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Color psychology is the study of how colors affect your mood and feelings. This works for both home decorating and kids’ rooms when picking colors of neon lights, custom-led neon signs, and neon signs for a business. Some colors are seen as warm, while others are seen as cool. Color has a big effect on how people react when they see it, which is why it is important to choose the colors you use wisely. With the help of neon signs and neon lights for room decoration, exactly what you do not have to grab a paintbrush or reupholster your furniture to update the ambiance. There are many different ways to make your bedroom and offices more colorful, but the inclusion of aesthetic neon signs is one of the easiest, fastest, and the most fun.

Color Psychology Explained for Aesthetic Neon Signs

The available colors at Echo Neon include red, orange, yellow, lime green, blue, teal, pink, purple, and both white and soft white. You can also choose most of these rainbow shades in the colored tube option. The tubes come in mint and deep blue instead of lime green and blue. The pink is also a softer shade called cotton candy. This allows you to have a unique look even when the energy-efficient LED neon signs are not turned on or plugged in.

What do all these custom LED signs’ colors do for a person’s mood?

White – Both cool and soft white neon wall art gives a clean and pure impression. Some people may find pure white rather sterile, but as long as it is not overly bright, it should not affect comfort levels. In business, white brings to mind freshness and purity.

Yellow – Nothing grabs attention faster than yellow neon signs for rooms decor. This high-energy color would work well in sports centers, sunny cafés, and childcare centers. It promotes a cheerful and welcoming mood.

Red – While many people associate anger with this bright color, it generally increases energy of any kind. It makes people feel excited, powerful, and passionate. A red led neon sign would work well for corporate offices, a gym, or a romantic rendezvous spot.

Blue – This classically masculine color promotes a feeling of calm and peace and can actually boost productivity and inspire creativity. Consider hanging blue custom LED signs, glass neon tubes in an office space, or in a meditation or yoga center.

Orange – Another energetic color that can even make people feel happy or create a sense of caution. In bright LED lights, it is sure to get attention fast, but it may not give the most positive impression on every person. It is not the color to choose for quaint shops or laid-back offices.

Green – People automatically think about nature and good luck when they see green lights or objects. It feels tranquil, healthy, and optimistic. We offer some unique designs and free giveaways in green that showcase natural beauty like a lovely palm frond and other plant life.

Purple – This color of wealth and royalty also makes people feel more creative. It works both for unique and exotic settings and those with a more spiritual air. No matter what purple neon signs or custom-led neon signs you choose, it is sure to make a big impact on visitors.

Pink – This overwhelmingly feminine color is associated with sweetness, romance, and youth. It is a gentle color that, unfortunately, some men may not take seriously in a professional setting. Hot pink pushes the girl power higher, so it makes sense to use this shade for woman-focused brands.

What does this all mean when it comes to decorating with neon signs for rooms in your home, commercial spaces, or workplaces?

It may seem helpful to use more than one color for the positive benefits in mood and feeling listed above. However, you do not want your home or bedroom to look like a nightclub unless it is one. Since custom LED signs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, it makes sense to pick a color that goes along with its aesthetic specifically. Color psychology happens automatically in the presence of that shade, but it is not always the same for everyone.

Are neon signs bad for health?

Obviously not because items like Neon light, Neon light signs, and custom neon signs are soothing to our eyes. From a business perspective, attempting to manipulate the mood of clients and customers may not work out the way you imagine. These effects are subtle and gradual. In most cases, people that walk into your shop, take a table in your café, or stop by in your office for a meeting will notice the abasing design of the graphic neon or the words or phrases in the customized option before they even consider what the color is doing to their mindset.

Cycling Color and Dimmer Switches in Also Affect Mood

Once you choose your favorite premade designs or have LED neon signs and custom neon signs made for your family or workplace, you still have different ways to affect the glow of the room where you display them. The two special options available with every purchase from Echo Neon Studios are opposites on the special effects line. Consider a remote-controlled dimmer switch to soften the brightness of the colorful novelty lamps or a color cycling effect that creates something much more exciting and dynamic. These two aesthetic neon sign options give you complete control over the level of energy in any space.

Best Neon signs for rooms and custom led neon sign at Echo Neon Studios

Neon signs or custom-led neon signs for room decor do a lot more than add another source of light. The quality or brilliance of that light coupled with the color you choose can elevate your mood in a variety of different ways. This helps create a certain feeling whenever someone walks into a room in your home. It can also boost the emotions of a customer or client who steps inside the shop, eatery, or office. A large part of home or business decorating focuses on how good people feel when they are in your space. With the wide range of custom LED signs offered here at Echo Neon Studios, you can explore virtually unlimited possibilities.

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