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Cool neon signs have been an important part of decorating and marketing business venues for more than a century. Today, company owners can enjoy safe and efficient custom LED signs instead of the more hazardous and expensive glass and gas varieties. Although you can read a lot about different options and suggestions that help you promote your brand in the best way possible, the choice of lights or wall art pieces comes down to the following for sign types that every business needs.

Instead of focusing on things like Open signs, glowing graphic logos, and simple illumination, consider the reasons behind each custom LED sign you choose. When you create a specific strategy that focuses on the benefits to your target audience, you end up with a more satisfied customer base and more money in your pocket. They should all fall under one of these four essential categories.

Inform Customers and Clients

The most basic and obvious purpose of commercial signage is to tell your customers or clients something about your business. This starts with the Open sign, which informs them of whether they can come inside or not. If you have an extremely limited budget, you may focus primarily on this sign type. However, it makes more sense to explore all the options of cool neon signs that can do more than give basic information. Other options in this category include signs that clearly display hours of operation, brand identity, product type in different departments, or other essential information specific to what your company offers to your target audience.

The customization page offers an extensive range of font styles, colors, and sizes for any informational LED signs your business needs. A classic red or white sands serif OPEN should be at the top of the list if you want to make minimal effort in this regard. Other than that, sky is virtually the limit for custom options.

Promote Sales

The goal of any business is to convince consumers to buy something whether that is a tangible product or service. You can use custom LED signs to push for increased sales at your company’s physical location. While this process starts with informing them about product types and when and where they can shop, promotions that lead to open wallets take a slightly different tack. The words, phrases, or designs you choose for this category of sign types must communicate a true benefit for the customer or client directly.

What does this mean? One of the easiest ways to promote sales with customized illuminated signage is by showcasing special offers or discounts. If you hang a bright pink BOGO (buy one, get one free) sign over a rack of colorful accessories, it is sure to draw shoppers near and help them make a quick buying decision. When you choose a glowing 25% OFF LED light for the discount rack near the wall, it will guide people further into your store and toward more products.

While discounts and sale prices are excellent ways to encourage larger purchases, they are not the only options to try. Shoppers are also more likely to spend money if they understand your return policy, see a satisfaction guarantee, or agree with your brand mission or vision. For example, if you donate one dollar from every purchase to a Save the Rain Forest fund, and your consumers care about these environmental causes, you are promoting sales on the basis of global responsibility.

Educate Your Target Audience

An educated consumer base is more likely to buy products and services that align with their knowledge. Also, your brand gets a boost in perceived value if you are the one providing informational benefits for them. Remember, your job is not to teach them about a whole new topic or create a school-like atmosphere unless you are selling academic products or tutoring services. Education specific to marketing your business usually consists of longer-form articles, blog posts on your company website, or video productions. You may wonder how you can use custom LED signs to teach.

Although the options for font size and style are extensive when you order through Echo Neon Studios, you are not going to have an LED neon light created to share facts or guides. Education with this type of display is much subtler. One way to achieve this important goal is to use lighted signs to attract customers to an educational opportunity. For example, in a hardware store, you may want to hang up a “How To” or “Do-it-yourself” sign over a display of informational pamphlets. Another way to educate is through the use of meaningful terms like “vegan” at a gourmet food shop or “boost grades” at the tutoring center. The goal is to educate your target audience about the benefits they receive from the product or services.

Entertain Site Visitors

When you think about entertaining customers or clients who come to your business site, it does not mean you have to put on a show or create some grandiose display. Cool neon signs do a great job of entertaining people because they impart a sense of style and add color without detracting from the overall message. If you want an extra boost to the entertainment factor, choose one or more of Echo Neon Studios amazing options for custom LED signs. These include remote-controlled switchable color or app-controlled dynamic color to create a rainbow kaleidoscope effect. Site visitors will always get a smile when they see these unique decorator accents.

Decoration without purpose can give you an attractive shop, eatery, or office. However, if you want to make the biggest impact with the custom LED signs you choose, they should align with one of these for necessary purposes. A quality brand makes sure that their target audience understands why they should buy from them and how to get the best value for their money. By informing, promoting, educating, and entertaining everyone who walks through your door, your company has a much higher chance of making the profits it needs to enjoy continued success and growth.

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