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If you are in the market for LED light signs of handmade neon signs or any kind of novelty lighting, it makes sense to ask questions to make sure the product you choose suits your needs. People look at neon signs for sale for a wide variety of reasons. They work well for business applications in retail shops, restaurants, bars, and service companies. They are also common for home decor and party decorations. Do your research and learn more about this type of product before you make your purchasing decision.

1 – Are cool-led neon signs dangerous in any way?

No. Unlike traditional neon sign that uses glass neon tubes and potentially hazardous gases, cool neon signs made in a new way are perfectly safe for regular use. Even if you knock one off the wall, it will not shatter. They are one of the safest options around for novelty lighting in your home, business, or at the next special event. The close attention to the highest standards of quality control allows us to say that these LED lights and neon light are some of the safest things you can hang in your home or commercial property.

These assurances are especially important for parents who would like to use them as nightlights or bright color decorations in the children’s bedrooms or playrooms. Choosing the right lamps in-home bar and accents end with some concern when little boys and girls are playing nearby. You do not have to worry about these LED brands’ options. Not only are they safe, but they will create a big thrill of enjoyment and fun.

2 – What is LED light signs made from?

Besides the ultra-bright LED bulbs, the Echo Neon Studios neon signs for sale are made from sturdy yet flexible PVC tubing. Each one is affixed to a laser-cut acrylic backing to make it easier to hang on the wall or any other vertical surface. Of course, the wire and plug are high-quality and appropriately rated for any outlet.

These safe materials are chosen for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, we want our products to offer sufficient strength to hang neatly on any wall and the peace of mind that comes with nearly unbreakable use. As a leading manufacturer, we have complete control of the quality of both the base materials we choose in the finished product.

3 – Can I customize any of your neon signs for sale?

Yes. We offer an amazing array of customization options that include size, shape, words or phrases, and color of the bulbs, tubes, and backing. If you cannot find the design you like on our shop pages, ask about custom neon lights options from our customer service team. We can make single or multi-color logos and more. After choosing your favorite design, there are even more customization options available. For example, you can choose optional splashproof features for a variety of dynamic color controls. Dimmer switches, cycling, and rainbow lights add interest and usability in a wide variety of settings and situations.

4 – How affordable are LED signs versus traditional neon?

There is virtually nocomparison between safe LED lights and traditional neon. Most people simply cannot afford the old-style glass and gas options for home decor and especially not for weddings, birthday parties, or other special occasions. Once made with PVC tubes and neon and save you tons of money that you can spend elsewhere or save. This is especially important for business purposes with other overhead and marketing expenses. Best of all, Echo Neon Studios is a direct manufacturer of LED light signs, which means there is never any markup from a middleman or reseller.

5 – Are PVC neon lights easy to hang?

Yes. Unlike super heavy glass neon signs or other types of cumbersome wall art, the ones offered at Echo Neon Studios are extremely easy to hang up on almost any vertical surface. This includes walls, windows, doors, pillars, and more. You can even suspend them from a wire or strong cord for temporary decorations at a birthday party, wedding celebration, or holiday event. Every design offered here is relatively lightweight.

They are backed by laser-cut acrylic sheets that offer stability and easy holes or slots for hanging hardware. You can hang them up using almost any method that works for the wall you want to decorate. For some smaller pieces, the double-sided tape may be another option to consider. Best of all, even if your neon wall art falls, will not shatter incidents made of sturdy PVC tubing.

6 – How long are my cool neon signs going to last?

With the power of efficient LED bulbs, you may be surprised how long these well-designed novelty lights last. Traditional neon art has a pretty long lifespan, but it pales in comparison to the LED options. Instead of approximately eight years of occasional use, you could keep these brightly glowing wall art pieces on for eight years continuously if you wanted to.

Best of all, you will enjoy incredibly efficient operation for all the years of enjoyment. You will not see a drastic increase in your electricity bills. Also, operating this type of lightbulb is more eco-friendly than incandescent, fluorescent, or classic neon tube illumination. They are a green option for home and party decor.

7 – What style of custom neon lights should I buy

The sky is the limit when it comes to a variety of cool neon signs available here at Echo Neon Studios. Our extensive collection of both graphic designs and word-based LED light signs can give you anything you need or want in your home or business. Even if you do not find something that interests you, check out our customization page for more options. We can design and manufacture any word or phrase such as names, well wishes, holiday greetings, sports team titles, and more. If you have another graphic design you would love to see in bright neon lights, contact us for more information about how we can make your favorite image come to life.

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