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For many people in love, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. They plan the ceremony and reception many months in advance and only want the best and brightest decorations to celebrate their love. Custom LED light signs provide an exceptional and impactful way to do this while making everything look bright, upbeat, and meaningful. Also, they provide extra illumination for safety and comfort in the sometimes-dim wedding venues.

These highly aesthetic neon signs last for many years after the wedding celebration, too. They can become beautiful wall art decor for the shared home or decorations for anniversary parties and other special events down the road.

1 – The Couple’s First Names or New Last Name

When two people get married, it is a celebration of them as individuals and how they come together in a romantic relationship for the rest of their lives. Custom neon lights fashioned in the shape of both of their first names look great displayed at the ceremony or above the front table at the reception dinner. This reminds everyone of the most important couple of the day.

Another way to use aesthetic neon signs to celebrate the two individuals’ new bond is to use the new last name that they will share. Choose a single name or a hyphenated option on our custom LED neon page. You can choose from a wide variety of colors including bridal white, romantic red, beautiful blue, bright yellow, royal purple, and more. Multiple sizes and fonts are also available. They include lovely script, casual handwriting styles, modern print, and traditional serif styles.

2 – Classic Love and Wedding Words and Phrases

As an alternative to using names for custom neon lights, consider meaningful words commonly used in wedding ceremonies and celebrations. These may differ based on religion or spiritual beliefs, how traditional or casual the wedding is, and the agent status of the people getting married. For example, you would not use “Bound by Faith” at an atheist wedding, nor would you use “Young Love” at a second marriage of two older people.

Some creative ideas for custom neon lights include:

• Together Forever• Champagne Wishes• Happily Ever After• Our Love Story• The Adventure Begins

3 – Pure Romance and Symbols of Love

Although custom text-based neon signs look beautiful at a wedding ceremony or reception, you may want to decorate with premade options, too. Echo Neon does offer some well-designed words like “spontaneous,” “Better Together,” and a stylized “Love” piece of artwork. Pictures and symbols associated with romance and togetherness also make for exceptional accents for any wedding venue.

Choose one of these aesthetic neon signs:

• Pink triple heart• Colorful wedding altar sign• Picture frame design• Pretty flower icon• Christian cross for religious weddings

4 – Signs Specifically for the Guests

Wedding celebration caters not only to the couple who is joining together in matrimony but also to the friends and families who show up to support them. Large wedding venues and reception halls can have dim lighting and busy spaces that may be difficult for some people to navigate confidently. The configuration and crowds may make it difficult to find the open bar or the DJ stand to request a favorite song, for example.

Custom LED neon signs can help guests find their way around with words, images, and sufficient illumination to grab attention and provide guidance. For example, hang a simple text sign that says, “Open Bar” in the appropriate place. Create a pretty script sign with, “Listen to the Music” above the DJ stand or band. You can use these types of illuminated signs for everything from a gift repository to the cake table to a fun picture booth where guests can record messages for the couple.

5 – Thematic Images or Icons

Many wedding celebrations have distinct themes or color schemes associated with them. While some couples may go out on a limb and choose a medieval times theme or a fun costume party, most are more subtle and nonspecific. LED light signs can still contribute an awful lot to the overall mood of the ceremony or reception afterward. They complement other decorations like flowers, bunting, ribbons and bows, fairy lights, and more.

Consider these options for a themed wedding party:

• Green palm leaf for a garden party• White snowflakes for winter weddings• Glowing cityscape for an elegant evening• Rainbow neon for an LGBTQ wedding• Party balloons and balloon animals for a fun daytime event.

Add premade or customized aesthetic neon signs to your wedding celebration for a unique look that lasts all day and night. From the most fun-filled party to the most elegant celebration, bright LED bulbs and lightweight PVC tubing can create the perfect look for your greatest memories. Explore the full range of options here at Echo Neon or navigate to our custom sign page to create lovely names, loving phrases, or best wishes for the happy couple.

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