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If you own a brick-and-mortar retail establishment, introducing a new product takes a lot of planning and setup if you want it to make a splash in the marketplace. Custom neon signs for sale announcements are an excellent way to get the right type of attention and make higher profits. This holds true for both in-shop displays and online marketing opportunities. If you have been in business for a long, you understand the importance of both of these things if you want your new product to succeed.

The following tips will help you display new products in your shop and online sales announcements and media posts in an effective way that will increase interest and sales. With the brilliant color and bright lights of LED neon signs, you can make a difference for individual items, new product lines, and your brand in general.

In-Store Display Options

Put the new products on a table, shelf, or rack that makes sense for the variety. Of course, a shirt and a book will require different display support. If you want to attract the most attention possible, only put out a few of the products in a friend-facing layout. This allows people entering the shop to see it right away from the most flattering angle. Make sure the product is visible from the door or high-traffic areas. Tucking a new product into a back corner will never work.

Besides using the right type of display rack and positioning the products prominently in the store itself, you can use extra accessories like custom neon signs to make a better impression. This combines the need for sufficient lighting with the type of color and design that helps capture attention for all the right reasons. A shopper browsing your goods may notice a well-lit product on the table if they are particularly observant. They are much more likely to notice a bright green, pink, or yellow word or design hanging nearby. This is how premade or custom neon signs for sale displays really make a difference.

Choose virtually unbreakable PVC tubing, laser-cut acrylic backing, and highly efficient and bright LED bulbs in your neon display light options. They will last longer, will not break if a store visitor accidentally bumps into them, and create an attention-grabbing glow that will make your new product shine. Also, these lights are rated to last 50,000 hours or more, which means you will not have to spend more money when they burn out. This reduces overhead and makes your sales efforts more economical, which means higher profits for you.

It is also important to pick designs, words, or phrases that suit the product type itself. Having a neon sign that says, “New!” may get the job done. Something generic yet informative like this also gives you the opportunity to use it again and again for a diverse range of items. Think about the theme or purpose behind a product purchase to make a bigger impact. A stylish new shirt may sell better with, “On Trend” or “New Style.” Do not dismiss the power of graphic designs either. Well-placed neon signs with symbols or art pieces may work better in some situations.

Online Marketing Photos and Posts

Everything you do to decorate your brick-and-mortar store can help you create online advertisements, photos to share on social media, and even marketing videos that introduce a new product and highlight its benefits. All these things need sufficient lighting, of course. While a LED neon sign may not illuminate enough for video production, the color, shape, and dynamic options like color-changing or strobe features help.

Take photos of the new products with a unique neon sign in the background or hanging above it. Make sure these brilliant novelty lamps do not detract from the product itself. Excessive glow, for example, may make it difficult for online shoppers to see the true color of the item. Modern neon made from safe materials and eco-friendly bulbs makes a huge impact on anyone who sees it. Since you want your product to make an even bigger impression, focus on it more than the surrounding decor.

Another way to use cool neon signs for a product launch is to take photos or videos of the sign itself as part of the introduction or title page to the item reveal. This gets attention without detracting from the color or design of the product itself. If you love neon lights as much as we do, you can even build the signs and wall art you choose into your brand identity. Continuity of design when introducing any new product or pushing sales of an older one will help consumers recognize who they are doing business with and appreciate your quality and attention to detail.

With all the amazing pre-designed options available here, you are sure to find the perfect light for your retail establishment. Do you sell trendy women’s clothing? The ‘Clothes Before Bros’ sign may be perfect for your window or wall. Are you a natural products brand? Consider a cool green leaf, planet Earth design, or a brightly colored flower or fruit. If you do not find something that suits your needs perfectly, head to the customization page to create your own word-based piece. You can also contact us for information about other projects.

The success of any new product depends on how you display it in your physical shop location and the efficacy of your online marketing efforts. Although many factors go into these things, using neon signs for sale announcements and advertisements makes a lot of sense. They draw attention, create the right shopping mood, and help you establish the perfectly designed ambiance that makes people more eager to take a closer look and buy. Explore the whole range of Echo Neon Studios LED signs and wall art and pay special attention to the Customization page that gives you virtually free reign to design your own perfect piece.

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