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Special events to serve amazing decor especially in these times when gatherings are less frequent than they were before. LED neon signs offer not only a great way to spruce up any party place but also a gift to take home afterward and enjoy for many years to come. Best of all, Echo Neon signs are incredibly affordable and efficient to operate. Consider all the possibilities for perfect party décor with both premade designs and completely customized options.

Personalize A Party With Custom LED Signs

 Although our extensive collection of LED neon offers images as diverse as green leaves and motorcycles, cities skylines and rainbow unicorns, we also offer fully customized text-based light signs. This means you can get any name, word, or message immortalized in flexible yet strong plastic tubing that glows with the brightness of the most powerful LED bulbs available.

Create a “Happy Birthday” message in a bold sans serif font. Choose a pink or blue “New Mom (or Dad)” for a baby shower. Order custom neon signs with the two names of a couple getting married, a graduation year for high school or university, or a team name after a huge playoff win. The sky is the limit when it comes to customization. You get to choose the font, size, and color, too.

Other options include:

  • 25 Year Anniversary
  • Blue Ribbon Winner
  • Mazel Tov
  • Congratulations!

Choose Picture Perfect LED Light Signs

 A word or phrase on its own can make excellent party décor when it celebrates the person or other purpose for the special occasion. Party decorations often focus on the color and design more than text, however. A huge variety of premade custom LED signs suit all special moments in your life.

Consider the holding hands, mother’s hug, or parents and baby neon signs for a shower, birth celebration, or adoption day. The American flag or Freedom signs would make for great Fourth of July or Veterans Day decorations. Christmas parties get a modern spin with LED neon trees, angel wings, or snowflake designs. What could be better at a kid’s birthday party than a cool blue skateboard, adorable puppy, or a glowing balloon neon sign? Another popular option includes the pink picture frame wall art perfect for bringing attention to a favorite photo or paper sign commemorating the special event.

Cool Neon Signs Go From Decor To Gift

 After everybody has an amazing time at the well-decorated party or other special event, the neon signs you displayed as decorations now transform into home decor. Imagine the joy of a birthday boy or girl getting to take home amazingly aesthetic neon signs with their favorite images, colors, and words. What could be a better bridal shower gift than a customized name sign in flowing script? No matter what the occasion, Echo Neon has the ultimate options that suit everyone’s tastes.

The last thing you want at a party is something that could break easily and cause injuries or electrical problems. Traditional neon signs are way too expensive, heavy, and dangerous for special event decor. Lightweight and sturdy PVC combined cleverly with LED bulbs present the perfect solution. You get eye-catching color and design in pictures or text customized for your needs. Not only will your party look amazing, but these cool neon signs help the excitement continue to glow at home afterward.

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