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Industry convention and trade show displays benefit from custom neon signs that showcase your brand and products in the best way possible. These huge events take place all around the world and provide business owners and representatives with amazing networking opportunities. They are instrumental in making B2B sales and getting contracts that help you succeed year after year.

A large part of attracting attention at these busy events and keeping it comes down to your table or booth set up. If you have not considered them before, read on to learn how neon signs for sale displays can offer multiple benefits at conventions and trade shows.

Movement and Light Attract Attention

Today’s product shows and industry conventions focus more than ever before on electronic and digital displays. Even virtual reality has become a common factor in setting up effective booths. While these options may suit your specific products and services wonderfully, you do need to get attention and convince the hundreds or even thousands of visitors to stop and take a closer look.

People are attracted to light and movement. This biological truth can give you the perfect opportunity to use custom neon signs for maximum exposure and interest at the show. Of course, the glowing LED bulbs show up easily even in a well-lit convention hall. This is especially true if you choose a surprising color that aligns with your brand identity but differs from other vendors’ displays.

When it comes to introducing movement, very few convention goers have the ability or budget for robotic or motorized displays. Unless you sell these types of products or related tech, this is not the type of thing that other business owners expect. Movement can exist in something as simple as a hanging sign that catches the breeze, a screen showing a video, or neon signs for sale presentations that change color or cycle through several with Echo Neon Studio’s dynamic color app control.

How to Set Up a Tradeshow Booth With Neon Signs

Specific instructions for setting up a booth or table at a convention with neon signs for sale displays depend on a variety of factors. Perhaps the most important is the size and dimensions of your space allotment. A very small, niche tradeshows, you may get only a table without any vertical panels or backdrops at all. This seriously cuts down on your ability to use custom LED neon signs. However, consider attaching one to a tabletop display panel or suspending one from a rack.

Larger booths with more floorspace and vertical structures give you many more options. Use all of your real estates wisely to make the biggest impact without creating clutter. For example, it makes so much more sense to attach a neon sign to a plain colored background or an unimportant image like a skyscape or niche-specific pattern.

Of course, you need to check on electrical outlets, allowed equipment, and other unique rules of the convention center itself. While it is quite rare these days to have shows without access to electricity, you may not be able to plug in multiple displays or pieces of equipment. With the ever-increasing popularity of using tablets or larger screen displays to show dynamic content, your LED custom neon signs may not suit every venue.

Both Text and Images Make Real Impact

By this time, you undoubtedly have some excellent ideas about how your convention booth or table may look. Remember not to overwhelm visitors with too many colors, images, or words. For example, if you have a custom printed backdrop wall or a stretch-fit table cover, you may not want to confuse things with a highly intricate LED neon sign. Plain colored display panels and tablecloths provide the perfect base for more interesting lighted displays.

Hang text-based neon on a wall so that everyone passing nearby can read it clearly. This should provide information at least about what brand is represented by the set up. Add a well-designed image that represents your industry or niche. When passersby see this type of display, they will know at a glance whether they should stop or not. Is all about making a fast and effective impression that gets people into your both or in front of your table so you can use your expert marketing skills to engage them more fully.

Make Sure They Remember Your Brand

Neon signs for sale conferences can convey a multitude of different ideas and information to the guests who walked by and catch a glimpse. No matter what words, phrases, or images you choose, none of them will make a difference if they do not correlate to your brand identity. Above all else, you want them to remember your company name in association with the unique products, high quality, or extensive value that you represent.

While you do not want to overload visitors with a large number of custom LED neon signs, make sure you do include your brand name or logo. With Echo Neon Studio’s full customization options, you can have a combination of both in one glowing display. In fact, if you choose only one illuminated sign, make this type of thing your top pick. That way, every display, the pamphlets or business cards you hand out, your website, and all other media work together to improve brand recognition and reputation.

When you sign up for a booth or table at the next industry convention or tradeshow, take time to consider all your options when it comes to effective displays. Custom neon signs with bright LED bulbs will help you stand out from the competition and get the right type of attention on your products and services. As long as you have access to an electrical connection, which is quite standard at these events, you can create the best first impression possible with the bold look of neon. When combined with other excellent display options, your booth will be the one everyone is talking about during the tradeshow and for months afterward.

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