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Do you have your design for neon lights? Are you looking forward to installing a glamming and beautiful custom neon sign in your place?

You will wonder how much time it will take for the designing, creation, shipping, and installation.

Well, here is the Direct Answer …

Echo Neon Studio has the fastest delivery window in the neon sign industry in the United States!

  • Standard delivery takes 2 to 3 weeks from the time you place your order (5-7 business days for production + 6-8 business days for shipment).
  • Expedited delivery takes 2 weeks from the time you place your order (4-6 business days for manufacturing + 2-4 business days for shipment).

Time Is Taken For Making And Sending Neon Signs In The COVID-19 Crisis.

Gladly! The Echo Neon team uses best-practice social distancing, with the bulk of its employees working from home, where they are glad to answer all of your inquiries and complete your online orders.

During this difficult time, your neon lights may take a little longer to arrive, so please let us know if you need them by a specified date before ordering to advise you appropriately.

The Echo Neon team would like to express its gratitude for your orders and support during this tough period, and we look forward to assisting you in creating something unique.

The Time It Takes To Ship A Custom Neon Sign To Outside Countries

Our LED neon sign items are now sent to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, all South American nations, and most European nations. Each one is equipped with an appropriate plug and a 110-240 V AC adaptor to guarantee appropriate operation.

Time Taken For Customization Options For LED Neon Signs

Make a unique neon sign for every occasion. Play around with all the font, size, and color choices on this CUSTOMIZE page to show off your ingenuity with these custom-made signs. Time extension depends on the font and the design you use.

We also offer excellent customer service and are available to assist you with the design process at any time. Collaborate with a member of our team to make your concept a reality.

All of our bespoke neon lights come with a clear wire and an easy-to-hang acrylic contour cut backdrop.

The Duration Is Taken For Different Neon Signs Size.

Absolutely! You can pick whatever size you wish. Send us an email by reaching our contact page. Because the smallest letters we can make are around three inches tall, the overall size of your sign is mostly determined by the typeface and amount of text.

Please send us a note about your requirements using our contact page.

There would be no limit on the size of your design. We will provide the complete detail for the time need to create different neon signage sizes.


Everyone knows the significance of Neon Signs. And to attract the target user, you will need to custom neon signs as per your business shops.

People wonder how long it will take to get custom neon lights to get shipped and install.

In the above short blog, we provide short and crisp information about the time taken for manufacture, shipping at your doorstep.

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      Choosing the right custom neon sign among different neon sign brands could be exhausting.
      To make this process easier, we are offering the price beat program. As the first LED neon sign maker in the US market, Echo Neon has been offering the most affordable neon sign without comprising quality.

      Get the lowest price in 3 easy steps:

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      Would you like us to create the exact design as in the offer you’d like us to beat?

      Step 2

      Step 3

      Take a screenshot or send us a document of the offer you’d like us to beat. Please make sure that the screenshot includes total package pricing, including all applicable taxes and fees charged by the other neon sign brand.

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