Colors, when they’re switched off, may appear transparent. How do they get such vivid colors if they are made of white or clear glass?

Neon gas is compressed and then pumped into a durable glass tube by manufacturers to create a standard neon light. The resultant glow is a rich, dark crimson whenever a spark ignites the gas inside this tube. Other neon colors are created by skilled artisans who either add another gas to the neon or fill the tube with a different noble gas to achieve the desired color. The precise color of the light produced is also affected by the amount of gas in the tube.

Gasses like mercury, argon, and helium are typically utilized to create bright, multicolored neon signage.

Blue Neon Sign

A blue neon sign will look amazing in any setting and would especially complement a blue theme. Blue’s sophisticated undertones make it a great choice for a neon sign, and this fact alone makes it a great addition to any location.

LED neon signs with humorous or motivational language, as well as images of sausage dogs, hot mugs of coffee, and floating astronauts. Here at Echoneon, we have a large variety of neon blue signs for your perusal and selection.

You can peruse our blue neon sign selection in detail if you’d like.

Pink Neon Sign

When turned on, our pink neon signs shine with a vibrant pink hue, while in the off position, they appear white. Use this vibrant shade with our cotton candy and fuchsia tones to create a lovely illuminated wall hanging. You may make a stunning neon sign with this eye-catching shade combined with our purple, ice blue, mint, or white colors.

We can make stunning pink neon or LED artwork out of any word, phrase, or image you provide. The warm and comforting glow of the Pink Neon Sign helps put you at ease and puts a smile on your face. In a very noticeable way, the Pink Neon Tubes communicate your joy to onlookers. To make your neon sign more noticeable, try using a pink hue. You can use a Pink Neon Sign to celebrate any joyous occasion at home, in business, or public. With two of these Pink Neon Signs, your joy will be doubled.

Red Neon Sign

There is no higher level of advertising than a red neon sign. They’re eye-catching because they blend the allure of neon lighting with the pop of color provided by red. Their usefulness extends beyond the realm of marketing. Neon lights are a great addition to any party or home decor.

The addition of red neon lights to a wedding or engagement party instantly raises the mood. Just picture some alluring neon lighting on your floral wall or photo booth backdrop. It had a profound effect, and the recollections will remain vivid forever.

Red neon lights are the most well-known and frequently purchased of the several neon light hues available. Red signs are everywhere in Las Vegas, from the iconic “Las Vegas” sign to the time-honored “Open” and “Bar” signs.

It has long been a favorite for use in advertising and as a glamorous accent in interior design. We felt the red neon sign style was so distinctive that we had to design an entire line of LED lighting around it.

The owners of bars, restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs consistently express their appreciation for our red neon LED signs. Purple is the color commonly associated with social gatherings, celebrations, celebratory meals, and nocturnal establishments.

Decide if you want a neon sign that glows a bright crimson, ruby, or burgundy red for your storefront or wall decor.

Green Neon Sign

Green is commonly used to represent all things natural and lovely. This image represents peace.

Additionally, green is commonly associated with wealth, well-being, and ecological consciousness. Seeing this color may improve our mental, social, and physical well-being. Green is considered to alleviate stress and promote healing.

A green neon sign might be helpful in your private and professional life. It will look great on the wall or with green night lights in your room.

If you need a way to unwind and feel at peace, a unique green neon sign may be just what the doctor ordered. A personalized green neon sign in your house or workplace can completely change your outlook on life and your state of mind.

White Neon Sign

White neon signs from this collection can be just what you need to make an impact in a dimly lit space while also creating an icy air.

While white may not be a typical color for neon LED lights and signage, this works to your advantage.

You may create a bold and fashionable statement with neon-white LED signs in your storefront or office. Ensure the area is sufficiently dim so the sign can be seen against its black background.

Yellow Neon sign

The color yellow is optimistic and upbeat; it is a happy color. Here we have another eye-catching light. As a highlight or accent color, yellow is sure to stand out.

Despite their boldness, colors like yellow have a surprising amount of range. While certainly eye-catching, the result is a more upbeat environment.

The color yellow can instantly brighten and warm space. And nothing can cheer you up like the color yellow. There is a wide range of yellow neon signs, each of which carries a nuanced connotation.

It will improve the overall ambiance of a space and even make it seem larger. Using a yellow color on the exterior of your house or company will make it look classy.

The yellow is ideal for use in a basement, hallway, man cave, or any other space that receives little to no natural light. Since the hallway is meant to be a neutral space, a milder hue of yellow might be suitable.

Yellow’s adaptability makes it fantastic lighting for any celebration. In no uncertain terms, it will inject an aura of joy and vitality into the proceedings.

Purple Neon Sign

Fun and exciting, purple is a perfect complement to neon lights. Here at Echoneon, it is well regarded as a top pick.

You’ve decided that a neon purple sign is the best way to personalize your home, inspire emotions of calm within you, and show the world that you’re a person with distinctive and exciting tastes. The Purple Neon Sign is a great addition to any room and a great novelty light. Use the radiance of neon purple aesthetic neon signs to create a personalized ambiance in your home or business.

As you can see, we have a wide variety of purple neon led lights for your selection. Because of this, we believe you will have no trouble locating an ideal purple neon sign for your house, store, or office.

Gold Neon Sign

The energy on these lovely gold neon signs is positive! This great reminder should be there in everyone’s life. If you would like to make your clients feel special, hang it in your salon or your room as a nice encouragement.

These gold neon signs should be in everyone’s life. You can place it in your bedroom as a reminder to stay optimistic or in your hair or beauty salon. This one-of-a-kind piece of neon wall art has a clear acrylic backdrop that has been precisely cut to fit the shape. Purchase it with a remote control and dimmer to set the mood you like.


The simplest things in life sometimes are the most inspiring. Colors are a simple yet powerful stimulant that can put you in the mood for creative thinking. The essential thing is that you enjoy yourself while exploring, discovering, innovating, and taking chances.

The key to success is to fill your life with positive influences, both human and material. Multicolored slumber is a pipe dream, but our neon lights in every color will bring you as close as possible.

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