Rainbow Neon Sign

$449.00 $199.00
  • Dimensions: 22in x 11in; Delivery time: 2-3 weeks
  • Handmade LED neon sign
  • Made of PVC and LED.
  • Kid-safe and earth-friendly; NO harmful gases; Safe to touch; Low energy required(45W)

Contact us if you want to make it in a different color



What could be more colorful and fun than your very own rainbow right inside your room? The graceful curves of this 18×12-inch neon sign fit beautifully on a shelf, mantelpiece, or hanging directly on the wall. Kids of all ages will love its unique style, too. The bright LED lights inside really make all the colors from cherry red to vibrant purple stand out boldly. Instead of breakable glass and harmful neon gasses inside, you can enjoy safe, longer-lasting, and eco-conscious neon light construction. You may not find a pot of gold under this rainbow, but you will love it just the same.