Friends Neon Sign

$299.00 $179.00
  • Dimensions: 32in x 6in; Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Handmade LED neon sign
  • Made of PVC and LED
  • Kid-safe and earth-friendly; NO harmful gases; Safe to touch; Low energy required

Contact us if you want to make it in a different color



Are you a fan of one of the most popular sit-com TV shows of all time? FRIENDS attracted a lot of attention when it aired and still gets a lot today. This unique LED neon sign will get just as much attention when you hang it in your living room, your store, or the local coffee shop. It will let everyone know that your place is the right space for fun, bonding, and friendship, too.


This unique multi-colored LED sign gives you all the style of neon without the risk or high cost. Pick the perfect spot for FRIENDS in your life.