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Neon signs are one of the most beautiful, unusual, and bright types of outdoor advertising. The lights of neon greatly attract the attention of passers-by in the dark. Neon advertising can rightly be called one of the most striking types of advertising. Through the shining writings and drawings, it is impossible to pass by.

Neon Sign History

Neon signs lit up for the first time in Europe of the 20s. The popularity of neon signs is undeniable; they light up with the last rays of the sun, being a vital attribute of nightlife. Even a museum in the city of Las Vegas is dedicated to this type of advertising and decor. And now you can customize your neon signs easily online before ordering it.

Neon signs have many advantages. Below, we have compiled all the most reliable facts about neon for you.

Neon benefits:

  1.  Tubes filled with neon or argon can take any form in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Starting from street signs and lights, ending with whole pictures, for nightclubs or bars – all this is accessible using neon tubes.
  2. Durability. On average, neon signs last up to 10-15 years. This is a huge saving compared to lights.
  3.  Temperature for nothing. Neon tubes are not worried about snow and heat, which can not be said about fluorescent lights.
  4.  The neon sign does not overheat. Maximum heating temperature, about 40 degrees Celsius.
  5.  Any color to choose from. Using neon tubes, you can design almost all colors and shades.
  6.  They are combined with other elements. Due to the low heating temperature, it is possible to combine with plastic, glass, etc.
  7.  Instantly glow. No waiting for the sign turns on.
  8.  There are no dark areas on the tube due to the uniform distribution of gas. Thanks to this, the color is the same, over the entire area of ​​the sign.
  9.  No burnout and short circuits, Neon signs are safe.

Application of Neon Sign

Neon signs are very popular in businesses with a special style. It can be a cafe, restaurant, or bar that wants to give a wonderful design appearance.

Neon sign for a bar. The most common use of neon signs, of course, are bars. This is due, firstly, to the late working hours of this type of business, and, secondly, to the style of bars that can be perfectly revised by a neon sign. Moreover, the neon sign is used both for the outdoor decoration and interior design. Placing it, for example, above the bar, the stage of performing artists, decorators focus on important areas of the business.

Neon sign for home. In addition to advertising applications, neon signs are also popular in private houses/apartments, the buyers love an unusual style and creative approach. The neon sign will look great in the living room, where friends and relatives gather to spend time together in an interesting setting. Also, a neon sign can be a good replacement for a night light, if you hang it in the bedroom or children’s room.

Neon signs for photoshoots. Photographers/videographers have discovered the uses neon signs for unique and interesting shots. By placing such a sign in the zone for photoshoots, you can create an impression of a photoshoot.

Neon Signs for Home

Have you ever wondered how to make your home memorable, move away from boring, typical design options? Adding brightness to everyday design choices has become easier. 

Each product is created individually based on the choices of the client. This is an opportunity to buy a neon sign for a room that will be designed specifically for you and will enhance the interior of the house.

Why do we recommend choosing neon when improving the interior design for an apartment?

  • Light source = decor element. Any design made of neon will not only decorate a shelf or wall but will also allow you to fill the room with soft light, perfectly enhance the interior.
  • Neon is for a long time. Unlike a classic luminaire, neon does not contain an intense filament that could burn out unexpectedly. You can buy a neon sign for the room, and not be afraid that in a couple of months you will need to order a new one. The neon sign will last 10-15 years.
  • Security. The temperature of the product in working condition does not exceed 40 degrees. Therefore, the risk of fire from such decorations is less than from a table lamp.
  • Low power consumption. Compared to incandescent lights, neon for home uses less electricity, which is beneficial for the operation.
  • The absence of any annoying sound during operation – the neon light is almost silent;
  • We mention the possibility of designing a light pattern of almost any shape and length.

Where can I install such a sign at home?

The scope for using neon at home is almost unlimited; below, we give only part of the possible and most common use cases: 

  • Ceiling lighting. Perfect for creating lighting effects and lighting patterns, especially when using ceilings of different levels or ceiling structures. 
  • Floor lighting. This type of lighting allows you to turn a regular floor into a space for creativity, in which furniture decorated with hidden neon lights will “float in the air.” But do not forget in this case to take care of protecting the lights from damage!
  • Lighting the walls. The capabilities of neon for home interiors allow you to create figures of almost any complexity: inscriptions, drawings, brands. Such solutions fit well into the design of bedrooms, living rooms, home bars, kitchens, studios, etc.

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