The neon light is a specialized tube made of glass, which filled with a small number of gases, forced into the tube under pressure. As a given substance, the light contains a noble gas, neon, from where the light got its name.

Advantages of Using Neon Light

  • Conditional safety lighting
  • Variety of colors and shades
  • Ability to adjust Light intensity
  • Long life without repair
  • Possibility of manufacturing lights of any configuration
  • Light from the source spreads in all directions
  • Neon tubes can be installed in various places
  • Conditional safety lighting
  • It makes noise during the operation
  • Neon has a special glow, and the light it emits does not give different shadows,
  • Using the controllers, you can adjust the light intensity of the light and its color,
  • The backlight does not heat the Light much, because its temperature does not exceed 50 degrees, which makes these lights safe;
  • Tubes are straight and can make practically any possible form, which significantly expands the possibilities: the tubes can even be made in the original form to decorate a certain design;
  • The ability to mount even in inaccessible areas;
  • The soft glow and moderate brightness, which does not irritate eyesight, lack noise during work.

What Colors Will be Best for Neon Lights 

It is worth explaining that neon lights can shine in all colors. Neon lights are the closest “relations” of fluorescent devices. Glass tubes filled with different types of gases, and the kind of gas chosen can affect the color of the light:

  • Tubes filled with neon itself can give red and orange light;
  • Helium illuminate the area with blue and pink;
  • Argon shines with lilac and blue light;
  • Krypton gives bluish and white colors, sometimes a green tone;

What are the Purpose and Use of Neon 

Great attention is paid to lighting with such a hot gas when decorating the place of the entertainment industry – it can often be seen in restaurants and on roofs in night bars, in casinos and expensive clubs, and it is also used quite a lot in different institutions. 

Choosing lights with neon for your home, you can get a beautiful design, with the help of which a pleasant atmosphere created Here at custom neon lights for home decor.

Moreover, it is possible to operate a light made of glass because of its unique qualities, in outdoor conditions: lighted signs, effective writings, home lighting. 

Neon lights can be seen even on airfield runways and landing strips. Lights and ropes, which include inert gases, are used everywhere today.

They are used most often for:

  • Stylish decoration of the apartment;
  • Creating invisible lighting for the home;
  • Design of outdoor structures, buildings or monument
  • Lighting for advertising,
  • Clearance of trading floors.

The reasonably broad scope of the use of such products at home is explained by several advantages, among which the quality and beauty of the light can be seen:

  • Decoration of furniture interior items. In addition to lighting the room itself, you can also highlight items of furniture. It will give any room a truly exceptional expression. Usually, furniture, beds, and glass furniture parts are constrained to such an “accent”:
  • Decoration of various accessories in the house. Along with pieces of furniture, the inert gas can illuminate accessories and the original room decor: paintings and different-sized corners in the wall, large mirrors, and plants. 
  • Functional plan highlighting. Neon lighting in an apartment can be not only a bright significance but also solve other problems. So, with the help of such a lighting effect, you can illuminate the steps of a staircase or baseboard. The one who at least once in his life felt the steps with his feet in complete darkness understands the usefulness of Neon Lights. Also, some car owners use neon lights in the interior of their car.
  • Often such lighting is also used for a kitchen apron or the surface of a dining table. Neon is also ideal for illuminating a switch in the dark.


Neon in all kinds of interior styles

 Neon light in the apartment can be used in this way:

  • Illumination of any ceiling,
  • The lighting of eaves of windows,
  • Illumination of unique panels on the wall,
  • Illumination of walls, podiums, steps;
  • Zoning the room, lighting the floor around the edge of the room, the creation of various light forms.

Ways to light up interiors With Neon lights

Neon lights provide a vast number of opportunities for real creativity..The perfect combination is light with neon light and ceiling cornices. Such a lamp is suitable for stretch ceilings, as well as for drywall constructions. With such options, the roof will visually seem a little higher.

By changing the brightness with such lights, you can gently select one zone in the room and darken the other in an original way, which is very suitable for small apartments or studios.

Neon light In Bedroom

Neon lights will look very beautiful in the Bedroom, the most important thing, in this case, is to choose the right color of lighting. The most popular in this case is green, purple and pale blue colors, with which stands out beds.

Neon Lights for Bars 

The lighting of the bar with neon makes it a significance. Bright lighting under the bar will qualitatively increase the overview of place. Blue and white colors are an excellent choice for additional lighting of the bar, especially since they perfectly emphasize the atmosphere of a luxurious evening and effectively enhance the view from the windows of the home or the doors.

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