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Neon signs have taken the world of wedding decor by storm, offering a vibrant and modern way to personalize and enhance a couple’s special day. These glowing displays are visually appealing and highly versatile, making them an ideal addition to various aspects of a wedding celebration. From customized designs to illuminating key areas within the venue, wedding neon signs have become popular for couples looking to add a touch of creativity and flair to their event. 

In this article, we will explore five spectacular ways to incorporate neon signs into your wedding decor, ensuring a memorable and stylish experience.

party neon signs

1. Personalized Wedding Neon Sign

As you plan your wedding décor, consider incorporating beautiful lights into the dance floor. The right lighting can significantly enhance the atmosphere, making it more enticing for your guests. If you decide to add some extra illumination, here are some tips to make it look fantastic.

1. Keep it simple

Neon colors are an excellent choice if you want to add flair to your party without going overboard. Neon signs come in various colors and lengths, allowing you to find the perfect match for your needs. Moreover, they also pair well with other lighting types.

2.Be mindful of placement

When deciding on the exact location for these lights on your dance floor or bar area, ensure there is ample space between them. Remember, they will be used by numerous guests throughout the night. 

3.Use personalization

Personalization of wedding decor is always beautiful and brings joy to the new couples. Interestingly, people have made use of personalized neon wedding signs to add some romantic and enjoyable personal experiences for many years. There are several ways to do this with neon lights, which include:

  • Using the couple’s names in designing the neon lights.
  • Use dates that are important to both couples, such as the wedding date, to design the neon lights. 
  • Use the favorite quotes of the couples in designing the neon lights. 

Neon signs for wedding decor can be placed at the wedding reception entrance or as backdrops inside the reception area. No matter where you place them, personalized neon wedding lights add a unique and unforgettable experience to your wedding decor for both the celebrants and their guests.

soft white wedding neon sign

2. Directional Neon Signs

Directional signage is essential to any wedding venue, as it ensures that guests can easily navigate the space and find their way to the ceremony or reception. Directional neon signs are a fun and stylish way to guide guests to desired destinations while adding a unique touch to the wedding decor.

Ideas for directional neon signs can range from simple and straightforward to more creative and playful. A neon sign reading “Ceremony This Way” or “Reception Here” is an easy and effective way to guide guests in the right direction. For a more creative approach, couples can opt for neon signs featuring arrows, hearts, or even wedding bells to direct guests.

Consequently, directional neon signs can also serve as a statement piece within the wedding decor. For example, a neon sign reading “Love” or “Forever” can be used to decorate the entrance to the wedding venue or as a backdrop for the head table. This adds a romantic and unforgettable touch to the wedding decor and serves a practical purpose.

Some examples of directional neon signs include “This Way To The Party,” “Dance Floor This Way,” “Bar This Way,” and “Photo Booth This Way.” These signs can be placed strategically throughout the wedding venue to ensure that guests can easily find their way around.

birth neon signs

3. Neon Photo Backdrops

You can decide to either use neon lights in designing standalone wedding photo booths or incorporate them as a part of a larger photo booth setup. No matter how you choose to use them, they are sure to add some excitement to the photo-shooting experience of the couples and guests. 

When designing your photo booth backdrop, it is essential to ensure that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your decor. For instance, if you’re incorporating a neon wedding sign into your overall theme, aim for a backdrop that complements it well. You can also choose a backdrop that harmonizes with other decorative elements, creating a visually appealing scene for your guests as they pose for pictures.

Additionally, consider the ease of setting up and dismantling the backdrop and the neon lights. If you have limited time between guest arrival and departure, opt for simpler backdrop design materials like red velvet curtains or white paper tablecloths from Walmart. These materials are not only easy to manage but also save space, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

party decor led neon sign

4. Neon Table Numbers

Table numbers are a crucial element of any wedding reception. They help guests easily locate their assigned tables and ensure the event runs smoothly. Neon table numbers offer a unique and modern twist on this traditional wedding decor item.

Neon table numbers can be designed in various ways, from simple and elegant to bold and playful. A popular idea for neon table numbers is to use the same font or design as the other neon wedding signs used in the decor. This creates a cohesive and stylish look throughout the wedding venue.

Another idea for neon table numbers is to incorporate a unique shape or design element. For example, a neon sign featuring a heart adds a romantic and playful touch to the table decor. Couples can also opt for personalized neon table numbers featuring their initials or a special date.

Neon table numbers can be used in a variety of settings, from modern and contemporary to more traditional and classic. For example, neon table numbers in a cursive font create a romantic and elegant look. On the other hand, neon table numbers in a bold and blocky font add a fun and playful element.

Some examples of neon table numbers include “Table 1,” “Table 2,” “Mr.,” and “Mrs.” These neon signs can be placed on the center of each table or incorporated into the centerpiece.

I love you

5. Neon Guestbook Signs

Guestbooks are an essential aspect of any wedding celebration. They provide a way for guests to leave a personal message for the couple and serve as a cherished memento of the special day. Neon guestbook signs offer a modern and stylish way to showcase the guestbook and encourage guests to leave their good wishes.

Ideas for neon guestbook signs can range from straightforward to more creative and playful. The popular idea is to use a neon sign featuring the word “Guestbook” in a cursive or block font. This creates a stylish and eye-catching display that encourages guests to leave a message for the couple.

Another idea for neon guestbook signs is to incorporate a playful design or symbol. For example, a neon sign featuring a heart or wedding ring adds a romantic touch to the guestbook display. Couples can also opt for personalized neon guestbook signs featuring their names or initials.

Neon guestbook signs can be used in various settings, from the entrance of the wedding reception to the guestbook table itself. For example, a neon sign reading “Leave Your Wishes Here” can be placed at the entrance to the reception, while a neon sign featuring the couple’s names can be placed on the guestbook table.

Some examples of neon guestbook signs include “Sign Our Guestbook,” “Leave Your Mark,” “Love Is All You Need,” and “Mr. & Mrs.” These neon signs can be placed in a variety of locations to create a unique and attractive display for guests to enjoy.


Neon signs are a stylish and modern addition to any wedding celebration. Whether you desire to add a personal touch with personalized neon signs or guide your guests with directional neon signs, you can incorporate endless wedding neon sign ideas into your wedding decor. Feel free to share any of the ideas shared in this article with your friends. 

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