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Echo Neon Support NICU Families and Healthcare Workers

 ‘I Support Healthcare Workers’ T-shirt designed by Echo Neon with 100% of profits to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at The Ohio State University Medical Center.

NICU patients include babies who may face difficulties at birth, including those born prematurely, those whose mothers experienced a complicated pregnancy and delivery, or those with one or more birth defects.

Having a sick baby can be very distressing for families and because of this, NICU families and healthcare workers need more support.

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Echo Neon Support Teachers and Families

    You can’t put STUDENT first if you put TEACHERS last!

The nation’s schools need thousands of more teachers, full-time and substitute, to keep classrooms open during coronavirus outbreaks. Few benefits, erratic hours hand low pay have long created staffing issues for many districts. The pandemic only compounded those Issues.

Echo Neon Offers Discount for Teachers and Families. Please contact us or DM for a discount code! Email: 

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A Custom Neon Sign for Fire Suvivor Basset Hound

Echo Neon x @ernest.the.basset

On Monday, November 22 at around 1 am, Daryl, Kelsea, and Ernest(the Basset Hound) lost their place in a fire. Everyone and Ernest managed to get out safely, but only with the clothes on their back.

Ernest and his human were slowly getting set up in a new place and they reached Echo Neon as they were looking to have a custom sign made that either says “Must Love Dogs”.

Echo Neon collaborated with @ ernest.the.basset and created this beautiful custom neon sign “Must Love Dogs” for their new place.

Echo Neon has a collaboration program that offers a discount on neon signs created for NGOs, churches, charities, and families in need. We will provide $50-$300 store credit for people or organizations that participate in this program. The goal of this program is to make it easier and more affordable for people who need a neon light glowing in their life.

Instagram: @ernest.the.basset

Gofundme: Daryl and Kelsea Fire Relief

Whitney Avenue Elementary School- custom neo sign in a schoolol

Custom Neon Sign Donation for Whitney Avenue Elementary School

Custom Neon Sign Donation for Whitney Avenue Elementary School

Emily Baker, a 5th grade teacher at Whitney Avenue Elementary School in Sacramento reached Echo Neon in June. In Whitney Avenue Elementary, 91% of the families are considered to be low income or homeless, many of whom are refugees. These students have overcome so many challenges, especially during the pandemic, and Emily wanted to prepare the classroom to be as fun and welcoming as possible, providing them with something special when they return to school. Emily was hoping to hang a neon sign that says “4 houses, 1 family,”, so Echo Neon donated this neon sign for their classroom. The objective, vision, and heart of our mission is to make it easier and more affordable for people who need a neon light glowing in their life. Check out our MISSION page for more events and NGO collaborations with Echo Neon.

Whitney Avenue Elementary School- custom neo sign in a schoolol
Whitney Avenue Elementary School- custom neo sign in a schoolol

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Support Our Local and Independent Bookstores!

Support Our Local and Independent Bookstores!

Book sales have risen more than 6% during 2020 and much of this boost is because more parents have been tasked with teaching their children at home. However, most of these book purchases didn’t go through local and independent bookstores — rather, through online retailers that have dominated the market in the last decade, according to NPD BookScan.

Your Choices Matter. Don’t Box Out Bookstores! Echo Neon is offering special discounts for bookstore owner and workers nationwide! Please contact Echo Neon via E-mail or Instagram for discount code.

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May is Postpartum Depression Awareness Month

Do you know 1 out of every 7 new moms and 1 in 10 new dads experience some form of postpartum depression or other perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMAD)?

Echo Neon is now offering discounts for nursery neon signs. Would like to create a unique neon sign with your newborn’s name? Contact us for the nursery neon sign discount!

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Echo Neon Support Small Business

Wherever you’re from, chances are there was a small business that played an important role in your life. Independent business community is the backbone of America. While the need to help small business is most immediately obvious, the benefits of shopping small extend beyond times of crisis. By supporting a small business, you’re also supporting the local community. Spending your money there helps to stimulate the local economy and keep business booming within your local region.

Echo Neon Support Small Business by making the store and event decoration more affordable. Small business owner? Contact us for small business owner discount!

They’ve been there for us. Let’s be there for them. Shop for the holidays at your favorite small business.