Minimalism Neon Signs

Even if you enjoy a minimalistic home decor scheme, you do not have to sacrifice style when you choose one of our custom LED neon signs. Forget clutter and a lot of little knickknacks and accessories that interrupt your enjoyment of your home. Choose a bold yet simple neon light like the ones offered here to make a strong impact without distraction. When you choose one of these custom illuminated wall hangings, you say exactly what you want in a powerful yet minimalistic way.

When hanging in your home or commercial space, these minimalism LED neon lights offer more than artistic design. Consider the Less Is More phrase to clearly demonstrate your life philosophy or use our custom light creation tool on the website to come up with your own singular design. Minimalism art designs include single-line shapes and iconic images that say a lot without complexity. The simple line of in mountain range would look perfect over your couch while a mother and child art piece adds interest to a child’s bedroom.

Every one of our unique custom neon products is made to exacting quality control specifications. Since they are made from flexible tubing, they are much lighter and safer than traditional glass neon. Also, they do not contain potentially hazardous gases like the much more expensive varieties. The brightest LED lights provide an efficient and long-lasting glow. They are easy to install, safe to use, and will add the perfect illuminated aesthetic to your minimalistic home decor.