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Social gatherings are one of the few things you can hardly take away from a man. Take away a man’s desire to socialize, and you may be taking away his freedom. Events, where people gather, can exist for many reasons—to celebrate a new career path, the birth of a child, or to celebrate a new relationship.

Events help connect people in many ways, so all of the planning stages for an event must go smoothly to allow connection, joy, and great experiences at the event. If you are planning any event, you want all your guests to be satisfied and have enough great stories to tell when they return home.

One vital aspect of planning for an event is planning for the lighting source at the event, as great lighting equals great optics. And optics is essential for every event; read on to find out more!

Lighting for Events

Lighting is one of the essential aspects of excellent event planning. It is common knowledge amongst interior designers that lighting helps to show your guests what you want them to see; it is an effective communication tool for events. So, if you want to paint a picture for yourself, your guests, or your audience—paint one with your choice of lights.

Event lighting also helps to transform the mood of a place. Have you ever walked into a space and felt better immediately? Cause the mood of that space clearly stated, “no dull moment here.” Intelligent light planning can help you achieve this goal with your guests or audience. You don’t want anyone feeling sleepy during your events because the lights are too dull, nor do you want anyone stepping out because your lights gave them a migraine.

The critical functions of lighting at any event are;

  • Illumination: Except if the theme of the event allows for utter darkness (which would still require some fraction of light for safe navigation), your lights must enable the guests to see one another and also see the main content of the event.
  • Focus: Imagine being at a wedding event and not being able to observe the bride and the groom because the lights direct your focus elsewhere—this would not be a great event. Hence, it is vital that the lighting set up at any event allows you to focus on the main content of the event.
  • Mood/Ambience: as we have clearly stated earlier, your choice of lighting should help you set the mood for your event such that everyone in the space is in tune and there is a balance between the lighting, your audience, and the environment. The kind of mood your lighting triggers significantly creates memories for your audience due to the sensitivity lights hold.

Neon Signs for Events

Neon signs gained popularity in several commercial spaces—on streets, in local restaurants, and in hotels. But neon signs for events have a different vibe due to the greater level of expressiveness it offers to users. Neon signs are versatile; hence they are one of the best choices for your wedding events, birthday parties, and business meetings or events.

Benefits of Neon signs

Neon signs are an excellent choice for all indoor and outdoor events based on the versatility they offer to users. The benefits of neon signs are based on their unique features, making them a suitable choice for all kinds of events.

  1. Colorful lighting source: Neon signs are colorful light sources and can therefore be used in many spaces depending on the color preference for that space. Also, because of their flexibility, you can have your neon signs in any shape, depending on the function needed.
  2. Cheap and low-energy consumption: You would hardly find a lighting source that runs on little energy and is cost-effective. However, due to the abundance of neon (from which neon signs are made), neon signage is affordable, and they need the most minimal amount of energy to run. Using neon signs to light up events would be an excellent alternative and save you some money.
  3. Easy to install light source: Neon signages are also easy to install and manage; you can set up your neon signs quickly, and they are ready to run. You can also use them for an extended period without running down or reducing intensity; hence they are great for long-hour events.
  4. Safe light source: Neon signs are also safe light sources as they are risk-free; for the environment and people’s health.

What to consider before choosing your neon signs

While neon signs may be versatile and suitable for all events, there are a few things you need to consider before setting up your lights to achieve maximal functionality. Some of these include;

  • The space for the event: You must ensure that the space or location where the event is to be held is suitable for this choice of light. The location’s space and arrangement or setup would help you determine the size, color, and design of your neon signage.
  • The suitable material for your style: all neon signages can look the same. However, they are not all made of the same material, so ensure that you choose the suitable material for the required function. PVC, LED, and acrylic are the various designs of neon signs.

Get creative with your neon sign choice

Neon signs allow you to get creative due to the flexibility it provides. For your birthday parties, wedding events, or business meetings, show how creative you are with these ideas:

Wedding Neon Sign

Yes, neon signs are a great source of light. But let’s make our space beautiful too. For wedding neon signs, you can opt for readymade signs like the wedding altar neon sign or a wedding ring sign. You can also decide to create a custom neon sign in the couple’s name or with lines like “Mr. and Mrs.” or “just married” neon sign. You can place all of these signs at strategic places at the event to place all attention on the couple, or these signs can also be an excellent idea for a backdrop.

Birthday Neon Sign

Another great opportunity where you can express your creativity is with birthday event planning. Birthdays are special events where everyone is joyful and in the mood to have fun. Birthday neon signs can add to the fun as you can make personalized neon signs like having a “let’s party” neon sign that lights up immediately the fun is about to begin. You can also use neon signs to mark milestones for birthdays. For example, you can have a custom-made neon sign that reads “hello 30!”

Other Events

Besides wedding and birthday events, neon signages are also great for other events, including business conferences, housewarmings, and baby showers. Just get creative with the signages and ensure that they are well placed.

Is a Neon sign great for my indoor event?

Neon signs can be used for all types of events, outdoor or indoor. They are easy on the eyes but also bright enough to provide illumination to navigate through indoor spaces easily. They are also safe, energy efficient, and cost-effective.

Where do I get neon signs for my holiday event?

Neon signs for your holiday event are a great choice. Christmas is a perfect period to brighten up your space with neon lights. Echo Neon provides several types of neon signages that are easy to use, affordable, and efficient.


Neon signs are common on streets and in commercial spaces, but it is a different kind of vibe when you see neon signs at events. Not only are these signs great for lighting up all sorts of events, but they also help to put your guests/audience in the mood for the event. Whether an outdoor event or just a tiny event in the small space of your home, neon signs get the job done.

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