square aesthetic floor lamp, rainbow floor lamp

REVE Square LED Aesthetic Lamp

square aesthetic floor lamp, rainbow floor lamp

Introducing our REVE Square LED Gradient Aesthetic Lamp made of sturdy PVC and energy-efficient LED strips, giving you an eco-friendly decor piece to light up any room in your home, office, or business place.

This gallery worthy wall light infuses your space with a fantasy charm that would mesmerize everyone that walks in. When turned on, the LED lamp brings modern aesthetic lighting with its square shape design and hazy dreamy color that makes you want to rub your eyes and see through the mist.

Made to be incredibly versatile, our LED gradient light is a perfect fit for home decor enthusiasts looking to illuminate their space or decorate a corner in their room. It also features a square shape that allows it to glow and balance properly on any surface.

The LED square gradient lamp is backed with keyhole slots so you can use it as a floor lamp, table light, and wall art. You can also use the square light to spice up your event decor and create a festive atmosphere to make your holiday events and birthday parties fun and lively.

What’s more? The LED square gradient light is long-lasting and ultra-durable. The transparent front casing is made of sturdy PVC and our unique design gives you a safe LED light to decorate your space for several years to come.

Available exclusively at Echo Neon.


Ships in one week

The light comes with a pair of clear corner protectors. A white power adaptor and screw kit are also included in the box.

23.6″ W x 23.6″ L x 2″ H

The lamp is backed with keyhole slots and holes that make installation super easy. All you have to do is hang the square light on the wall. If you want to use it as a floor light or table lamp, ensure it rests on the base of the wall.

shimmer wall Rainbow mermaid color, blue disco party theme

Shimmer wall

A sleek and modern floor lamp, called Lune, with a curved white base and a thin neon light

Designed to create a dazzling and sparkling effect on your walls, the Sequin panels and Shimmer wall backdrop bring a colorful, fun, and exciting disco party to your place. The Shimmer backdrop consists of hundreds of silver sequins that flutter with the wind and create a shiny effect on your walls to give your event a glamorous outlook.

The Silver wall panels are made from incredibly durable polymeric material and non-toxic coatings. They have a water-proof design that allows you to use them for your indoor or outdoor events. You can choose the Silver Iridescent or Rainbow mermaid shimmer wall to suit your event decoration and room theme.

Silver Iridescent

Silver Iridescent

Rainbow Mermaid

Rainbow Mermaid

Gold Iridescent

Gold Iridescent

The Silver Iridescent shimmer panels have a LUMINOUS color that changes from different angles. This disco ball decor give a luxurious feel that is great for disco parties, wedding ceremonies, bridal and baby showers, outdoor gatherings, and event decorations.

The Rainbow Mermaid Shimmer panels bring a new meaning to the word; COLORFUL. This disco ball decor glow up your walls with over a dozen shades of colors. They are ideal for disco parties, Halloween events, birthday parties, festivals, and other colorful events..

You can also go for the Gold Shimmer Wall panels to add a royal and more luxurious feel to your home and event decor. The gold shimmer panels are ideal for grand occasions like official dinners, golden jubilees, executive meetings, and other high profile events.

The Shimmer wall panels are easy to clean and maintain. You can quickly wipe stains off the Sequin panels with a damp washcloth. Silver Shimmer wall panels bring a red carpet feel to your event.



Ships in one week

There are 25 or 49 sequin panels in one box. Each panel is 12’’ x 12’’ in size and has 100 sequins. The backdrop stand is not included in the box.

Accessories:10 zip ties for 25 panels and 20 zip ties for 49 panels.

The Shimmer wall panels are made from incredibly durable polymeric material and non-toxic coatings. The back of the sequin panel is made from transparent and soft grid plastic.

Silver Iridescent / Rainbow mermaid

The sequin panels are lightweight. Each panel weighs 3-4oz and there are holes and buckles around each panel for easy installation. Align the buckles to fasten the sequin panels. You don’t need a specific stand for this backdrop. Any backdrop stand can be used to attach the panels.

A sleek and modern floor lamp, called Lune, with a curved white base and a thin neon light

Lune Floor Lamp

A sleek and modern floor lamp, called Lune, with a curved white base and a thin neon light

Inspired by the changing shape of the moon during different phases, the LUNE shifts through lunar phases with a simple slide of the two colored acrylic sheets included in each pack. Choose SUNSET (pink & purple) or MOONRISE (blue & green) models to suit your tastes and room themes. The circular LED lamp has a soft white glow that mimics the reflective surface of the moon itself.

Each LUNE is handcrafted with highest quality materials that gives off a soft light, perfect for warming up any space. Have fun with flexible display options when set on the floor or any horizontal surface.

The pink and purple tones of the SUNSET present a warm shine reminiscent of the rising moon in the early part of the night. The blue and green shades of the MOONRISE cast a cooler glow of later hours. Consider the two-color set for even more unique combinations.

Available exclusively at Echo Neon.



Ships in one week

Each set delivered as 3 pieces: 2 x acrylic sheet ; 1 x LED light. Two color Sets: 4x acrylic sheet ; 1 x LED light.

Touch control dimmer switch. Turn on/off at a single touch. Create the perfect brightness by long pressing the switch. Lune lamp can be used with/without the dimmer switch.

Non-Slip Edge Protectors (Removable) + 1 Pack of Additional Edge Protectors

Power cord with a dimmer switch

The LUNE LED Floor Lamp is made of high-quality acrylic and LED lights, which are efficient and eco-friendly.

Pink sheet — Frosted, Matte acrylic
Purple sheet — Transparent, Gloss acrylic

Blue sheet — Transparent, Gloss acrylic
Green sheet — Transparent, Gloss acrylic

Small Acrylic Sheet: 22.9”x18.9”

Large Acrylic Sheet: 20.2”x28.3”

LED light: 20.2”x2.3”

Setup of a LUNE LED floor lamp is simple. Ensure the non-slip edge protectors are in place on the bottom of each acrylic sheet. This protects the floor or other surface and increase the friction when you lean the lamp on the wall. Use the additional edge protectors ship with the lights for more flexibility in display design. The LUNE lamp works well on the floor or any sturdy horizontal surface.


4.8 (74 Reviews)

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calendar 3 months ago

verified Verified Buyer

My fav lamp

I bought this lamp in pink&pruple and love it so much! it gives off such a pretty ambience. I would just be careful where you put this as it’s kind of fragile, but at least it's acrylic not glasses.


calendar 4 months ago

verified Verified Buyer

thumbs up I Recommend this product


The lamp is perfect. I wish they were on sale, but they don't offer discount on the lamps.


calendar 4 months ago

verified Verified Buyer

cute ambient light

I know it's not a cheap price at all, but it's such a bargain comparing to ambient lights from anthropologie and CB2. I ordered two color sets because my fiance loves the green set and I love the pink one.


calendar 9 months ago

verified Verified Buyer

Color is beautiful

This floor light brings a cozy vibe to our living room! I like the vivid color and it seems sturdy. Recommend.


calendar 11 months ago

verified Verified Buyer

thumbs up I Recommend this product

Such a cool addition to my living room

Was searching forever for a cool lighting source for my living room - wanted something warm and moody and when I saw this lamp, I needed to give it a go. So happy I did - not only does it act like a piece of modern art when unlit (and lit, for that matter), it casts exactly the warm glow I was hoping for (I got the sunset set). The ONLY negative is I wish there were a remote way to turn it on and off - otherwise, so happy with my purchase.

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Antler Dimmable Filament LED Table Lamp wooden dark

LED Filament Lamp

Echo Neon Collection

LED Filament Lamp

Finest LED + Glass

Inspired by the design and manufacture of vintage light bulbs, our LED Filament Lamp Collection is crafted with care and precision.

Echo Neon new collection of filament lamps embodies creativity and innovation as well as quality and craftsmanship.
Our LED filament lamps offer an ideal balance between form and function by adding a warm ambiance to any space while being solid enough for daily use. These lamps will provide you with all the elegance that your space demands without compromising on quality or safety. This collection offers the best in ingenuity and quality ensuring you receive a beautiful addition to your home.
Browse our collection and let us transform your space.

Each lamp is hand-crafted with glass, and given its own finish to create this stunning range. From iridescent to metallic shades, these LED filament lights will add a sophisticated touch to any room. Each lamp comes with a sturdy base for extra steadiness as well as a dimmable switch so you can adjust your desired brightness for reading or ambiance. Additionally, our LED bulbs emit low heat and consume less energy than most other light sources, making them exceptionally energy efficient.

All Echo LED Filament Bulbs are interchangeable. Wood/Metallic base work perfectly for all filament bulbs from this collection.


4.8 (65 Reviews)

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