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Weddings are a special event in anyone’s life. A wedding arrangement is a once in a lifetime event and people want everything to be perfect for this special day. That would include the signage and decor.

Why Neon?

Why do so many people choose to have a custom neon wedding sign? Should you go for this option?

The answer is yes! – because it’s arguably the best accent piece of decor you could possibly have at a wedding party. Let’s examine the top reasons why a custom neon sign is the best choice for a wedding.

Neon lights add to the overall theme of the wedding

A custom neon sign will give your wedding event a dramatic look. It will help you elevate your wedding celebration while adding elegance and class. Neon signs are not only beautiful but also make for fine decor.

Led neon lights are portable

A neon sign is extremely light in weight which makes it very easy to move around. You can carry it, transport it or even mount it on the wall. Custom led neon signs are totally portable and convenient for decorating your wedding venue.

A neon light is versatile

Because neon lights can be customized their versatility is endless! You can use them to create a custom message for the big day, give directions to the bar or dance floor, frame the wedding cake or even write the names of the happy couple! Of course, a neon sign is not only great for a wedding day but can be used for an engagement party as well! For engagement party ideas please take a look at our best-selling neon light collection.

A custom neon sign will convey your message or theme in a perfect way and in a very short period of time. It’s easier for guests to understand when they see it at their first glance

Also because a neon sign is lightweight you can set it up on walls, entranceways, dance floors or just to make darker corners bright with light!

Led neon signs can be customized as per your preference

A neon sign is customizable. It can be customized with your wedding theme colors, message or even the name of the newlyweds. You can get your neon sign personalized to suit your wedding theme.

A neon sign will create a powerful ambiance to your wedding ceremony or reception

Neon lights are very bright and will light up your wedding venue perfectly. They make for excellent lighting at night receptions, creating the perfect atmosphere for you to party. Your guests will be impressed with how you’ve added such a classy touch to your wedding venue. A neon sign is extremely attractive and makes for fine decor. Simply adding one on the wall or on top of your reception table will make an immediate impact on guests.

You can choose from a wide range of Led neon lights available at our online shop.

Your guests will admire your choice of decor and it will make the wedding memorable and special for you.

A led neon light is easy to clean

A neon sign is very easy to clean. All you need is a dry cloth and it’s done in seconds. Neon signs are also shatterproof making them very durable and strong which means they can be used for a number of years without any damage at all.

Can be used as a keepsake after the wedding

You can take home your neon light as a lovely keepsake. It’s something you can use to decorate your house, office or even in the garden! You can hang it up at home or in your workplace and enjoy its beauty every day.

Custom neon signs are totally personalized with your names, wedding themes, colors and messages. These wonderful keepsakes will remind you of your special wedding event every day.

An Led neon light is extremely durable

If you buy a neon sign from us you can be confident that it’s made of high quality, durable materials. Our Led neon signs will last you for years to come without having to be replaced or mended at all which makes them the perfect choice for your wedding decor needs.

After your wedding is done you can turn your neon sign into a night light. Creating a romantic neon memory for you and your partner.

How to choose your neon sign?

There are many things you need to be aware of before choosing a custom neon sign for your wedding. Let’s have a look at some tips you can follow while choosing the right one for your event.

Get it customized as per the color theme of the wedding

This may sound obvious but it’s imperative you get your sign customized to match the color and theme of the wedding. The last thing you want is for it to clash with your day! It really is something that requires careful consideration. Do you want something quirky or classic? funky or modern? please do keep this in mind when choosing a neon sign for your celebration.

LIght placement is important

It’s essential to take note of where you want to place your neon wedding sign before making your choice. You will have to get the size appropriate for that location so please ensure you look at all relevant measurements of the wall or stand before choosing your neon sign. You can create a custom light easily in our customize section where you can find a variety of ideas to help you along your way.

Our online shop offers a wide range of neon signs that you can choose from. You will be spoilt for choice with the awesome designs and styles which are available. We also offer customized light sign options where you can create your own personalized Neon sign images to suit your style preferences!

Neon light can create excitement and add to the glamour of your event. the neon sign will last for years, so a sign is a smart investment for something that will last long after your wedding day is over.

A neon sign is inexpensive compared to other decor options, making it an affordable and budget-friendly choice.

You can find a variety of neon signs for your wedding in our online shop or you can make one yourself with the help of our design tool available on the site. We have a wide range of sign templates to choose from and they’re all special in their own way.

Visit our online shop today where you can find a variety of unique neon signs for your wedding. If you have any problems creating your custom order you can get in touch with our friendly staff who are always more than happy to help.

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