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It is human nature to improve their way of living. Human being has invented and discovered numerous facilities to make their life easy. The light was the first thing that touched the human surface when it came into existence after the big bang. As stated above that it’s in human nature to improve and discover new ways to facilitate their living standards. At first, there was only natural light and human being has to rely on it but over time human being has invented the artificial man-made light to fulfill the tasks which were essential in the presence of light or the chores which were facilitated by the light.

Thomas Edison invented electricity as energy, and then the light bulb as an appliance to emit the light. The electricity was passed through the thin filament of the light bulb and the electrical energy was then converted into electricity to produce light in the light bulb. The light bulb was the first-ever appliance to emit light. Over time, the previously invented electrical light emitting appliances were upgraded and many other new appliances were invented to produce light to fulfill the need of mankind.


Neon lights are the modern light-emitting appliance but it had to travel through many inventions and upgrading of its light-emitting predecessors. The journey towards NEON LIGHTS and Custom Neon Lights started with the effort of a scientist named “Thomas Edison”, who invented ‘The light Bulb’ in the 20th century in search of an appliance that can be used to convert the electrical energy into the light energy. This invention had greatly influenced the life standard of mankind; you may say; It changed the way humans had seen their future. Now, the man-made light-emitting was invented which solved many problems of human beings. Over time, many modifications had been done in the light bulb but still, it wasn’t satisfactory as the electric bulb wasn’t reliable and also very expensive.

The journey towards better appliance or you may say “The Light-emitting device” had started. After a few decades’ tube light was invented. It was a rod-like device filled with particles and gas, which was the main core to produce light in the glass rod tube. The electricity provided externally to the end terminals was changed into light energy when passed through the gas and solid particles in the tube, hence light energy was produced. It was new in the market and people used it abundantly but after a short time period, people came to know that it wasn’t reliable because if it got out of order, people had to take it to the electrician to repair it but if the tube got broken by the electrician, they had to buy the new one.

Dear Fella! Then the invention of LED LIGHTS had cured its predecessor ‘The tube light’ weak points, but it hadn’t covered all of it. LED LIGHTS were reliable but it was too expensive for the people to afford it. People couldn’t afford them in high quantity because they had to pay a higher place to buy them but ‘the light-emitting’ device was the basic need of a man-kind, So the thirst towards better, economical and reliable ‘light-emitting’ device prolonged. Neon light’ is a thin rope-like tube filled with neon gas. You can customize them according to your design needs. Those Lights are called Custom Neon Light. The light emits through ‘The Neon Light’ by the reaction of the neon gas in it. The repairer could fix it easily by filling the neon gas in it; the reliability problem was solved. The price of the neon light was quite lower than any other light-emitting appliance. One could easily buy it in the online shopping mart or from any nearby store. “The Neon Light” is reliable and economical, one can afford it easily.


People used “The Neon Light” as a replacer of previously used electrical appliances that were used to emit light. Over time people used ‘Neon lights” as a marketing tactic to attract the eyes of the buyer towards their offices, pubs, restaurants, and casinos. They made neon signs of the names and the services provided by them and hanged them on the walls instead of big billboards and advertisement charts. People customized ‘the neon lights’ by filling different frequency colors based on their need to attract the retina of the human eye which is sensitive to colors.

Everyday uses of Neon lights

Although the largest use of neon is in making the colorful ‘neon signs’ for advertising yet its use for home decoration and to beautify our parties is ever-growing. Let it be pointed out that only the red signs contain pure neon. Other signs contain different gases to yield different colors. Another usage of neon is also to make high-voltage indicators, lightning arresters, lasers, switching gear, and diving equipment. Neon is used in many household appliances such as lamps, plasma studies, signs, electron tubes, fluorescent starter tubes, gas lasers, cryogenic refrigeration. Neon lights are not only used in as a marketing tactic device but also in home as a piece to decorate the walls, doors, and windows. The attractive colors of neon lights are very luring to human eyes that they flair the beauty of the house.

Apart from the decoration purpose of the house’s walls, windows, and doors, people also use ‘custom neon light’ to make their special occasions livelier. People customized neon lights by filling different colors in it according to their event. For example, the red color in the rope-like tube neon light on the day of valentine’s day. The birthday party is a very obvious example wherein neon lights are used so abundantly. The rope-like neon tube can be filled with many alluring colors like blue, green, red, yellow to make the birthday party more lively. “Custom Neon Light Signs” are so much versatile and reliable that people can use a single rope-like Neon light sign on many occasions, all they have to roll it back like a rope and keep it in the box till next event and the rope-like structure help the people to make the signs of their event by themselves and they do not need an expert electrician to do the task; that is the beauty of the Custom Neon Light Signs.

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