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Are you looking for the perfect way to light up and decorate your bar? Look no further than bar neon signs. In this post, we reveal the benefits of having a neon sign in your bar and where you can get the best neon bar signs for your pub, restaurant, or diner. 

Let’s dive in. 

cafe and bar business neon sign

Benefits of a Neon Bar Sign

Here are reasons to hang a neon sign in your bar:

1. Neon Bar Lights Illuminate Your Bar

The importance of good lighting in a bar can’t be overemphasised and nothing lights up a bar better than a neon bar sign. Regardless of the theme of your bar, a neon sign will bring a vibrant glow that will make your space look and feel inviting to your customers.

This cool Cocktail Bar Neon Sign with Martini Glass features a nice blend of white, pink, and blue neon light that will illuminate your bar and make your customers feel welcome.

bar neon light orange neon sign

2. Neon Bar Signs Improve Advertisement

For bars, pubs, restaurants, and other businesses, advertisement and visibility are very important. A neon bar sign outside your bar will increase your reach to potential customers and improve your bar’s awareness. 

You can hang this Open bar neon sign outside your bar or on the roof of your liquor store to advertise your business to passers-by and let them know you are open. The vibrant glow of a neon bar sign is even more evident at night when people are looking for where to unwind and enjoy a glass of their favourite drinks after a long day. 

3. Bar Neon Signs are Versatile

Bar neon signs are incredibly versatile because you can use them anywhere in your bar and for any event. 

This Crystal shape neon bar light can be used as a decor item for your bar’s opening party, open mic nights, and other special events. The intricate design and white light of the bar neon sign will spark conversations among customers and light up their pictures and videos. 

4. Neon Bar Signs are Cost-Effective

green bar neon light neon sign

Another reason to invest in a bar neon sign is that they are cost-effective. Neon signs consume 80% less energy than your average light bulb, so a neon bar sign will not spike your electric bills. 

You also don’t need to worry about any maintenance or running costs because there is none. All you need to do is pick your best neon bar light, hang it in your bar, and enjoy the beautiful glow it brings to your space.

The low running cost and zero maintenance needs of a neon bar sign make it a good business investment long-term.

5. You Can Customise The Bar Sign To Represent Your Bar

Undoubtedly the best perk of a neon bar sign is that you can customise one to represent your bar. If you want something unique to make your bar stand out from the competition, you can customise a unique neon bar light to hang inside or outside your bar. The custom bar neon sign can be inspired by your bar’s logo, tagline, or name. 

Where Can You Buy The Best Neon Bar Lights?

Restaurant and cafe business neon sign

Looking for where to buy the best neon bar lights for your bar? You should visitEcho Neon. We are a neon sign company in Australia and we can customise your bar neon sign for you and deliver it anywhere you want in less than 3 weeks. 

All you have to do is upload your favourite neon bar sign design on our website and our experts will use laser-cutting technology to create a neon bar replica of your design. We make custom neon bar signs in our studios, so we offer unbeatable prices you can’t get elsewhere. 

Final Words

pink bar neon light logo neon sign

The bottom line is neon bar signs are a great decor item for bars, pubs, restaurants, and business owners that want to promote their brand awareness, increase profits, and improve customer outreach. 

If you want a neon bar sign that will set your bar a class apart from others, you should invest in a custom neon bar sign. A custom bar sign will transform your bar and provide a cool backdrop for your customers to capture memories. 

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