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While Echo Neon gives you the opportunity to design custom neon signs in a huge array of styles and colors, some of the most popular options include phrases in quotes to hang on the wall. A wide variety of pre-made designs like chill, books, inhale-exhale, and others are immediately available for purchase. The following meaningful phrases in quotes represent more great ideas that imbue your home with feeling and wisdom.

Although the following meaningful quotes look great displayed in your home, realize that shorter ones may show up better unless you have a very large wall. Always make sure that you have efficient space to hang the sign before inputting the customization options. Also, if the quote is very long, choose a simpler font that looks like print or simple handwriting rather than something excessively scrolling or scripted. This helps make your aesthetic neon signs easier to understand and enjoy.

1 – Home Sweet Home

This ultimate expression of appreciation for the home has been used for many years by families everywhere. It expresses an appreciation for the type of warmth and belonging you feel whenever you step through your door. It is also one of the shorter phrases on this list, which makes it suitable for walls with limited dimensions. It would work quite well in a front hall or in a living room where you can see the happy phrase all the time and spark a new appreciation for your home.

2 – Home Is Where the Heart Is

This similar phrase is also a classic that defines what a home is more than the walls and roof above. Remind your family and guests every day that the heart is the center of the home and that love is what ties you all together. Although you can use words for this whole meaningful quote LED sign, you can also consider changing the word heart into a graphic heart. This will give it a quirkier, more whimsical, and more modern look.

3 – Bless This House (or Family)

For families or individuals who believe in a higher power, a phrase asking for blessings is a great reminder of how important your safe space, family, and friends are. Pair these words with one of the Christian or spiritual images like a cross or Jesus fish. Carry the heartfelt meaning through other rooms in your house with “hallelujah” and an entreaty to “Be Kind.”

4 – Dream Big – Work Hard

What could be better than seeing a strong suggestion to live your best life possible every day? Phrases like this one or similar instructions for a living can put you in the best mindset to tackle your job, school, and other situations with a positive mindset and motivation. Everyone needs to have a dream, but it can only come true if you are willing to work for them. An aesthetic neon sign with these words in bright, bold colors can set your mood on the right path for success.

5 – Family: A Little Bit Crazy, a Whole Lot of Love

This is the longest sentence in the suggestion for custom neon signs, although you can come up with longer ones on your own. Focus on the family is one of the strongest feelings people have in their home. This glowing neon sign injects a bit of lighthearted fun and humor into your decorating scheme. Even with the smiles it brings, it still reflects on the most important thing of all: love. It is a good reminder to parents and children alike to be themselves but always be kind and think of each other every day.

6 – Enjoy the Little Things

When it comes to living a simple and minimalistic life, you may not think of a brightly glowing neon sign right away. However, the customized words and phrases like this one that you can create offer a great way to decorate your house with this type of style. You need lighting anyway, and a constant reminder to practice appreciation and gratitude can help your mindset considerably. Pair a sentence like this with some of our unique minimalism designs like a neon Mondrian art block, single-line dancer or family art, mountain range, or glowing ginkgo leaf motif. No matter what, you are sure to enjoy the aesthetic neon signs displayed in your home.

7 – Relax and Stay a While

While a simple welcome mat invites family, friends, and other guests into your home, a unique glowing sign that says this phrase gives even more positive instructions to help them make their stay as wonderful as possible. Obviously, this does not mean that everyone should kick back and make themselves at home for an extended period of time, but it does imbue any room with easy comfort guests will appreciate. This is best displayed in a common area like the living room, den, or even a home bar.

8 – This Is Our Happy Place

If happiness is the main focus of your home, why not share those goals with a custom neon light that will last for years to come? Everyone talks about finding their happy place in the world, and it makes perfect sense to create the most joyous, comfortable, and welcoming space you can at home. This is where you can truly be yourself, relax fully, and let the cares of the outside world drift away. A unique, customized, text-based piece of neon wall art can help you create the perfect happy place for you and your family.

Meaningful quotes are some of the most popular decor options based on words and phrases these days. Choose from the existing designs at the neon signs for sale page at Echo Neon or head to the customization page to create aesthetic neon signs that match your thoughts and feelings perfectly. With the wide variety of font, color, and size options, you can choose almost anything as long as it fits on your wall.

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