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No other type of lighting or signage has such an iconic connection to bars, breweries, clubs, pubs, and taverns as traditional neon. From the highest-class bar and grill to the neighborhood pub, you find neon signs decorating, advertising, and illuminating the space. Unfortunately, the expense and break ability of old-fashioned neon lights put them out of reach for some proprietors. Luckily, you can turn to bold LED neon signs made of virtually unbreakable PVC tubing for the same style, ambience, glow, and aesthetic with lower costs and greater efficiency.

“Open” and Other Business Operation Signage

Let everyone know you are open for business with an LED neon “Open” sign in classic red and white or any other color we offer. This is one of the most common, traditional, and necessary pieces of signage that every bar, club, and tavern needs even if you display your hours of operation clearly. An open sign welcomes visitors inside and can even attract foot traffic in the area who are looking for a drink, snack, or a fun time.

Useful business signage does not end with this simple word, however. The customized solution options offered by Echo Neon can transform interior of your pub into a stylish place where everyone knows exactly what they can get. Consider anything from menu items to moods in glowing red, blue, yellow, pink, green, and white hanging on the walls.

LED Image Signs Set the Mood for Relaxation and Fun

Just like every other service business, your tavern or club has a special feel and focus. For example, a club may exude high-class elegance or frenzied fun. You can use LED neon signs for both of these options. Our “Vogue” or city skyline premade wall art suits the first while multi-colored party balloon and crown motives fit the second. Do you operate a sports bar? Consider an Ohio State or LA Chargers logo. Does it have a more Western theme? Choose an outline of the great state of Texas or a fun cowboy boot.

Never Let Guests Forget Their Favorite Spot

Choose a color scheme or go for a whole rainbow of excitement that shows off your brand perfectly. Have a custom LED sign made with the name of the pub, the owner’s name as it is well-known in the area, or the signature drink of the house. Neon signs of all types make a huge impact on people’s hearts and minds, so it makes sense to use them for things you want people to remember for all the right reasons.

The goal is to convince people to come back again and again and make your bar or club their regular spot for evening drinks or entertainment. While this depends mostly on the beverages and food you serve, the music you play, and opportunities for fun you offer, ambience also creates favorites for people who love going out. Neon signs help create memorable impressions that non-illuminated ones cannot.

Protect Your Bar’s Bottom Line

No doubt exists that custom LED wall art and aesthetic neon signs improve first impressions and overall style of any gathering spot. From a more practical standpoint, however, bar and club owners need affordable signage and decorations. It also helps to choose options with limited maintenance needs and low chance of breakage. After all, when drinking and partying are involved, the chance of possible damage increases.

Safe and efficient LED bulbs use with flexible PVC tubing offer the safest and least expensive option for introducing a neon glow to your business. If someone stumbles against the wall and the sign falls, all you need to do is hang it up again instead of worrying about broken glass and potentially hazardous gasses with traditional neon. Also, the light emitting diode technology that creates the amazing glow will last literally years of operation without affecting your utility bills or overhead in any real way.

If you own or operate a bar, pub, club, or tavern, you undoubtedly recognize the popularity of neon signs for everything from advertising beer brands to getting people excited out on the dance floor. Now you can save money, decorate more, and advertise effectively with long-lasting LED neon signs perfect for what your place stands for. The bright colors, premade detailed graphics, and fully customized text options provide everything you need to decorate your bar or tavern in style.

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