illuminates and enlivens your entire ambience with the artistic environment that you want to create. 

The Myriad Colors & Their Combination

The beautiful neon LED lamps to illuminate your environment with different colours with all their innate beauty with pink and palette being more in the trending. With the available colours, you can design the interior of your living place or workplace to match your mood and taste and change it accordingly. 

The Omnipresent Light

Whatever the place and whatever the occasion, Echo Neon LED lights can make simple places and events of your life much more memorable. Whether it’s your bedroom, or home office or recording studio or retail store, the LED neon light can make it worthwhile adding colourful energy to them.

Echo LED Lamp

Safe Structure of LED Neon Lamps

The safe structure of the LED Neon lamps is another feature that would give you a good sense of satisfaction if you have kids at your home. The sturdy PVC and LED lights that are pretty lightweight are child-safe. If they break, they will not shatter, unlike traditional glass lamps. Also, LED neon lamps don’t use toxic gases so you have every reason to be happy with LED neon lamps if you care about the environment. Besides, they don’t heat up to the dangerous level. 

So, light up your living and office places with Echo Neon LED lamps and enjoy a peaceful yet colourful life.

Neon Wall Signs for Your Home Decor

Get Custom Neon Wall Signs for Every Room in Your House

Show off your unique style when you display a customized LED sign from the top neon sign maker in your house. Forget vinyl decals and painted stencils. Now you can choose from illuminated artwork that shares either a favorite image or words with everyone who stops in for a visit. Not only do these neon wall signs look great, but they can also add important lighting to improve at-home safety and comfort.

Utility plus style! No one can argue that these customizable wall hangings and lights provide many benefits for your house, apartment, condo, or anywhere you choose to display them. Peruse the entire collection of ready-made styles or head to the customization page to create a unique motto or meaningful word that would fit perfectly on your wall.

Home Decor Ideas From a Neon Sign Maker

What room in your home needs a bit of pizzazz and style? Perhaps you need a spot of color or an extra light to accent your room. Neon wall signs provide a diverse range of decorating options that work with many home styles other than the most traditional and rustic. Echo Neon offers a range of ready-made signs and wall art that can be installed in minutes. All you have to do is hang it up and plug it in to get a unique design all your own.

In the kitchen, consider a diner-style LED sign that adds a touch of whimsy and appetite. Perhaps you would like a glowing fork and spoon to hang over the sink or a fun message like "Eat, drink, and be merry." Bathrooms are great places for neon signs as well. Consider a subtle "Relax" message gently illuminating the fixtures. You may enjoy a message of love glowing in pink from over your bed, or a premade of "La La Land" sign on one wall of your trendy living room.

Combine Style and Utility With Neon Wall Signs

There is no doubt that neon wall signs look great. When you customize your own design with font choices, colors, size, and image or words, you are able to add a touch of flair to whatever room needs something extra. These LED lighting options do more than provide interesting art and messages, however. With the bright bulbs, they can also illuminate your entire home with style.

It is the utility of these artistic lighting fixtures that contributes to their popularity of use at home. Because they are usually not as bright as standard lamps or overhead fixtures, they are great for accent pieces and spotlights in certain areas of the room. Brighten up a dark corner or even use a small neon sign as a nightlight in a children's room. No matter what option you choose, you get a cool, vibrant light with the color you prefer in your custom design. The possibilities are endless.

Pink Neon Sign

Need Unique Bridal Shower Decor? Consider a Pink Neon Sign

Think about the last bridal shower you attended. This is one of the most important parties of a woman's life, and the last thing she wants is boring decorations that failed to make her special day unique. You have probably seen plenty of paper streamers, balloons, and fake flowers in the past. Why not make a difference at the next shower with a custom pink neon sign just for the woman of the hour?

Remember, this LED neon sign shop caters to a wide variety of tastes and interests. If the bride to be does not like pink, you can choose from a variety of other colors. Available options include cool white, warm white, yellow, green, purple, orange, blue, and aqua.


Choose of Pink Neon Sign for Romantic Style

What could be more fun than surprising the bride to be with a bright pink neon sign over her special seat or at the party venue? In the days before her wedding, she wants to have a bit of excitement to cut through the nervousness and spend time with her family and friends. You want to go all out special decorations that she will remember for the rest of her life. Forget flowers and balloons. Everyone uses those. You need something unique and memorable.


Although the LED neon wall art from Echo Neon comes in a variety of different colors, a pink neon sign really makes a difference for bridal shower and related parties. They even look great with balloons and streamers hung around them. Not only do you get a splash of her favorite color, but you also can shine a spotlight on the woman of the hour.


What Types of LED Neon Lights Should You Choose?

After deciding on her favorite color or simply choosing a pink neon sign for its association with romance and love, you now get to select the unique shape of the artwork itself. Many people who organize these types of parties prefer to use a script font, although we do offer several other options that may suit different personal styles. Some of the most popular words or phrases choose for a bridal shower include:

  • The bride-to-be's name – After all, it is her special day.
  • The name of both people in the couple or their last name combined
  • The wedding date or the date of their engagement
  • Words like love, romance, and forever that symbolize what the marriage will hold
  • Favorite phrases or even song lyrics
  • A short quote from a book or poem


The matter what name, word, or phrase you choose to use for the LED neon sign, is sure to make a big impact at the bridal shower. Stop worrying about how you will decorate the room, and forget potentially dangerous candles or boring balloons and streamers. With safe PVC and LED neon lights on your side, you cannot go wrong. Also, the guest of honor will have a special gift to take home and treasure forever.

Custom LED Neon Signs

Design You Custom Neon Sign with Unique Font Options

The new techniques used to create custom LED neon signs offer possibilities that were unavailable in years gone by. Today, you can have a special word or phrase made in a variety of beyond sign font choices just for you. This allows you to pick script, print, and more in order to create a unique look that is perfect for your business, home, or next event. While the choices are not endless, they still provide an amazing opportunity to customize your signage options.


Available Neon Sign Font Options at Echo Neon


When it comes to creating custom LED neon signs, you want options. Along with your choice of different words or phrases and a wide selection of bright colors, you can also choose from a variety of different font styles. No matter what you want a neon sign for, this type of choice is extremely important. Every piece of wall art, business signage, special event decoration, or home accent piece should match the style and look you want to convey everyone who sees it.


The Echo Neon customization page clearly lists the font options you can choose from. If you prefer print, you can choose the sleek Modern font, serif Egyptienne, or fun Sunshine style. Handwritten fonts like Cotton, Bath, and Snow give you even more options for unique looks. If you prefer something more traditional in script, the lovely Garden font will work great for you.


Match Your Custom LED Neon Signs to Their Purpose


Choosing a font sometimes involves more than just picking one you think looks good. The different styles of writing give Pacific impressions to the people who see the sign. For example, you would not expect a tough bar to use elegant script on its sign advertising beer and rock music. You would also not expect a bridal floral shop to use an exceptionally modern and edgy font. During the design process, take a moment to consider the impressions that people will get of both the phrase and the font you choose to write it in. Do not forget to pick a color that makes sense, too.


Script Fonts

Choose scrolling fonts like Garden or Cotton for any type of elegant or feminine business. These also work well for bridal shower and wedding reception decorations. People may also want to use them in their bedroom wall art design.


Handwritten Prints

 More whimsical or simple fonts like Sunshine and Prince present a casual air of friendliness and comfort. These work well in gift shops, casual clubs, and for everyday home decoration. They are also the most easily read.


Serif Typefaces 

The more traditional look of Egyptianne makes your LED message look more polished and professional. While it can be used for both businesses and homes, it truly shines for things like tradeshows, corporate events, and more elegant parties such as those for a graduation or anniversary.


Ultimately, the choice of font is completely up to you. After all, that is what neon sign customization is all about. When you can and style but the color and font as well, you can truly create your own personal favorite option.

LED Neon Lights

Premade LED Neon Lights Make Great Gifts

Forget gift baskets and gift cards. In this holiday season, consider LED neon lights for everyone on your list. The customization options allow you to choose the perfect image, word, or phrase that the gift recipient will love. With the trustworthy and swift service provided by Echo Neon, you know you can get everything wrapped up in time for gift giving. They make great options for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and any other holiday, too.


If you have anyone on your list of gift recipients that runs a business, and you want to celebrate their grand opening or launch, LED neon lights provide an even better gift because it helps them succeed. All of the marketing and customer attracting power of bright and colorful signage will be something that truly fulfills the meaning of the gift that keeps on giving.


Gift Options For Everyone on Your List

No one wants the same old gifts that they get every year. Go for something truly unique and different with custom LED neon lights for family, friends, and business associates. Although you can get a message or word custom made with ease, you may prefer choosing a premade option that will ship more quickly. The selection may be updated before you buy your next gift, so it always makes sense to check out the Echo Neon ready-made LED lights page.


Imagine giving a beautiful illuminated snowflake for the winter holidays to someone you care about. Perhaps your trendy friend would love the La La Land sign. A glowing crescent moon would provide a perfect nightlight for a family with a new baby, and the colorful rainbow is great for pride month or kids who love bright colors.


Wide LED Neon Lights Make Everyone Happy

The secret to giving quality gifts is personalization. While many people live by the old adage that "It's the thought that counts," the thought required to make a gift meaningful goes beyond remembering to give a particular person present at all. When you put thought into your generosity, you have to come up with something that suits a person's needs, interests, and personality. Although some people would prefer a basket of fruit or the same old scented lotion, a fun or meaningful lighted sign or wall art will truly demonstrate that you gave a thought to your selection.


With the safe PVC tubes, these lights are so much safer than the older alternatives that were made of glass. This makes them ideal for even children's rooms and temporary decorations. You can even have one or more made reciprocally for decorations at a birthday party, holiday celebration, or special event. This both fulfills both one of the needs of a great gathering – amazing decorations – and provides a gift that will keep on shining in the guests of honor's life for many years to come.

Custom Light Up Signs

Promote Your Shop with Custom Light Up Signs

Real-world shops need custom light up signs to attract attention from passersby who may not know if they want to step inside or not. If you operate a commercial location in a mall, shopping center, or as a standalone business, the decision about what signage to use frequently comes down to cost and how well it matches your brand vision.

You want something eye-catching, but flashing incandescent bulbs and bright colors may not suit your company's style. More and more stores are turning to unique and creative lighted signs that make a big impact in their sales. Consider unique LED neon lights created specifically for your shop.


Top 3 Promotion Methods With Custom LED Neon Signs

Anyone can imagine using custom light up signs on the door, in a window, or on the wall of the shop, club, boutique, or other business location. If you sell physical products in a store, it helps to think outside the box when it comes to your promotion and marketing efforts. Yes, customized LED neon catches attention and adds a certain sense of style to your location. From a marketing perspective, however, the design of light you choose does so much more.


1 – Identify Your Brand

Everything from the color of the glowing neon light to the font chosen for the words in your message or the image fashioned from twisting tubes all works together to give every potential customer the best impression of your brand possible. In a way, getting a custom LED sign is like having your business logo designed. The image or words you choose have to send a message about the type of things you offer and how you treat your customers.


2 – Illuminate Your Offers

Along with the message about these things, your shop itself needs something to direct the gaze of potential buyers. If you have a particularly valuable item you want to sell a lot of, you may put it on a tall shelf in the middle of the room with a light on it. You can use custom neon in the same way. Not only does it specifically illuminate the products nearby, but it attaches meaning and value to the light shining from it. People are naturally drawn to bright and colorful things. If you put a custom light up sign near a new product line, for example, you will increase the chance that they sell out.


3 – Welcome Customers Inside

Good business begins even before a customer enters your shop. One of the classic examples of lighted signs comes from the simple word OPEN hanging on the door or in the window. Go beyond the classic oval with a red or white word if you want to get the type of attention your store deserves. Why not get a customized Welcome sign from Echo Neon and improve your marketing to passersby who may not otherwise stop to check out what is behind your door?

Make Your Open for Business Sign Truly Shine

Everyone has seen a standard open for business sign. They say the word "Open" in white or red and may have an oval shape surrounding. Other designs exist, but most of them are rather standard. It does not have to be this way. If you operate a brick-and-mortar business and want to get the right type of attention, consider neon light signs custom made specifically for your brand. You will still get the message across to every potential customer who walks by your window. However, it will also let them know something about the products you sell and the quality style your company stands for.


Why Eye-catching Open for Business Sign Styles Matter


You may think that an Open sign is only fair to tell people walking by that your door is open and they can come in. While this is its primary function, the benefits of an eye-catching open for business sign go well beyond simple information. Of course, you want people to know that they can come inside and look at all of the products you offer. However, you also want them to know kinds of things they may find when they get there.


Neon light signs custom made to suit your brand make all the difference. They go beyond a simple welcome to demonstrate the type of quality and unique items that you sell. People frequently look for the Open sign from the parking lot, so it makes sense to have something recognizable. However, with the brightness of the LED bulb technology, any word, phrase, or image will still grab their attention. Then, you can keep it with a more unique appearance and meaning that will convince them to park, get out, and come over to check out your store.


Neon Light Signs: Custom Options Get More Attention


In the end, and Open for Business sign only needs to say the word open to get its message across. You do not want to make a long phrase or whole sentence explaining that a customer can come inside and look around. This is when the customization options get so important. You have to balance the expectations of people who may want to shop in your store and the marketing power of unique and surprising appearances.


People are attracted to things that arouse curiosity. Although it may seem base, people are very much like other animals in that they are attracted to bright things, color, and movement. You may not want to swing your LED neon sign around, but you can cover the other two options. If you did want to create a moving sign, however, the safe PVC tubing that resists breakage allows you to do so much more than old-fashioned glass.


If your storefront is in a mall or shopping center, you can expect that other businesses have a standard white or red Open sign in their window. Custom options get more attention. If yours glows purple in a fun handwritten font, it will naturally draw the eye more than the expected.

Top 5 Uses for Neon Tube Light Designs

The modern form of the neon tube light uses sturdy and safer PVC with bright LED lights instead of inert gases and glass. This allows for so many customization options that every single person who wants a unique sign or illuminated decor piece can get the perfect option just for them. If you love the look but are not sure how you would use an LED neon light, consider the following top 10 uses.


1 – Open for Business Signs

Shops, bars, service offices, and other types of businesses that maintain a physical location need to tell consumers and passersby that they are open and ready to serve them. Neon tube light options have long been used as Open signs for a wide variety of companies. Now that there are custom LED lights fashioned from PVC instead of dangerous glass, hanging a sign like this on your door or in a shop window has become so much easier.


2 – Home Decorations and Wall Art

More people are turning to unique lighted wall art to decorate every room in their home. Whether you opt for a ready-made shape like a rainbow, moon, or snowflake or order a customized word or phrase, you can truly represent your personality and your own unique sense of style. From a pink neon light in the bedroom to cool blue in the bath, you can enjoy the perfect illumination and look everywhere you go.


3 – Party and Event Accents

The affordability of the new type of neon tube light products makes them perfect for one-time use. Many people opt to have the newly married couples names displayed prominently at a wedding reception. Other options include wishes for a happy birthday, anniversary, or graduation at a celebratory bash. Special events like club gatherings and even business tradeshows can benefit from these bright and colorful signs.


4 – Lighting the Way to Fun

In the end, a neon tube light is ultimately a source of illumination. The multiple LED bulbs in each design glow quite brightly through the PVC tubing. This allows you to use a custom option for a lighting fixture just as much as a piece of artwork or signage. Use them to brighten up a dark corner in your home or put the spotlight on a special display at a convention or in your shop. You can even adjust the amount of light that a particular piece gives off by customizing the font and length of the word or message you share.


5 – Sharing a Message or Your Personal Style

In the end, in neon tube light offers such a unique option for both art and illumination that it allows you to truly express your personal style or the message you wish to share with the world. Surround yourself things that are truly meaningful to you. This is why people buy artwork to hang on the walls or knickknacks to set on their tables and shelves. This is why you choose a blue shirt over a red one and why you may pick a pink neon light instead of one that glows in bright yellow.


How a Love Neon Sign Works for Your Wedding Day

After a lovely marriage ceremony, the wedding reception is an opportunity for the new married couple to celebrate their love with family and friends. Most opt for a hotel ballroom, reception hall, or other large, decorated room. While standard decorations include flowers and balloons, consider adding something extra to truly illuminate the beauty and wonder of the romance all around. A love neon sign can be used not only to get attention to the new couple and their commitment to each other but also to provide light for the cake table, the DJ stand, or any other important part of the room.


Wedding Day Decor that Makes an Impact

Wedding receptions are getting fancier and more outrageous all the time. Whether you are going for pure romance or something a bit wild and crazy, you can find the perfect option with a customized love neon sign. Even though much of the lighting in a ballroom or reception hall comes from recessed fixtures on the wall, spotlights from the DJ stand, candles in the centerpieces, and similar mood options, you still need to make sure people can see where they are going and where to find the bar, buffet, or dance floor.


Bright LED lighting adds an attractive glow without creating glare. Consider matching the LED light color to the wedding colors chosen by the bride and groom. You can get everything from soft white to pink, purple, aqua, and more from Echo Neon. Many brides and grooms are very particular about their wedding colors and want everything to match beautifully. This gives a better impression to the guests and a great look for all those important candid and posed wedding reception photos.


Top Uses for Love Neon Sign Wall Decorations

Hanging a light-up sign near certain parts of the room can help people navigate the unfamiliar space. This is especially helpful if you intend to keep the lights dimmed at all. You could put a scrolling sign near the DJ or band that says, "Request a Song" or "Rock On." If you want to draw attention to the bar, consider anything from simply having the word "Bar" hanging over it in an easy to read font or get more creative with your wording. You might consider anything from "Champagne Toasts" to something wilder and more carefree.


Although the couple getting married, their family and friends can contribute to the overall decorating scheme of reception hall in many cases, this job frequently falls to businesses that provide these services. If you operate one of these venues or are involved in party planning of any kind, stocking up on a variety of love neon sign lights and art makes sense. You will give your clients a great variety of options that suit their decorating ideas of the most magical day in their lives. As these customized LED neon options quite affordable and nearly unbreakable, your investment will serve you well for a long time to come.


Neon Sign Maker

How to Choose the Best Sign Maker Online

No matter why you want and LED neon sign, the last thing you want to worry about is getting a poorly designed image or word that fails to turn on or stay on and looks cheap and shoddy. To that end, it makes sense to look for the best sign maker online. Look at all the options offered, read reviews, and get to know the most trustworthy and dedicated company who creates customized neon lights for both business and personal customers. We at Echo Neon want to be your source for all LED neon-style signage and decorations.


Top Tips for Finding a Sign Maker Online

Always do some research before going to customize a neon sign for your home decor, business or other pueposes. You already know you need a company who can deliver customized signage with ease. You also need to know that you can trust them to shift promptly at an affordable price and handle any problems that may arise with your order in a professional manner.


1 – Explore the Product Options – The first thing that attracts you to any business including a custom neon sign maker online, are the products that they offer. Unless you are going for an extremely specialized sign or a piece of wall art that can only be purchased from one company, you will have options. Check out not only the ready-made images offered by the specific brand but also the amount of customization they offer when it comes to designing your own sign.


2 – Consider Custom LED Signs – If you truly want to express yourself in a personal way or fulfill all the wants and needs of the gift recipient, business client, or customer, the customization options offered by a sign maker online must contain everything you want and need. Look for multiple color options that go beyond the classic white, red, and yellow. Give a second look for the fonts available to use.


3 – Look for a Record of Customer Service – After identifying a company like Echo Neon that offers exceptional LED sign products, you need to know that you trust them and can rely on them to provide great customer service from start to finish. This is where reading reviews comes in and looking for recommendations and testimonials from former customers. Also, if you are in any doubt, you can contact the company directly and ask questions.


4 – Affordability and Value Always Win – In the end, you find the best neon sign maker online by weighing the cost of the products with the value they will give to you. With sturdy materials, long-lasting LED bulbs, amazing customization options, and fun premade products, it is easy to see that we offer value for anyone who needs a unique and creative neon light. When the value you will get from your business sign, home or party decoration, or wall art extends far beyond the initial purchase price, you know you have found the best option for you.