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When you compare the durability of LED light signs with traditional neon, there is no contest. Modern designs fashioned from PVC tubing and ultra-bright LED bulbs are exceptionally durable and long-lasting. This provides innumerable benefits for both residential and commercial applications. Even if you want to use one or more neon signs for short-term party decorations, you can appreciate that they will not break if someone accidentally bumps one off the wall.

Sturdy Yet Flexible Equals Less Chance of Breakage

The tubes that form the words and shapes for the Echo Neon light signs will not shatter if they fall on the floor like traditional neon choices would. They are strong yet have a bit of flex to them that makes them more likely to bounce if dropped than break. The signs are mounted on clear acrylic backing’s to give them increased sturdiness and something to hang up easily on the wall. Even with all the bending and manipulation done by the design team and manufacturing process, the tubes stay strong throughout.

Are LED Light Signs Waterproof?

The options sold here are intended for indoor use only. These are not the types of alternative neon signage that you can hang on a pole outside your shop or restaurant. However, the chance of them becoming damaged due to incidental splashes or splatter is quite low. They are safe to use in a bathroom or kitchen that might introduce some moisture or humidity in the air to the mechanism. However, for safety’s sake, never hang any electrical products over a source of water like a bathtub. Not only will this damage the sign, but it could cause injury as well.

Will the Sign or Art Design Fall Off the Wall?

Durability not only focuses on the sturdiness of the materials that make the product itself but also its ability to stand up to expected use. Of course, you want to hang sign or decor piece on a wall or window. Every one of the premade or customized LED light signs comes complete with a wall mounting kit. These work well for temporary situations like display at a party or special event as well as hanging them up in your home or business for a longer period of time.

Other options for display exist. The sturdy backing of these wall art pieces has spaces to attach wire, strong fishing line, or hooks depending on your personal taste. These will hold up very well against the forces of gravity. The laser-cut acrylic backboard for the signage is durable enough to accept everything from screws to double-sided tape. The products you choose to use are responsible for their own durability and lifespan.

LED Bulbs Last for Decades

Although the chance of an LED bulb physically breaking is virtually nil, people also consider durability based on how long the electrical components of an illuminated sign will last. Even the small LEDs used in light signs and wall art can last up to 50,000 operational hours. That is over 2000 days or five years of continuous illumination Of course, chances are you will turn off your light at some point, so you can imagine just how long you will get to enjoy your purchase.

If you want to display LED light signs in your home as part of an overall decorator scheme, the last thing you want is for them to fall, break, or burn out anytime soon. This goes doubly so for wall art or custom signage used in a shop, restaurant, or other commercial business. Even if your purchase of Echo Neon products is intended for short-term use at a party or celebration, you want them to last longer than you need. With the utmost quality control and attention to detail, the LED neon options are built to last both physically and as long-term illumination.

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