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Design You Custom Neon Sign with Unique Font Options

The new techniques used to create custom LED neon signs offer possibilities that were unavailable in years gone by. Today, you can have a special word or phrase made in a variety of beyond sign font choices just for you. This allows you to pick script, print, and more in order to create a unique look that is perfect for your business, home, or next event. While the choices are not endless, they still provide an amazing opportunity to customize your signage options.

Available Neon Sign Font Options At Echo Neon

When it comes to creating custom LED neon signs, you want options. Along with your choice of different words or phrases and a wide selection of bright colors, you can also choose from a variety of different font styles. No matter what you want a neon sign for, this type of choice is extremely important. Every piece of wall art, business signage, special event decoration, or home accent piece should match the style and look you want to convey everyone who sees it.

The Echo Neon customization page clearly lists the font options you can choose from. If you prefer print, you can choose the sleek Modern font, serif Egyptienne, or fun Sunshine style. Handwritten fonts like Cotton, Bath, and Snow give you even more options for unique looks. If you prefer something more traditional in script, the lovely Garden font will work great for you.

Match Your Custom LED Neon Signs to Their Purpose

Choosing a font sometimes involves more than just picking one you think looks good. The different styles of writing give Pacific impressions to the people who see the sign. For example, you would not expect a tough bar to use elegant script on its sign advertising beer and rock music. You would also not expect a bridal floral shop to use an exceptionally modern and edgy font. During the design process, take a moment to consider the impressions that people will get of both the phrase and the font you choose to write it in. Do not forget to pick a color that makes sense, too.

Script Fonts

Choose scrolling fonts like Garden or Cotton for any type of elegant or feminine business. These also work well for bridal shower and wedding reception decorations. People may also want to use them in their bedroom wall art design.

Handwritten Prints

 More whimsical or simple fonts like Sunshine and Prince present a casual air of friendliness and comfort. These work well in gift shops, casual clubs, and for everyday home decoration. They are also the most easily read.

Serif Typefaces

The more traditional look of Egyptianne makes your LED message look more polished and professional. While it can be used for both businesses and homes, it truly shines for things like tradeshows, corporate events, and more elegant parties such as those for a graduation or anniversary.

Ultimately, the choice of font is completely up to you. After all, that is what neon sign customization is all about. When you can and style but the color and font as well, you can truly create your own personal favorite option.

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