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Tons of information exists about the brilliant color, bright neon lamp illumination, and artistic impact of led neon lights and neon light signs. Browse through the Echo Neon Studios e-commerce pages to see clear representations of how these things can make your life so much better. The coolest-looking custom neon signs will not give you the benefits you want, however, unless they have the quality, strength, colorful glow, and durability to look their best even years after the first time you hang one on your house or apartment wall or in your shop or café window or kids room.

Custom neon signs with the highest quality, last a long time and are eye-catching whether you use them in home decor or a business. The decision to use sturdy PVC tubing and laser-cut acrylic backing in our manufactured products was based on knowledge about the safety and strength when applied to custom neon lights, glass neon tubes, led neon signs like these. The materials offer a number of benefits for individuals and companies who want an affordable, long service life, and impactful sign or artistic display that gets attention for all the right reasons. Knowing which one is best for your needs is important and should be based on the type of end result you want.

A Custom Neon Light’s Strength Means More Style at Home

Neon signs for room decor are not the type of disposable accents you may find in a discount store or at the trendiest e-commerce shops online. If you want to express your own personal sense of style in a way that lasts and helps protect the environment from issues caused by throwaway decorations, choose the strongest LED novelty lighting or accent lamps for every room in your home. We offer an extensive range of designs suitable for any age, interest, or aesthetic in sturdy yet flexible PVC tubing. Each comes with an acrylic backing to provide extra stability and make it easier to hang up on the wall. While it is possible to break these materials, it is much less likely to happen when compared with traditional glass neon or poorly made accents fashioned from cheap plastic instead.

What are some great at-home styles for these durable lighted accent pieces? Consider a coffee motif or an avocado for the kitchen, a palm frond or rugged mountain range in the living room, a sweet puppy or ballerina in a children’s room, and hearts and flowers in the master bedroom. Our designs range from sweet to serious, trendy to timeless, and everywhere in between.

This not only means you can enjoy brilliant colors, and glowing style for much longer, but it becomes much safer to display than other options. Strength matters especially if you have children at home who may bump into the light or accidentally knock it off the wall. There is virtually no way they can get injured from our style of strong neon lights.

Durable Custom Neon Signs Bring Value to Any Business

When you are trying to decide what kind of sign to buy for your business, do not overlook LED light signs. They have a lot of benefits over other types of accent lighting you can purchase. One of the first is that they last a long time. These eye-catching signs are also more affordable than many other types, so if you are on a tight budget, this may be the best option for you. Another nice thing about these lights is that they are versatile enough to work in any type of business from a trendy nightclub to a quaint shop.

How can you best illuminate your business no matter what mood you want to create for your customers? It is easy to see how neon lights work for a bar or nightclub as they are traditional decorations that have been used in those types of venues forever. Coffee shops, bakeries, cafés, and fine restaurants can also use them to draw attention to a menu board, condiment counter, restrooms, or simply to eliminate a dim corner. Retail shops can match product types to wall art. Service companies can brand themselves in memorable ways with light-up names, mottos, and logos hanging on the wall. Do not forget a brilliant neon Open sign no matter what you offer to customers or clients.

Any business needs to take care when making investments in signage or decorations. The upfront cost is only part of the equation. Of course, any electric table lamps add to your utility bills and operational overhead. Often, people favor bigger signs because they think they will make a bigger impact on shoppers or guests. The bigger the sign, the more it costs to operate. Also, it will cost more to replace if it breaks. You can make an excellent impression with something smaller. No matter what, however, you want to buy the most durable neon signs for room accents so you do not have to replace them before the long-lasting LED bulb finally wears out. This is an excellent reason to choose this modern type of neon signage or wall art for your shop, hair salons, restaurant, office, service company, or nightclub.

Custom Neon Signs Give You Years of Brilliant Light and Color

Exactly how long will these custom neon signs last? No one can deny the impact LED lights have had on personal lives and the environment. They are better for the environment than other lighting sources, such as traditional gas-based neon and fluorescents, which involve harmful chemicals that release into the air over their lifetime and after disposal. Neon signs and Neon wall art with LED bulbs use a lot less energy than traditional light bulbs during operation and over their entire lifespan. Many people wonder how long these modern lighting options will last. The bulbs used in the Echo Neon Studio’s custom neon signs are rated to last more than eight years of continuous use. If you shut the lighting off every once in a while, as most people do, you may never have to replace them at all.

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