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Unless the success of your retail shop relies on vintage or old-fashioned style, the last thing you want is light signs that look outdated, tired, or dull. LED neon signs tackle all of these problems with ease, but you still need to choose options that fit with the overall feel and aesthetic. Neon signs may not seem like the right choice for all types of stores. You might be surprised to discover the amazing range of wall art and customized options available to you.

Consider the following details before you decide to purchase LED neon signs for your shop or other retail establishments. They are all essential parts of getting the best products for each application. After all, the combination of lighting, text, and art goes a long way toward making the best first impression of your shop for everyone who walks by or stops in.

Interior or Exterior Lighting

While custom LED signs of this type are not suitable for outdoor signage, they can make a big impression on people walking by or looking at the front door and windows of your shop. The first decisions you need to make as a retail establishment owner have to do with where the signs will go. It is easy, for example, to have a custom LED sign made with the word “Open” and hang it inside a window. This is a classic reason to use an illuminated sign in a shop.

Interior lighting with neon signs and wall art would be insufficient without other light sources. Most shops have overhead lighting, which leaves these decorative fixtures for accents and style. This is where the extreme brightness of this type of light emitting diode technology really shines. It will be bright enough to catch the eye even with overhead lighting or sunlight streaming into the shop.

Color Options Create Moods and Improve Branding

The colors you choose for custom neon signs should either match your company logo or recognizable decor or create a unique mood that shoppers will respond to best. For example, if your baby boutique has a pink and blue logo, it makes sense to choose pink and blue illuminated signs for the walls inside. If you operate a restful spa, bright red or glaring yellow will not match the ambience you are trying to create. Choose green and white instead. Even though LED bulbs offer super bright illumination, they can still fit into a relaxing space with ease.

One of the best things about ordering from Echo Neon is the amazing customization options you have for every single piece. You can choose from a whole rainbow of colored tube options or standard white PVC tubing that glows with your choice of colored bulbs. Select white, soft white, red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, cyan, pink, or purple. Optional color changing mode and dimmer switches are also available.

Words and Phrases that Promote Your Brand

The customization options available here at Echo Neon give you the chance to create any word or phrase you want in a wide variety of colors and font styles. This can range from a highly professional serif font in bright white for an office supply store to a flowing script in pink for a feminine fashion shop. These options reflect moods and your brand as much as colors do.

What word or phrase should you choose for a custom LED neon in your shop? Open signs are needed everywhere. Your name brand displayed over the checkout counter can keep it in mind to all shoppers. Mottos or meaningful words like organic, 100% guaranteed, or fashionista create unique impressions.

Choose Premade Images and Icons for Shop Accents

Create a glow over your sales rack or draw attention to a new product line with a well-placed neon sign in a unique shape and style. With the huge selection of premade options at Echo Neon, you are sure to find one or more that suits your retail establishment’s mood and purpose. Consider a glowing green palm frond in a florist shop, a bright blue skateboard in a store that sells sporting goods, or stylized ballerina wall art in a little girl’s dress shop.

When you try to decide what LED neon signs are best for your shop, there are many things to take into account. Remember to explore exactly what impression you want to make in your establishment before buying wall art signage. Consider the mood, space available, and the information you want to give to people who stop in to look for the perfect product. Then, explore both the extensive collection of premade wall art and custom LED neon sign options available here.

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