Leaf Painting Neon Sign

$529.00 $349.00
  • Dimensions: 16.5in x 23in; Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Handmade LED neon sign
  • Made of PVC and LED
  • Kid-safe and earth-friendly; NO harmful gases; Safe to touch; Low energy required

Contact us if you want to make it in a different color



Who knew you could combine the high-tech illumination of an LED neon sign with a love of nature and plants? This creative design represents a fiddle leaf or ficus plant with bright green leaves and a neat frame that truly commands attention. Use it for illumination in your living room at home near a collection of houseplants. This leafy neon art piece would also look great in a plant nursery or other green business.

Best of all, the LED lights will glow brightly for a very long time, so you can enjoy the glowing leaf painting without worry. It is lightweight, virtually unbreakable unlike glass in traditional neon lights, and highly efficient, too.