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Bachelorette parties have grown from small gatherings for a new bride to big events that a bride’s friends plan to celebrate her final days as a single lady. Rather than the regular luncheon or dinners at a famous restaurant, bachelorette parties are now being held as game nights, dance parties, or luxury weekend trips.

Planning the best bachelorette party for your friend is an important task. It is a celebratory event for the bride and also an avenue for friends and family to bond and spend time together. Hence, all activities must go smoothly. To ensure this happens, the party’s theme, decorations, and other activities must be well-planned to the bride’s satisfaction. Hence, if you want the best bachelorette party for your bride, read this guide to find out how!

Bachelorette Party Ideas

It has been established that bachelorette parties have changed from the traditional get together to more fun and adventurous events lately. One key thing to note is that there are no rules when planning a bachelorette party for a bride and her bridesmaids. Hence, anything goes as long as the bride approves. While you can include many fun activities in a bachelorette party, here are a few ideas of what to do with a group of friends.

Bachelorette Dance Party

Nothing screams “energy” than a pumped dancing session with a bride and her friends. A dance party is a great idea, especially when meaning to let off some steam from the stress that planning a wedding brings you. The dance party does not have to be at a club, as any space that is enough to accommodate all guests is good enough. You also do not have to spend so much money or time planning this event.

All Games Party

An all-games party is a great bachelorette party idea for any introverted bride and a game lover. This is easy to set up as you only need a monitor and some gaming pads or consoles, depending on the game choices available.

Other non-digital games like Truth or Dare, Drink or Spill, Card games, 20 questions, or toss games are also fun ways to interact with the bride and all the guests present. Ensure that the space is well-ventilated and that the chosen games are enough to let everyone participate.

Pampering or Spa Dates

There is nothing ladies love more than to be pampered, and you can help fulfill one of the bride’s wishes by booking a spa session for her and her bridesmaids or other close friends. To ensure this is a complete success, check out bachelorette-friendly spas close to where you are lodged for the bachelorette event for the best pampering sessions.

Also, arrange with the spa attendants to have enough space to accommodate all the guests at a time with provision for champagne and small, fun talks.

Movie Night

Sleepovers involving movies and popcorn are a top-tier bachelorette event for your girl who loves great movies. You can set up a mini-cinema in your space at home with a large screen, comfortable sofas or chairs, drinks, and snacks. You could also add tissue papers to the list if it’s that kind of movie. Just be sure that it’s a movie the bride is willing to watch so it can be enjoyable.

Movie night can also be at a cinema close by, and you can gather together at home or at a hotel by the end of the movie to discuss and catch up.


You can come up with a creative idea for your party. Remember? There are no rules. If you have an idea, you can speak to a group of friends to bring your idea to life by helping you with the planning. Don’t forget to consider the bride’s tastes and preferences. What is a party for the bride if the bride does not enjoy it? You can also have a mix of one or more of these events at your party, like a spa date during the day, which then ends with a movie night.

Bachelorette Party Décor Ideas

Bachelorette parties are not just about the activities. Bachelorette party decorations should also back up the plans for eventful activities to fit the celebratory mood. Great party décor will add to the aesthetics and help stick with the event’s theme. You do not expect to have a bright décor for a movie night or a dark-themed party. Hence, check out these décor ideas for your next bachelorette party and find the best option that suits your party theme.

  • Props

Props are commonly used at a bachelorette party to remind the ladies why they are present. It’s fun to stay expressive, and props also look great in pictures. Fun props can be stickers showing terms like “bride to be,” “bride’s friends,” “team bride,” or “Mrs. soon.” You can also write these terms on sashes that the bride and her bridesmaids can wear on their outfits.

  • Glitzy Curtains

Glitzy curtains are for indoor bachelorette parties and help show an exciting atmosphere.

  • Neon Shot Glasses

For games like “truth or dare” or “spill or drink,” there must be items to help hold drinks. Neon shot glasses are not only functional but also decorative.

Bachelorette party neon signs should be included in your decorations plans as they have great functions; they beautify your space, help pass across helpful information to your guests, and even serve as a light source. Words like “Welcome,” “Mrs. B,” “Let’s Party”, or even an image of a ring can be used as a neon sign at a bachelorette party. 

  •  Balloons:

Balloons are not just for children’s parties. They are a great decorative addition to a bachelorette party as they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. A common one for bachelorette parties is the ring-shaped balloons.

  • Banners: 

 Banners can be decorative and also a helpful piece of information. They can be great for a backdrop prop as the bride’s picture can be on it or details like “bride to be”; it can even read “welcome to Charlotte’s bachelorette party.”

  • Confetti poppers: 

You should not miss this while planning your friend’s bachelorette. It is excellent for the occasion and makes ladies squeal and be excited—which is what we want at a ladies’ party. Pop that confetti for your girl!


Bachelorette parties are usually organized to support a lady getting married soon. For some, it is a “send forth” party as she leaves her lifestyle as a single lady behind. Planning a bachelorette party involves many activities, and it might be challenging to keep track of what things to do. While you must consider the bride’s preferences and schedule, ensure that you plan an event that stays evergreen in every guest’s memory.

As you have read, ensure that the critical aspects of the bachelorette party, including the planning of all activities and decorations, are taken seriously. Also, remember to shorten the guest list, and have a great time planning the best bachelorette party for your girl!

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