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Neon lights, entered the life of the civilized world not so long ago, but over the past few decades, they have established themselves as reliable and effective means of lighting. The first thing that comes to mind when mentioning these things is signs from neon light, which can now be seen in any city in any corner of the world. Indeed, 80% of the total use of such lamps is occupied by advertising and street design. And the reason for this is the unique emission spectra – orange, red, blue and white-blue. Mysterious light in itself attracts attention, but lights can be made of any shape. Make writings and designs from them. You can get Custom Neon Lights and customized them easily.

Neon lights are the brightest new lighting installations, characterized by maximum efficiency and long service life. Therefore, today they are used in various fields of human activity, among which are lighting of buildings and interior lighting of rooms.

What are the advantages of neon light?

Consider the main advantages of such popular lighting devices as a neon light:

  1. Atmosphere. Neon lights create a unique “soft” glow that softens in the interior, as opposed to “rough and sharp” incandescent bulbs or “sharp” dots of LED strips; 
  2. The uniformity of the Backlight. 
  3. Silent – no noise, or annoying crackling. It is especially valuable for creating home comfort and a relaxed atmosphere for the desired relaxation.
  4. Low operating temperature. From all points of view, a positive feature: from the point of view of the fire, this allows you to place a neon light anywhere without fear of fire (its operating temperature is no more than 40 degrees). 
  5. Ability to create designer lighting compositions and drawings of almost unlimited shapes and complexity.
  6. Long term of operation – Up to 80,000 hours;
  7. lights of various shapes can be made;
  8. You can pick up a device with any white Backlight;

How do they work?

A neon light consists of a bulb in which the following processes take place: When moving, electrons collide with inert gas atoms, which are fillers in this region, and begin to ionize them, pushing electrons from the upper region into the capacitance. Atoms, in turn, collide with electrons, again being neutral atoms. Thanks to this reverse transformation, a quantum of light energy are emitted. As you can see, the principle of operation of neon lights is not very complicated.

When turned on, such light does not heat much – the heating temperature reaches a maximum of 80 ° C. It is for this reason that neon tubes are also commonly called cold cathode lamps. Their scope is quite broad, as they are distinguished by durability, efficiency, and functional flexibility. The main advantage of such bulbs is that they can have any shape. 

Types of Neon

Neon designs come in a wide variety of patterns. Usually, neon is divided into open, closed.

Open neon – this is when the tubes themselves are insight, and the front panels do not hide their glow. Static and dynamic signs, writings, logos are made open neon (“written out” by neon tubes). Open neon allows you to create a bright, dynamic light advertising that attracts attention.

 Closed neon is when the tubes are hidden by front panels, which creates the effect of uniform illumination. Usually, use closed neon in the production of more information lightboxes and volume letters. 

Neon with a backlight is used in the production of neon letters that gently illuminate the base of the advertisement. Thus, a halo effect under the letter is created. Often used combined use of various types of neon.

Neon Letters

Neon light letters can be found both in the interior and in outdoor advertising. They look especially useful in the office space at the reception, in meeting rooms and other places. This is a relatively affordable way to maintain your corporate identity.

Where it Can Be Used

  • It is Used for registration of reception areas
  • Useful for internal navigation
  • for outdoor decoration (signage)

Application area

Lights and made of inert gases used everywhere. They created to used for:

  1. Hidden Backlight production;
  2. The decorative design of the outer space of ​​buildings, architectural buildings, monuments and so on;
  3. The lighting which has advertising structures.
  4. Decoration of great interiors in any residential and in other public places.

The neon lights used today in the interior design of the house look very natural and presentable. You can use them to transform any room and make your unique letters in the style of decoration. They are necessary for organizing a picnic in the evening, and you can use them to create an unusual atmosphere.It is an ideal solution for illuminating the ceiling area, aquarium, as well as any cabinet. You can make it so that when you open the office, the light mounted with the help of neon will automatically turn on in it.

The tape can also be useful in the kitchen space – if it is noticeably dark when washing dishes or cooking. You can install a neon ribbon of the required length in the required zone. And there are a lot of such ways of using this tape.As you can see, the scope of such universal lighting devices is quite extensive. It is due to their advantages, among which it is worth noting the high quality and beautiful luminous flux. The only LED strip can compete with them.

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